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I know it’s been a while but I’m back to posting. I’ve had a lot of business and health things to handle but I’m still in the game.

Recently did a radio interview with colleague Robert Morningstar. His new program features UFO info as well as the latest news from UFO Digest Magazine where I work as well.

So the biggest news in UFOlogy today is that the UFO community is getting smarter regarding hype and scams. There are still people out there who muddy up the investigative waters.

As for me, I’ve been emphasizing the importance of UFOlogists to go back to the basics, the early history of UFOlogy because that is where the answers are. I’ll detail it all later but it has to do with the fact that the U.S. Government had already concluded that flying saucers are of interplanetary origin. This was established in a major investigation during the early 1950s in a report called “The Robertson Panel”. This investigation was part of a larger CIA investigation regarding UFOs. Problem is the government didn’t tell us what was in the report until recently. The reasons being are that they feared if they disclosed the information, people would swamp the military and police with UFO issues. I can see that but the real reason is, if they had disclosed it, people would have asked far more questions and might have altered the power structure of our societies especially nationalism and religion.

It gets deeper but the cat is out of the bag now and we’re going to have to watch where it hides its toys.

Dr. Ben Carson’s Funny Look At History

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Dr. Ben Carson's Funny Look At History

I had to do it. Dr. Ben Carson is the funniest presidential candidate since Bill Clinton. Carson has said some of the stupidest things regarding history and he’s just too irresistible a target for us editorial cartoonists.

Here’s my take on Dr. Ben Carson.

This Story Is Getting Hotter And Hotter!

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I’m really pleased that this account regarding UFOs over my hometown newspaper where I worked, is getting major worldwide exposure.

Every day more people link to the story, send me emails, and pitch in to help with handling this mystery.  The ridicule factor isn’t there,  so that’s a plus.

So many people have come forward to testify that there’s no way Uncle Sam can hide anymore.  The Federal Government is going to have to address this issue as the data is overwhelming.

I’m working on several UFO related stories of considerable magnitude and am happy that one of the giants in the field has taken time to work with me.  You guys are gonna have to stay tuned for this one.

In the meantime, UFO Digest Magazinego to UFO Digest Magazine, for more news. I’m working there doing writing and art.

Breaking: UFO Digest Magazine & The Poughkeepsie Journal UFO Incident

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Breaking: UFO Digest Magazine & The Poughkeepsie Journal UFO Incident

Hey folks,

Here’s a breaking story involving yours truly. I’d told this story about one of several UFO encounters I and others had while working at the historic Poughkeepsie Journal newspaper in Poughkeepsie, New York. The paper is one of the oldest continual newspapers in American history. The breaking news is that I finally got an eyewitness to come forward and validate what happened. Then, editor Robert Morningstar from UFO Digest, gathered the story and published it. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and opens the door to more regarding UFO incidents in the Hudson Valley. CLICK HERE or the picture to go to the article.

I Also Draw Comic Books

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Hey gang, just hot off the presses is the TeknoComics series, Neil Gaiman’s Lady Justice! This anthology is put together by exec and Marvel Comics legend Jim Salicrup at his new company, Super Genius. Inside the anthology you’ll find three stories pencilled/illustrated by me. The writer of the three issue story arc is Wendi Lee, inks by Joe Kubert’s School of Cartooning exec, Mike Chen, and colors by artist David Hillman. Lots of action, supernatural thrills and more. Click the cover to order your copy today!

Yes, I’ve spent years as a professional illustrator and I may do some comic books/graphic novels regarding UFOs.  

I’ve talked to several UFOlogists I know about doing some comics and graphic novels and it looks like it would be a fun project.  Stay tuned for more.

Busted: Roswell Slides As Bogus As They Get

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Haven’t had time to update the site as I’ve been swamped with other duties, but had to post this one because of the magnitude of the story.

As you may recall, months ago, Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan announced the showing of two slides reportedly showing an alien body and associated with the Roswell Incident of 1947. He provided no proof nor solid evidence of this but put together a big event in Mexico City that was a pay event and pay per view via the web of a five hour conference with so-called experts who validated the slides and their connection to Roswell. His colleagues in this fiasco are Don Schmidt, Tom Cary, and Richard Dolan.

I wasn’t buying it, and several UFOlogists colleagues didn’t either. I’ve actually had some UFOlogists “unfriend” me on Facebook because they couldn’t take the heat of the criticism of their half assed investigations and analysis.

So now it has come to the fore that the slides in question not only aren’t of an alien, but of a boy and there’s a card NEXT TO THE BODY EXPLAINING THIS.

I had passed the slide images through some software to see if I could make heads or tales of it but didn’t have time to go full bore, but others did and it clearly shows the truth. You can read the analysis at this link:

This isn’t a sad day for UFOlogy, it’s a great day because it separates the chaff from the wheat regarding integrity and good character. Some people, even top journalists can make foul ups and scientists too.

So many UFOlogists are in the game for fame and fortune, that you just don’t know who to trust anymore.

This should be a lesson to the radio shows, websites, blogs, television documentaries like “Ancient Aliens”, that bullshit still smells like bullshit even if you paint it green and put a price tag on it.

