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Well now I feel important now!

I wrote a brief essay for the popular UFO Updates list by radio talk show host Errol Bruce-Knapp.  It’s about an analysis and comparison regarding intelligence and how smart might our ET visitors be.

Well I got a bunch of fan mail from it and so far two popular websites in the UFO field have put my essay up on their sites! 

You can read them here:



 I’m very proud and hope you like the essay.  Here it is below:

I’m fortunate to be able to dialogue with scientists about intelligence, the new techniques in education and the levels of intelligence of ourselves and the creatures of the wild.

We’ve discovered recently that some animals can perform mental tasks better than we can. So that brought me to ask how smart might our UFO visitors be?

Some state on average using IQ tests that our genius levels begin at 136 on the scale. Some say higher around 165. Stil others claim IQs in the low 200 range. It’s a highly debatable realm and even our smartest people on Earth have problems with their computers sometimes or trying to put together that complicated Christmas toy for their kids.

Since toilet paper wasn’t invented until the mid to late 1800s after tens of thousands of years of human civilization – I could never figure out how the Egyptians could design the great pyramids but not the toilet and toilet paper – I would assume we’re not the brightest tools in the shed. Are we so preoccupied with the violent survival of our world that such advances as air conditioning and pocket lighters could have emerged earlier or are we just inherently mentally challenged in lieu of our hormones?

How smart? How about if our visitors were kicking a 500 level IQ in the butt on average? How much control, powers of deception could they possess and engage in? Our meager attempts at communication and contact might be akin to some unfortunate dullard of the town fool fame. We need to pack our arrogance up and realize we may not be anywhere near the neighborhood of intelligence of other life forms out here that we theorize are visiting us and to the abductees not theory but fact.

Let your imaginations soar on this one. It might explain some phenomena associated with UFOs. Mind you, super intelligence doesn’t mean perfection or sanity. It means problem solving on levels that minimize risk and loss. What those risks and losses are, are relative but to each his own.

Me, I gauge intelligence on how much crap one doesn’t step in and if one does
how fast do you get rid of the stink.


This is part of what you’ll read in the book The UFO Mafia.  It was actually part of a lesson I learned when we delved into the realm of UFOs many years ago.  There’s more and I’ll post it here soon.  Stay tuned!


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In all the 30 years or more of studying UFOs I’ve never come across what’s going on in the UK this year.  The British Government has not only released and will be releasing more UFO files it once held secret, but UFO sightings are increasing like mad!  Official sightings by military and police this week alone have hit a mark so startling that we’re all chipping in to help decipher it all.

Earlier on this blog, our friend Nick Pope formerly of the Ministry of Defence in the UK annouced his reaction to the recent close encounter with a UFO and a police helicopter.  If that news wasn’t startling enough, a new video has been released by a military man and investigators are hot on the heels of it to analyze it.  If you’re in the UK and you spot a UFO or know of any of the happenings please contact Nick Pope at his website www.nickpope.net  You can also contact www.rense.com and www.coasttocoastam.com as well as our other friends in the field, www.nuforc.org  and www.earthfiles.com.   This is a momentous time in UFOlogy and we can all participate to get to the bottom of these recent mysteries without panicking and losing our grip.

Something is afoot and Nick Pope is just the man to solve this!


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So this proves that all those decades where we looked through telescopes and saw those huge white areas at the north and south poles of Mars and they would grow and recede in accordance with their seasons that they were ice fields after all.  However it’s not official til we send a robot to check  it out.  That’s science.


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As I had stated a few moments ago I did ask UFO expert and former UK Ministry of Defense officer Nick Pope ( http://www.nickpope.net/ ) about this newly reported incident in the UK.  Nick has graciously provided the following statement which he has allowed for me to quote:


This is one of the most interesting UFO sightings in recent years and I’ll be investigating this incident.  Whatever one believes about UFOs, this illustrates that the phenomenon raises serious defense and flight safety issues.  The Ministry of Defense and the Civil Aviation Authority [the UK equivalent of the FAA] need to make urgent enquiries into this incident.  As ever, radar data may hold the key to this matter.”

As you can see, Nick Pope is taking this incident very seriously and you can rest assured he’ll get to the bottom of it in no time at all.  We are all fortunate to have such a dedicated professional like Nick who was a skeptic at first and then having headed the MOD’s division regarding UFO investigation came to the conclusion there was something more than just reports.  Nick has written and lectured on the subject for years now with the candor and eloquence the public is rare to find in this field. 

The news of this close encounter of a dangerous kind is now hitting the news services.  I personally sent the story to Matt Drudge.  Let’s see if Matt posts it on his super popular site. 

I have to agree with Nick however that this was a dangerous incident.  Those officers aboard that helicopter could have been injured or killed by that craft.  It’s bad enough police officers have enough danger on the ground but in the skies is adding greater worry.

