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As you’ve read on this blog just the other day a chap named Stan Romanek claimed to have video of a real space alien.  He wouldn’t show it until a press conference today.  Well here’s the still photo of the so called alien from the video, a grainy black and white image.  These teasers or tidbits just add to the lack of credibility in such claims especially when commercial products are available.  Perhaps in his own mind Romanek believes all of this.  However he still has failed to present irrefutable proof and has so far only added to the ‘gray’ area of UFOlogy that leads to more speculation which we definitely don’t need.


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Now here’s something you don’t read everyday.  A story about a guy claiming to have a video of a real living and breathing space alien.

Stop that laughing right now.  It’s a true story but how true the subject is has yet to be revealed.  In the past such nonsense was met with huge press coverage and a plethora of talking head UFO believers and debunkers making a living off the verification of such imagery.  Case in point the infamous “Alien Autopsy” video.  That carnival epic ungracefully graced the airwaves in the late 1990’s and an entire cottage industry was formed around it.  I called it fake from the start and still do.  Even when the owners of the footage and others associated confessed others are still claiming it to be real.

Go figure.

So let’s not hold our breath on this new revelation of an alien video.  If the aliens aren’t willing to appear on the evening news then what’s the interest?

Jeff Peckman, the gent who says he’ll reveal this video to the public on this upcoming Friday, says the reason why it won’t be shown earlier is that it’s due to negotians with a documentary by Stan Romanek that’s going to be released.

Smell the scent of side show promotion through the wafting winds of bs?

Here are the elements, a remarkable claim, coyness to produce the evidence and proof, delays until, an unpublished commercial product and best of all a world full of gullible people who by some design flaw or innate impulse continue to look to the sky for some form of salvation.

Works every time.

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Well here’s a hot item right off the wires!  It’s about a reported explosion of an UFO over a Vietnamese island in the southern part of the country.  According to the story wreckage has been recovered by officials and civilians and that pictures, photographs of the UFO wreckage are on the news wire stories.

This is an opportunity to look at what the term UFO means.  It simply means Unidentified Flying Object.  It doesn’t mean alien spacecraft or extraterrestrial flying saucers.  That’s called the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis to the solution of some UFO reports.  In this case we have physical remnants of an object reported to have been flying over a specific location and that object not only exploded or crashed but all official sources used to identify it cannot or will not.  That makes it an UFO case until it gets resolved.

By tomorrow’s dinner time it might be found out to be an uncharted plane or advertising gizmo.  We don’t know til the investigation is complete.  With the spread of cell phones we’ll be getting pictures and photos of the UFO wreckage over the internet soon.  Maybe one of you readers will be able to identify the object from the wreckage photos.


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Sunday, May 25th the latest U.S. spacecraft to visit Mars will land on the red planet around 7pm Eastern Daylight Time.

 It will look for signs of life past and present. 

I expect that it won’t find a damned thing.


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After 19 years a new Indiana Jones adventure hits the big screen! 

It’s about danged time!  What took so long? I could never figure out why a popular franchise would come to a screeching halt leaving fans in the lurch for almost 20 years.  Just think of all the adventures we could have had.  Anyhow, the movie is a lot of fun and full of action and special effects but most of all it reunites us with our movie pals Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood!  Both are still magnetic on the screen and Karen Allen is still pretty and feisty, the perfect foil for Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones.  We get introduced to Spielberg’s favorite person of late Shia LaBeouf whom we’ve seen in the popular Transformers movie.  I liked the fact that LaBeouf was dressed exactly the way I was at his age while I was studying archaeology and anthropology.  It really brought back memories as I was in my second year of college when “Raiders of the Lost Ark” appeared at theatres.  It’s like a full circle of my life is completed.  I dressed like Shia LeBeouf in this movie when I was a kid and still do! 

The story involves aliens of some origin and it starts to look like someone was up late listening to the Art Bell/George Noory Coast to Coast AM show.  There’s lots of humor and of course Spielberg’s trademark “opportunities and props of convenience” that dot these films.  It gets to the point there’s no suspense because you know they’ll find some lever or some escape hatch. 

That’s all I’ll say as I want you to have all the fun you can and enjoy your movie experience.  Don’t wait for it to come out on DVD because it won’t be the same as the big screen.

I was hoping somehow that Indiana would have found an ancient rusted Lightsaber in this story.  I do however believe I did glimpse some familiarly funny objects in the background in some shots.

 Go have a good time and write a fan letter to Karen Allen!


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The UFO community has been abuzz the past week in anticipation for the Sunday May 18, 2008 broadcast of the popular DATELINE NBC news program.

I wasn’t in anticipation because I knew what the mainstream press was going to say.  Of course today however, every UFOlogist worth his or her salt is up in arms about the level of incompetence of the broadcast.  Even some of the  debunkers  are a bit perterbed.  Seems like NBC couldn’t get it right on both sides of the argument.

 Mr. Phil Imbrogno who investigated the Hudson Valley UFO sightings of which this book THE UFO MAFIA is about appeared on the show and his book NIGHT SIEGE was the first and best comprehensive look by professionals at the Hudson Valley UFO sightings of the 1980s.  Mr. Imbrogno discussed the sightings and a debunker appeared on the show with nothing more than speculative bullcrap.  That’s the best the opposition could do.

