Texas Towns Become Epicenter Of UFO Sightings

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 Texas Towns Become Epicenter Of UFO Sightings

You may recall reports of “unidentified flying objects” out of Stephenville in North Texas earlier this year.

Now comes word those sightings are continuing with new appearances on Feb. 2 and Feb. 9.

(The following is a transcript written by KXAN Austin News’ Jim Swift after spending the past two days talking with the witnesses.)

Dublin, Texas, home of the world’s oldest Dr. Pepper bottling plant.

Just down the highway a few miles, Stephenville, Texas, known far and wide as the state’s dairy capital.

But over the last few weeks, these communities and a wider swath of North Central Texas have become the epicenter of the country’s latest outbreak of UFO fever.
“A big long area of bright, bright, intensely bright lights,” said dental office administrator Claudette Odam.

“The lights or the navigation lights are what I saw,” said Mac McKinnon with the Dublin Citizen Publisher.

“They were extremely bright.” said retiree James Huse.

“In a line, in a straight line and so long,” said Odam.

“What was so odd, these lights were flashing like a strobe,” said Constable Lee Roy Gaitan

“A strobe that just kept going and going and going,” said Odam.

“I have a drawing that I made,” said Huse.

“Other lights would start doing stuff,” said Odam.

“It appears to be maybe something like this and it’s just spinning around,” said Gaitan.

“It had kind of a flat bottom on it; it was round, kind of gum-drop shaped,” said Huse.

“It would look like, kind of like a light show,” said Odam.

“They were not just strobing; they were moving around,” said Gaitan.

“It was like an energy field of some sort, going through the center of it,” said Huse.

“In an instant, they were gone,” said Gaitan.

As reports and rumors spread, the military denied having any activity in the area, only to admit a few days later that there were 10 jets training.

“The airplanes, the jets following the lights right over the top of my house and it shook my house,” said Odam.

“I could clearly see that they were jets; I could clearly hear that they were jets,” said Gaitan.

“They weren’t training when we saw them and especially that late at night. You know, I’m not trying to say they’re lying or anything, but they’ve lied once,” said Odam.

“It somewhat tarnished their, I guess their word or whatever you want to call it, their credibility,” said Gaitan.
But in the end, the big question remains: what’s up there?

“I think there’s other stuff out there. If it’s getting close to the end like everybody says it is, maybe they’re coming back here to see the same thing we’re waiting for,” said Odam.

“This didn’t just happen; it has a cause, OK?” said Huse.

All right, if that’s the case, what might that cause and effect be?

Well, it turns out a consensus may be developing.

“You know, for years, you know, all the time I was in the military, they’ve always wanted to have some kind of hovering device that was silent, and it was also big,” said McKinnon.

“Either some type of new weapon or new craft or something that they’re working on,” said Gaitan.

But if it is aliens…

“We’ve had no reports of lost cows; we’ve had no reports of lost milk and no reports of lost cases of Dr. Pepper. So I think they left empty-handed,” said Huse.

But if they took nothing, they did leave plenty of curiosity behind.

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Attorney Frank Fields Writes About “Why Don’t Americans Believe UFOs Are Real?”

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Bronze Star Medal winner Frank Fields writes about “Why Don’t Americans Believe UFOs Are Real?”

I’m very fortunate to have Frank let me post his articles on this site.  He’s a real-life hero having served as an Army officer in Iraq.

Let’s take a look at Frank’s great article.


by Frank Fields

Public opinion polls about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been conducted by a large number of organizations over the years.  While the numbers have varied, the general results show that the public is very aware of UFO sightings and is interested in what may be causing them.  Many also show concern that the government is either hiding the truth, or not doing enough to resolve the mystery. 

Given that this is a concern, it is incredible that most people don’t look into the evidence.  Moreover, when clearly defining UFOs to mean those vehicles that are of non-earth origin, the majority of Americans either doubts their existence or don’t believe in their reality at all.  Many even refuse to accept that UFOs and the extraterrestrials (ETs) that occupy them are real even when presented with clear proof.  

Some of the confusion is directly related to a misinformation campaign that is being waged against the public.  It is obvious that our government knows about the reality of UFOs.  Furthermore, it is clear that the government is engaged in a conspiracy to hide the truth.  However, if Americans will look the truth is obtainable.  These are extraordinary statements but there is plenty of evidence to substantiate them.

