Ending the UFO ‘Giggle Factor’ Once And For All

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 Below is a response I posted to Errol Bruce-Knapp’s UFO Updates www.virtuallystrange.net the one-stop shop for where the world’s top UFOlogists meet daily to discuss the topic.  It’s in regard to the disclosure of Japan’s leading government official stating that UFOs exist.


I’ve just read the post regarding Japan’s top government official publicly

stating that UFOs exist.  The story states he drew laughter from the

Press when making the statement.

The Press?  I thought they were supposed to be objective.  Here the top

government official makes such an astounding announcement and they

giggle?  Now why would that be?  It’s because there’s an underlying

group idiotic think amongst the world’s Press regarding UFOs and that

sure helps the shadow industrialists who want to make sure anyone

who brings the issue up is subject to ridicule.

Ridicule has and continues to be the #1 weapon against researchers,

witnesses, experiencers, whistle blowers.  We humans have some

twisted innate desire to survive amongst groups of other humans and

fear of ridicule is grounded in that desire. 

The old saying that sticks and stones can break our bones but words

will never hurt us just doesn’t hold water here.  It’s like that old joke

by the late comedian Nipsey Russell where he would state that beauty

may be only skin deep but ugly cuts straight to the bone.

Seems like fear of ridicule cuts even deeper.

So what do we do?

Tell the stories and reports of abduction and encounters that leave

no room for giggles, laughs, chortles, nor guffaws.  The past month

I’ve gotten several more stories about the dark side of abduction and

just one or two of these stories are enough to chill the blood to the

core.  We often read or hear too much of the happy camper type of

abductions and sightings as if someone is trying to push an agenda

that all aliens are benevolent because some of us make the insane

assumption that the ability to use advanced technology equates to

advanced morality.

Ever hear of the Nazis?  At the time they had some of if not the best

technology on the planet and the first thing they did was used it

to obliterate and subjugate mankind.

We need to tell the hard edged stories and stop perpetrating the myth

of the nifty, neato, aliens like Spielberg does.  Life isn’t a movie.  Life

is hard, often brutal and rewards neither fear nor chronic hesitation.

I’m sure the horror stories will kill the interview factor as soon as we

all start knuckling down and telling the real deal and they’ll knock it

off regarding anal probes and such.

I’m sure folks like the late Ms. Betty Cash would appreciate it.




Japan’s Top Government Official Says: “UFOs exist!”

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Okay, so if the head of the Japanese Government said something like, ” I like Britney Spears! “, it would be blasted all over headlines.  Yet when he states something official regarding science that the press thinks is funny, it doesn’t.

 So far we’ve had France, Canada, Belgium, Great Britain, India, Mexico, and a bunch of other countries opening up and it looks like the good ol’ USA will be the last kid on the block to admit anything.

 Ask yourself, “Why?”

Did UFO Encounter Cost Woman Her Life?

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This story focuses on one of the scariest stories in modern day UFOlogy.  A  woman named Betty Cash, her friend and her friend’s son witnessed a UFO up close and with black helicopters to boot.  Here we have a multiple witness sighting by two adults and it resulted in all three suffering from what some say were radiation poisoning.  Ms. Cash passed away 18 years later in 1998 still suffering from her illness.

Even though we have three witnesses to the event and physical injuries the story remains unsolved.  They even lost a settlement they were looking for.

I bring this up because of the dark side of UFOs.  Far too many people think that all UFOs mean some sort of extraterrestrial origin and that those extraterrestrials are friendly and super smart and benevolent.  Generalizing in such a manner has cost many people their lives and body parts as well as their sanity.  If you read below on this blog you’ll see where I’d asked the public and the UFOlogy professionals about the horror stories regardig UFOs.  It wasn’t a pretty picture.  These accounts, the first person accounts at best, are so terrifying even I cannot publish them.  To date I’ve never read from any credible source or heard from same a ‘happy’ UFO close encounter of the third kind, meaning interaction with the occupants of a UFO. 

People have been burned, severely injured, and worse.  I must emphasize that unlike the movies or Hollywood version of things, this area of research is best done by professionals and studying from them.  Know before you go.

No one in our government is going to help you.  You’d be on your own.  The UFO community doesn’t have the funding to handle problems of this magnitude so it’s best when you see a UFO up close, get far away fast. 

Fortune may favor the bold but it don’t favor the foolish.

Chicago Tribune Focuses On Kecksburg UFO Case

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This story focuses on the recent court order that NASA look into it’s files regarding the famous Kecksburg, Pennsylvania UFO case.

 In short, way back in the 1960’s residents of Kecksburg state that some object, a manufactured object came to rest from the sky in the woods.  Several citizens witnessed this and some up close enough to give detailed descriptions of an object about the size of a small car, shaped like an acorn with Egyptian like hieroglyphics enscribed about it.  They stated that military personnel arrived, cordoned off the area, threatened witnesses and carted the object off on a flatbed truck.

 It’s taken decades to get to the bottom of this mystery and of course the government swears up and down they have no idea what happened and that it never occured.  Well that doesn’t sit well with the folks in Kecksburg and neither the Sci-Fi Channel whose efforts led to this court order decision to force NASA to come clean.

 We’ll see.

Aliens Apart: Distance between stars keeps us and aliens apart?

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 Here’s a story that details the discovery of the distances tween stars and how that keeps life forms apart or so it says.

Our Pal, Jim Marrs!

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About a year ago I got a chance to chat with multiple NY Times bestselling author Jim Marrs.  Jim was recruiting me for a special project of his.  I was recouperating from a major illness at the time and couldn’t do it.  Now that I’m back to somewhat good health I’ll chat with Jim again and see what we can shake off that tree.

If you haven’t done  so, go to Jim’s website www.jimmarrs.com and get his book “Alien Agenda”.  It is the scariest danged book you will ever read.  No one has done as extensive a look into UFOs than Jim has with this book.  You will never, ever be the same once you read this book.  You can also catch Jim both The Jeff Rense Program ( www.rense.com ) and good ol’ George Noory’s nightly Coast To Coast AM ( www.coasttocoastam.com ).  Check for scheduling. 

For those of you who don’t know who Jim Marrs is, his book “Crossfire” was the basis for the hit Oliver Stone epic “JFK”.  Jim is still investigating and lecturing about the JFK assassination as new clues emerge.  If you want to really know what’s going on in this world you’ll subscribe to Jim’s newsletters and buy his books! 

Peter Davenport and his National UFO Reporting Center

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There is one  man, Mr. Peter Davenport who runs the NUFORC ( National UFO Reporting Center ). 

Peter has been a non-stop one-man-gang covering your best interests in the never ending UFO arena.  You can hear Peter Davenport on the Jeff Rense Program ( www.rense.com ) and you can donate to his battle for truth, justice, and the UFO way.


That’s the website URL and if you’ve ever witnessed a UFO or have some data to share, contact Peter Davenport.  He’s a trustworthy chap whose been at the forefront of UFOlogy for years and we all should contribute to his cause.  I for one will be donating from the proceeds of this book “The UFO Mafia” just out of respect for Peter’s work.

Incoming search terms:

  • nuforc davenport

Greg Boone Interview At The Centre De UFOlogia Brasileiro

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 Wow! I think I’m getting famous again. 

This is an interview I did for the nice folks at the CUB. I didn’t think it would see the light of day here in the U.S. but it was posted on the UFO Updates List hosted by radio host Errol Bruce-Knapp.  Errol’s website is www.virtuallystrange.net where all the top UFOlogists hang out and discuss the latest info on a daily basis.   It’s sort of a command bunker we use to share data and muster the troops.  It’s not for the feint of heart so be cautious.

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