Welcome to THE UFO MAFIA website. In short this website is about everything UFO related. Originally it was just set up to focus on the book I've been working on detailing some of the strange, funny, and scary UFO research and experiences I've had. Because it's a true story it just won't end. I'm glad I waited because more witnesses and amazing testimonies have come forward since I wrote the first version of the book. I didn't want a UFO book that left people hanging but instead answered some questions in a solid way backed up with real research, etc. No, you won't find any mysteries of the Mayan Calendar for the year 2012 here or whether or not Bigfoot flies a flying saucer. This is just a website about UFOs and to get people access to the latest most sensible and credible UFO news and research. Mind you, UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. It doesn't mean extraterrestrial but know that some theories believe that some UFO events are of extraterrestrial origin. That's just some theories. There are so many UFO related websites in the world today that one could be confused searching Google or Yahoo trying to find one that starts you off in your research. I've been in professional UFOlogy for almost 15 years with another 15 years behind that. I know all the top UFOlogists in the world and chat with them daily. I've got a list of their websites on my blog so you can easily access what the professionals have to say. In addition you'll find my message board forum that I set up so that people can chat with professionals as well as amateurs in a friendly manner about UFOs. Finally, I have a very precise and extensive access to UFO news stories around the world and when top interesting stories, especially those with UFO videos and pictures pops up I'll post them. So hang out and enjoy this website.