Has An UFO Crash Landed In Lake Winnipeg, Canada? Breaking Story

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An odd story broke today about a reported UFO crash in Lake Winnipeg, Canada.
My first rule of investigation regarding UFOs is to never get excited about any report. Just do the due diligence and see what hard facts can be dug up.

With today’s digital software that can make anything seem real, we have to be on our toes whenever videos of UFOs or pictures of UFOs are presented. In this case we’ll wait for the professional analysis of the evidence and see what we can glean.

So far, 2015 has been an interesting one regarding UFOlogy. It’s off to a good start with former U.S. government officials coming forward and with multiple witness sightings caught on video as like what happened in Peru recently.

We’ll have to keep a sharp eye out and do real research to move this research along.


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Every once in a while a good piece of UFO footage appears and in this case it’s quite spectacular.

In Lima Peru, a news broadcast was interrupted, when in clear blue skies over the city a UFO appeared
and was videod by several people including the news station.

What makes this video stand out among the myriad UFO videos that come in daily, is that it hits all
the right marks of what intrigues UFOlogists. The video is clear, not crystal clear, but it proves
there is an object in the sky, taken from different angles. This allows for researchers to put the
raw data together instead of anecdotal jargon.

For the time being the footage is interesting, but we’ll have to see what happens next. I won’t
speculate on what the object is as too much speculation this early in the research can muddy up
the raw data.

So let’s stay tuned for what happens next.

New Documentary Says Roswell Crash Was Nazi Rocket Technology

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Just when you thought it was safe to get away from all the bizarre Roswell UFO crash stories, yet another one rises from the mire.

This time it’s a combination of conspiracy elements, most notably that the Roswell incident of July 1947 was the result of rockets developed using technologies gleaned from the Nazis.

Talk about digging through the bottom of the barrel.

The Nazi theme to UFOs has been around for years. Certainly, Germany pioneered a wide array of awesome technologies pre and during the war years. Some of those technologies landed in the hands of the US and some to the then Russians. Remember, the Nazis were foremost in nuclear development and jet engines. Some of their breakthroughs didn’t hit the light of day until recent years.

Experts in the field of Nazi based technologies have written a plethora of books, produced numerous videos, and pop culture has capitalized on the theme with movies, comic books, novels, and more.

It fascinates the mind what secrets were held and are still held, but Roswell wasn’t one of them.

We know from numerous researchers such as nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman that there were several crash sites during that time in 1947 and the witnesses interviewed stated that the wreckage was not something anyone was familiar with. Now, in all fairness, that’s not enough to invalidate the Nazi based technologies, but in addition to materials, bodies and living beings were found. Thus, if it was Nazi technology they were geniuses in bio-engineering on levels that we can’t duplicate today.

Nazi technology enthusiasts point to the declassified files regarding “Operation Paperclip” where several former Nazi scientists and German scientists were captured and secreted to the US. These scientists were then put to work in developing numerous technologies, most notably those in rockets and other military and space operations. This is a fact of history. UFOlogists bending toward the Nazi based theory pin together data they state proves that UFOs, especially flying saucers were part of these experiments and are held secret to this day. To be fair, some UFO reports are indeed possibly the result of some of these experiments but not Roswell.

Roswell has been so thoroughly investigated by so many credible researchers and journalists that the Nazi based theory doesn’t hold water. Especially the theory that the crafts that crashed were the notorious Nazi Bell, an acorn shaped lifting body. On another note, the famous Kecksburg incident of the mid 1960s where an acorn shaped UFO the size and shape of the noted Nazi Bell that landed near the town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania could be attributed to the Nazi based technology. It certainly fits the size, shape, and the capabilities of the experimental craft. In that incident, military officials showed up, cordoned off the area, threatened the civilians and officials to be silent, and carted the craft they recovered away. It took years for researchers to get some solid paperwork that validated the witnesses’ stories.

As for Roswell, several things occurred and in books and papers by Mr. Friedman and Dr. Kevin Randall, their research shows that what witnesses saw and what government covered up wasn’t Nazi based. It doesn’t mean it was extraterrestrial as no physical proof of an extraterrestrial presence has ever been presented to the public for scrutiny. The reports and corroborative data of ‘beings’ found at one crash site but not the other.

One intriguing article that features eyewitness military personnel and secret weapons systems can be found here, < “” > Military Officer Says There Were Two Roswell Crashes

Mr. Friedman’s book, Crash At Corona:

Dr. Randle’s book, The Truth About The UFO Crash At Roswell:

The final call on the Roswell incident should just be, there was a Roswell incident. Digging further, adding more speculation is just not going to help at all. Even if the U.S. Government were to make an announcement on the evening news that the Roswell incident was an alien craft of some sort, it would be wise not to believe them. There are many more UFO mysteries and stories out there that warrant more attention by the public and the serious, professional researchers that support them.

New JFK Assassination Information?

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This may be UFO related but only time will tell. However I can say that I’ve gotten word from a very reliable source of new information, proof, regarding the JFK assassination.

This information comes from colleague Robert Morningstar editor of UFO Magazine and one of the top JFK assassination investigators.

He says the story, a mega story will break on the anniversary of the assassination. Stay tuned.

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