I’m sorry the UFO community is all pissed off but I’ve said to them on numerous occasions not to trust the mainstream press about the UFO issue.  I worked in the mainstream press at the most long term extensive sightings in history and saw the craft up close on several occasions.  I’m related to or grew up with the majority of the thousands upon thousands of witnesses and the nonsense about ultra light recreational aircraft being the be all and end all explanation for these sightings is a joke unto itself.

I’m telling all I know in my book THE UFO MAFIA and believe you me some heads are gonna roll.

Britain Releases Secret UFO Files

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Here’s a story regarding the release of government UFO documents previously held by the Ministry of Defence in the U.K..

The expert in this area is former MoD member Nick Pope.  You’ve probably seen him on television numerous times discussing his experience as the official investigator for the MoD regarding UFOs.

There you’ll get it straight from Nick himself and where you can meet him and buy his books.

This will take many years to go through all these files and analyze them.  Quite a fun pet project for you.

UFO Secrecy

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When it comes to conspiracy theories there are two that have been unshakeable over the past 50-60 years. 

 The UFO or then the “flying saucer” secrecy issue and the JFK assassination.

I’ll stay away from the JFK assassination because it goes in two different areas and far too many tangents.  Lee Harvey Oswald either shot JFK and the governor sitting in the front seat or he did not.  It’s that simple.  If he did not then we have an issue still worthy of interest at the highest levels.

As for UFOs, that issue has been investigated to within an inch of it’s life.  Recently the British Government released more UFO files once a secret pile of documents to the public.  It will take months for the experts to rifle through these files for tidbits that will break off into books and lectures on the UFO circuit as well as the talk show circuit.  The public however via the polls are in the overwhelming majority in the belief that we indeed are being visited by extraterrestrials which is just one explanation of some UFO reports.  The other explanations go by the wayside as they’re not as spectacular as what is referred to as the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis or ET Hypothesis. 

People and unfortunately the press ask incorrectly ” Do you believe in UFOs? “.

It’s not a belief issue.  A UFO is only an Unidentified Flying Object but it’s become sloppily synonomous with extraterrestrial spacecraft.  Mr. Stanton T. Friedman the most prominent UFOlogist in the field over the past 30-plus years and a bona fide nuclear physicist often states during his popular worldwide lectures that some UFOs are someone’s extraterrestrial spacecraft, emphasis on the word some.

That’s important to note for more than just one reason.  The subject of UFOs encompasses every science we know of and as new sciences emerge they become applicable to the topic.  Government stonewalling is so commonplace that it has now become legendary.  I never ask government contacts regarding UFOs because I know exactly what to expect.  I instead ask about the technical end of things and put those pieces together to get a framework and then more for a full bodied operating conclusion.

In the old days, well on up to the late 90’s, mentioning UFOs often led to one being hauled off to some psychiatric institution.  While studying UFOs I noticed thousands of people I’ve spoken to personally who’ve suffered psychiatric incarceration and abuse for discussing UFOs.  Now some persons needed attention I assure you as they were indeed not stable as mentally healthy, but to those who had no symptoms and were unlawfully incarcerated and fired on the job or had their businesses threatened they need to stand up.

There are a number of top notch organizations that effectively fight for the rights of persons treated harshly by psychiatric institutions.  The biggest and best is CCHR or the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights  .  They’ve been around forever and have done an awesome job at fighting for the rights of people who’ve suffered psychiatric abuse.  They’re not a UFO organization by a long shot so don’t go piling in asking UFO debate jargon. 

That’s one tool.  The biggest shock to the psychiatric villains was when the late Harvard professor John E. Mack decided to investigate the UFO issue and in particular the alien abduction stories.  Mack, head of the department at Harvard discovered after a thorough, scientific, field investigation that the people he’d investigated weren’t lying nor delusional.  His findings can be found in his books and at his website.  Here’s the quick Wikipedia version,

Dr. Mack’s research came from a tenured professor of Harvard Medical.  Harvard even went to the lengths of an unprecedented investigation into a tenured professor which led to Dr. Mack’s being allowed to continue his research.  He was also very well funded, a rarity amongst UFO researchers.  His life and work are musts if one investigates UFOs.

Why all the secrecy about UFOs?  Two arguments here.  One is that some UFOs are experimental government air and spacecraft.  Loose lips sink ships, as the old saying goes.  The second argument here is that far too many of we humans have such primitive belief systems in place that the overall conflict of ideals and realities of a foreign culture or foreign cultures from other worlds would de-stabilize us as a species causing disruptions in our lifestyles of an unprecedented level. 

What kind of disruptions?  You’ll have to wait for part 2 of this essay.

VATICAN: It’s OK To Believe In Aliens

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 In a surprise revelation the Vatican’s top astronomer states in the article that it’s okay to believe in aliens.  Hopefully this will take the stigma off the alien end of the UFO phenomenon so that more people will be willing to come forward without fear.

In an earlier report I recall Pope John Paul II having said something similar.  Bottom line with this new story is that the Vatican is saying that the Universe is a creation of God and not to think that God could or would create life all over wouldn’t make much sense.

 Maybe this has something to do with the mysterious announcement press conference from NASA due out tomorrow or not.  We’ll see. 

This just means I have to rewrite a couple of chapters in my book THE UFO MAFIA.

 Glad I didn’t rush it!

Man Patents Flying Saucer!

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Now this is a story worth following.  A chap named Subrata Roy has a unique way of propelling his flying saucer invention.  If true, it explains enough.

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