Alien Abduction Horror Stories…Me And My Big Mouth…

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Well yesterday on the top UFOlogist’s daily listserve over at radio host Errol Bruce-Knapp’s website, I asked the experts about the real scary UFO abduction stories.  Normally we’ll hear about abductions where people have eggs or sperm extracted, small tracking devices implanted and the occasional hybrid half human/half alien baby or child presented.  These stories are so common it’s rare to find a place in teh world where the stories aren’t known.  However, the thousands of people I’ve interviewed over the years have told me stories that would make your nightly visits by the Sandman difficult to say the least.  Well after asking my question I got hit with several emails and pictures and drawings included from experts and regular folk who’ve got horror stories to tell and horror is an understatement.

From what I’ve read over the past 24 hours the subject of UFOs has taken an even more dire tone than before.  This isn’t a joke nor the product of delusional minds.  We also discussed the reactions of pets during these abductions and there are accounts of pets not only cowering but fleeing and dying from contact.  If these abductions were some form of imagination then the dog wouldn’t bark and the cat wouldn’t haul ass.

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Stand By for more UFO news

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The past few weeks have been very busy for the UFO community.  Two press conferences at the the Washington Press club in Washington D.C. as well as some dramatic sightings in various parts of the world have kept the gang busy in all parts fo the globe. I’ll have a tally of that info for you guys soon.

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SHADO UFO England’s Defense Forces Video

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