In a courtroom, witnesses would be used extensively to establish facts.  They are usually the primary means of proving facts in a trial.  Of course other evidence is admitted but witnesses are usually the heart of the argument.  The case for UFOs and ETs is no different.  Witness testimony is available and other forms of evidence are available as well. 

Americans should start by looking at the solid testimony from over 450 corporate and military witnesses that has been accumulated by two disclosure initiatives.  These disclosure witnesses have openly stated they are willing to testify, under oath and before Congress about their direct encounters with UFO crash site investigations, secret UFO documents, UFO photographic evidence, UFO radar reports and recovered crashed ET vehicles.  See: www.disclosureproject.com  and http://www.freedomofinfo.org/

Jurisprudential evidence of this quality does not get any better, especially when witnesses possess the ranks of Brigadier Generals, Commander of ICBM Launch facilities, Senior FAA Crash Site Investigators, astronauts, pilots and officers with above top secret clearance.  This testimony is the tip of the iceberg and is only a good starting point. 

Many Governments have started releasing previously classified data on ETs and UFOs.  France was the first, in March 2007 the French National Space Agency placed 1600 previously classified UFO sighting reports into the public domain for examination; beginning the process of full disclosure of non-Earth origin craft.  Similarly, the United Kingdom in May 2007 began a disclosure initiative. Other counties have started to follow suit.  It is time for Americans to examine their evidence and the United States to disclose as well.

The United Nations General Assembly has voted to invite U.N. Member States “to take appropriate steps to coordinate on a national level scientific research and investigation into extraterrestrial life, including unidentified flying objects, and to inform the Secretary-General.” Why doesn’t the United States respond to the U.N.?

Canada has moved toward a response.  The Honorable Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, stated publicly in September 2005 at the University of Toronto’s Convocation Hall before the press and over 500 people, “UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head.”

Clearly the evidence proving this case is abundant.  The fact is men have been executed in America with less evidence presented at their trial. Then why don’t Americans believe UFOs are real?  The answer is, because they will not examine the evidence. 

Franklin D. Fields, Jr. was an Army Officer and has traveled extensively around the world. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. His military awards include the Bronze Star Medal for leadership while serving as a unit commander in Iraq. His civilian education includes a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Florida. Frank currently works as an attorney and owns a real estate investment company.


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This is going to be “the” story to watch in ’08.  Why? Because these boys don’t go down hard.  They’ve got lawyers up the whazzoo and so much dirt on politicians, judges, cops, celebrities, general populations, and the churches that if things get squeezed too hard you’ll see a total meltdown in geo political and economic affairs. 

For about 200 years now La Cosa Nostra has grown and ruled.  It’s #1 enemy has always been the use of narcotics by it’s members and breaking it’s own rules of omerta.  People will tell their bartender things they won’t tell their priests or wives, but a degenerate gambler, a junkie, a guy in hock will give up the secrets of the universe to his bookie.  The Mob knows secrets.  There’s going to be parlay like a sonuvagun after this big bust and don’t be surprised if some of that parlay ends up revealing once and for all what really is in our skies and beyond.

I’d like to say more, but wait til my book comes out. 

Spies In Your Eyes: UFOlogy And The Military Industrial Complex

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Well why not stir up something on a Monday morning?

In all the years I’ve been investigating UFOs and the culture involved, the past ten years I’ve been in it in earnest.  I’ve gotten to eat with and chum around many of the most popular UFOlogists and their friends and foes.

I’ve spent untold numbers of hours in communication with witnesses, victims, whistleblowers, hucksters, and worse.

I was fortunate to get involved when the internet was exploding and had the opportunity to be one of the first to be able to discuss the issue with millions of people, live online, not a messageboard, on America Online.  I worked there for about seven years and went on numerous field outings, interviews etc.

We often heard about and confirmed threats to said witnesses and victims and these threats went back decades.  Sometimes these led to injury and illegal incarceration in prisons and mental institutions.  The victims themselves speak in detail about their ordeals and far too many remain unresolved by the authorities.  Any other area there’d be lawyers waiting in the parking lot with briefcases in hand, yet UFO related victims are often left to fend for themselves.  Somehow they are suspiciously in ratio undermined, met with unlawful resistance and restraint.  Some attribute it to secret government agencies with powers far beyond that of mortal men.  Others give it up to alien super psychics who amongst spiriting people away in the night are also able to read minds and intercept persons before they can get that perfect photo or alien remnant into the hands of the press.

