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I can’t believe my ears nowadays.  At least four or five of the 2008 presidential candidates has commented on UFOs. The latest is Kuchinich who was outted by Shirley McClaine in her new book.  Well if you’ve not studied up on it there are numerous stories regarding presidents of the U.S. and their UFO related adventures. This website, http://www.presidentialufo.com/ is full of such data. 

Will this be the campaign in which the the issue of UFOs finally gets the presidential attention it’s been due for the past 60 years?


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 Y’know, it never surprises me. 

Folks from back in the old country have been making these claims for years and years and it was originally word of mouth but now the internet is allowing people to communicate more.  Normally it’s stuff about who got blessed or possessed or something like that but now it’s UFO stuff.

 You’ll find this story interesting.

In Memorium

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I thought I’d be able to write and edit this book with no personal tragedies occuring but alas that’s not the case.

 We all have mentors, people who guide us through all sorts of experiences. 

 One of my mentors, my friend Graham, my Obi Wan Kenobi passed away last night.

 You couldn’t ask for a better friend. He was a proud Australian man of Irish decent and made sure you knew it!

He was one of the world’s top engineers in so many projects we lost count. An expert in most all the physical sciences,

You could always depend on Graham for the good word on anything scientific.  If you’ve ever seen the great

Humphrey Bogart movie, “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” you saw actor Walter Huston and Graham looked and

acted and sounded just like him except with a thick Aussie accent.  Just before he passed on Graham forwarded me

some info regarding the content of this novel that would curl your hair.  He was an awesome researcher and spent the

bulk of his life helping mankind with his knowledge, expertise, and labor.  We will totally miss him but we know Graham

and once you read this book you’ll know why I won’t grieve, because right now Graham is back and planning as soon

as he gets out of his new diapers how he’ll track us down and start the whole cycle of questions and answers all over again.

Graham, we know you’re out there, you’ve got a new set of parents and you know where to find us.

More good news

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This project is getting better all the time. See, I’m a fast writer and illustrator. I’ve been doing comic books and news for 30 years now. Although this novel “The UFO Mafia” isn’t a comic book or graphic novel, the old gang in comics who buy and distribute books have agreed to buy and distribute this book as well. One of my pals is ordering autographed copies as well. Looks like I’ll have to publish myself as the sales figures look way too good to turn down. With today’s profit curve, even if I sold a thousand copies I’d still make out great. Considering the free promotion I’m getting already I’m sure I’ll sell far more than that.

Another ironic incident occurred. An old pal, an actor by trade sent me some pics of him dressed up as a gangster. I almost fell out of my chair because the main gangster introduced in the book is the spitting image of my pal. It was so uncanny I thought I was having one of ‘those episodes’. I mean he looks so much like the real gangster in the book that I sent his pic to the gangster’s family and they all screamed! If a movie is made I think we know who should get the part. I never noticed it before because my pal Greg often dressed up for comedic roles.

Yet another irony. In this book, I cover what law enforcement did regarding UFOs during the ’80’s. Rudy Giuliani, now a presidential candidate was the NY prosecutor at the time. I used to have to call his office from our newspaper for official statements or to get a fax etc.. Well yesterday a child asked Giuliani about space aliens during a press conference. Here’s the clip:

http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e5d_1192463554I think Rudy is gonna flip when he reads what I have to say about how his office handled the UFO crisis back in the ’80’s. One thing I can say is that his office really had that hands on touch. I was surprised that when I would call the office he himself would answer the phone! Here he was a big time prosecutor going after sinister forces bent on world domination and he would beat the secretary to the phone! We would marvel at that. We were so impressed that he and his staff, several of whom I knew growing up, would drop what they were doing to answer the public’s concerns. You guys are going to get a kick out of what his department and the FBI had to say about alien abductions back then. True no nonsense cop stuff.

Stay tuned.

The Story So Far…

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I got some good news from the super popular website UFO Digest! UFO Digest is one of the most popular UFO related magazines and websites. Editor Robert Morningstar has asked me if they could run chapters of this book in serialization form at UFO Digest! Quite an honor! Should help boost sales immensely! What’s an even extra boost is that before Robert and I met, we had been dang near next door neighbors in the Hudson Valley when all these UFO situations were going on yet didn’t know one another. 20 plus years later we started to compare notes and things got scary fast. In reading this book if you’ve lived in the Hudson Valley area or still do you’ll more than likely get goosebumps.

I’m negotiating with publishers and editors and printers. Nowadays one can print one’s own books and acquire a sizeable income from it. I worked for years helping to develope alternate printing methods and procedures along with hundreds of other people. Distribution too as that was the bane of our existence as self publishers. I’ve also been asked to appear on several top talk shows and do interviews. I’ll wait a while before I do that. For now there’s so much editing to be done and logistics regarding accepting publisher’s offers or self publishing.

Well I’m so delighted in the interest for this book. I’m getting emails about the story and the release date. I’ve been in print publishing for around 30 years. Every facet I’ve had my hands in from comic books to newspapers. I know many an author, editor, and publisher and spend much time shooting the breeze. I’m an illustrator though. I like spending my time with an art pad or canvas, however, I’ve always found success in writing as well. I spend too much of my time writing technical materials and arguing with people on message boards. You’ll see from this book The UFO Mafia that one of my worst traits is the unending need to leap into a fray. Just have to have that fight! Can’t resist it!


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Well, I liked the design of this blog so here it is. Let me hook it up and then we’ll get rolling.

Hello world!

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