I say the answer is closer to home, basically military/industrial complex operatives and their ilk who dwell amongst the UFO community in order to gain the upper hand on on the competition.  We know by history the levels of invidious treachery these people will stoop to in direct violation of our Constitutional birthrights.  We’ve read for decades and with sworn testimony the number of murders and thefts of inventions and technologies that would have undone the petroleum, energy, and even wood cartels.

We humans can get real evil when we want to.  Matter of fact I’d bet that every other animal in the wild doesn’t have a ‘Devil’.  I’d bet chipmunks, sharks, gorillas, have no monsterous entities about that steal their acorns or hide their bananas other than us.  Maybe we’re the ‘devil in the dark’ of the animal kingdom but don’t want to announce it officially.

Which brings me to the UFO community.  I work in major communications.  From news to film, tv, publishing, the web and I’ve run into my fair share of evil let me tell you.  Just a cursory glance at the sinister goings on in the music industry, comic books, animation, toy licensing industries one’s head would spin at what so many are allowed to get away with, unless you’re a black or latino person whom the cops always seem to be able to find whilst other people steal billions.  It’s part of the bigotry of big industry and the framework of the mindset that has unfortunately entered into the UFO field. 

If I had a grubnitz for every racist joke and cartoon that was sent to me via email by a UFOlogist I could buy Google stock.

You wonder what’s taking so long for someone to solve this UFO problem given over half a century of investigation and you’ll find out like I did that it’s due primarily to so-called UFOlogists who stonewall, undermine, and sabotage the efforts of those with true integrity.  Even the UFO media.  Hot stories abounding but they’ll wander off into all sorts of diversions instead of staying on a story. 

Why?  Big money. Big ratings, cottage industry. 

If the truth were laid out in simple terms the age of bullsnotting would end and many would have to get jobs and own up to lying so much.  Competition, and all the other natural, primate behavior comes into play and it’s a shame because there are true, sinister, greedy forces afoot bent on your never being able to acquire knowledge in certain areas.

The sources of resistance has changed over the years.  Religious, ethnic, racial, political, nationalism at one time or another were for then against, then for then against in this issue.  During the 20th Century there were times when no matter what was invented or introduced into the general public, some religious idiot would appear and claim it was a tool of the Devil until the proceeds came in and then it got accepted.

UFOs aren’t a big danger to religion anymore as the UFO movement became indoctrinated into the New Age movement which in turn became itself indoctrinated into the mainstream religious area. 

Sales do indeed validation become.

Recently in Stephenville, Texas, hundreds of people, good people reported UFO sightings.  The government stumbled all over itself lying through it’s teeth in regard to the incident because the access to the internet and the fact the people of the town in question are the stuff that the best in America is made of stood their ground.  Too many people to threaten and the possibility of numerous pics and videos made the typical debunking shenanigans useless.  Stephenville became bulletproof unlike Phoenix, Arizona in 1997 when hundreds reported a giant aircraft yet their public servant, then Governor Symington decided to defuse the incident by making fools out of his citizens.  He’s now recanted and has been trying to make amends but it’s too late.  Had it truly been some invasion or visitation from beyond, a politician screwed it up and did so on live television.

Makes you wonder whom our enemies really are.

Bottom line here is that I usually spend more than a third of my time dealing with some pretty rotten people who dwell in this field of research.  Add to that another third of my time dealing with enemies from without the field and you barely get time to investigate.

The past few years things have crescendoed to the point of seeing some of the most, if not the most powerful resources we humans have fold under the attacks of the powers that be.  I was bowled over to see after decades of work to bring you the people, some much needed assistance, that assistance succumb to fear and groveling because of economic and social stigma.

Money talks, your assimilation walks.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, our worst enemies are ourselves, but all isn’t lost.

Stand by folks, the best is yet to come and when it does you’re going to see your true enemies for what they really are.

As for UFOlogy, watch your back, use your God given common sense and remember, there is no agency representing the United States of America regarding UFOs and anyone threatening you is a criminal and should be dealt with as such.


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 My kid brother sent me this story link.  I vaguely recall it somewhere but it deals with supposed scientists of the Human Genome Project finding extraterrestrial genes in human DNA.

 Let’s see what the experts have to say regarding this.

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