Here’s another take on the story:


India picks up news from the UK and you can bet the other allies and UK territories will too.  Let’s keep an eye out for video and pictures which there is sure to be.


Here’s a link to another story adding more data to this incident.


As I had mentioned earlier on this blog I sent a link to the story to Matt Drudge of the www.drudgereport.com site.  He now put this latest story up on his site so it’s getting global attention.  We’ll see soon what this object was or was not.


Here’s a somewhat ‘official’ news report.  It differs from the original stories but we’ll wait til the full investigation to determine what really happened as these UFO stories can get out of hand.  However, sometimes a UFO story can be so thoroughly debunked that the truth evades us.


LONDON (AFP) – UFO enthusiasts got a boost Friday when Welsh police confirmed that one of their helicopter crews had spotted an “unusual aircraft” flying over Cardiff earlier this month. An investigation into the sighting had been launched, they said.
The police clarification came after The Sun reported a UFO had “attacked” a police helicopter, following it for several miles over the Bristol Channel. “The pilot banked sharply to avoid being hit, then launched into a high-speed pursuit. But he was forced to give up the chase as the helicopter’s fuel ran low — and the UFO escaped,” the tabloid reported. The helicopter crew had described the object as “flying saucer-shaped and circled by flashing lights,” it added.

“Err… ” not so, said the police.

“South Wales Police can confirm its air support unit sighted an unusual aircraft. This was reported to the relevant authorities for their investigation,” police said in a brief statement, avoiding the use of the term ‘UFO’, or unidentified flying object.

At the time of the incident, the helicopter with three men on board was waiting to land at the St Athan RAF base near Cardiff. The sighting reportedly took place at 00:40 am (23:40 GMT) on June 8.

South Wales Police denied there was a pursuit and indicated that the helicopter crew was never in any danger.


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Busting out of today’s headlines comes this amazing story regarding an UFO being chased by bona fide police in Cardiff.   Not only do we have a sighting by officials but an actual pursuit.  That carries alot of weight as this story is no mere perchance encounter.  Resources have been officially used meaning that the observatoin warranted more than just standing around gawking.  This is a story that calls for a good measure of time around the pickle barrell at the general store. 

Helicopters carried cameras as well as the airplane the UFO almost hit.  Ground radar and other devices should have detected something as we now have multiple witnesses.  You can bet this story won’t go away for quite some time.

Stay tuned.  I’ll ask good ol’ Nick Pope formerly of the Ministry of Defense his opinion on what’s occured.


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What’s sure to be a classic Letterman gut-buster, David will be hosting another David of note, David Peckman who has making hilarious headlines of late will be the guest on Letterman’s tuesday night show.  Peckman is the source of numerous UFO stories from being abducted to having a video of an alien peeking into a window.  You can read more about him on this site and on his.

I’m one for ending the ‘giggle factor’ regarding UFOs but the subject lends itself to such ridicule on it’s own.

Soon the menacing evil aliens will learn of this tactic and start dressing up as jesters or elves knowing full well no authorities nor press will engage in any alarms as all the victims will be ignored or hauled off to an even worse fate, psychiatric care.  Then the menacing evil aliens will reveal their true guises and take over the world and turn us into frozen tv dinners.


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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the paranormal someone offers an outstretched hand full of money to tempt you back in.  Here for your entertainment is an offer of $1 million, that’s right, one million dollars, smakceroos, clams, or whatever other name money goes by in your neck of the woods for a photograph of one large hairy creature affectionately called Bigfoot.  Sasquatch, Yeti, the Abominable Snowman, all these monikers apply to what people claim to be a large, powerful upright walking apelike/manlike creature seen around the world.  Ranging from six feet to twelve feet tall many people throughout history have claimed to have encountered these beasts.  Stone figurines, petroglyphs, hieroglyphs leave an intriguing testament to the long term fascination with these mysterious creatures.  The modern era has uncovered some tantalizing traces such as footprints and video and photographs.  Even hair, dung, blood have been recovered to no conclusion however save that formidable response, ” species unknown.”.  One would think by now with all the people about the countryside and cameras in every phone that some weary traveller or a family picnicking would have captured one of these monsters and become the cause celeb on the front of tabloid newspapers the world over.  No such luck.  Now comes this offer from the somewhat resptectable “Field and Stream” and the reliable Bushnell company manufacturer of binoculars of one million dollars to anyone who can “provide an unaltered photograph/video, verfied and substantiated by a panel of scientific experts [including a zoologist and biologist], the evidence required to prove a Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Yeti exists.”.

Immediately one has images of hunched over bespectacled scientists and equally bespectacled post nerd forty somethings to be herded into a room pouring over pictures of hungry park bears and inebriated ‘cousin Wally’ dressed up in a homemade bigfoot costume.  I for one won’t hold my breath for any photographs or videos.  Bigfoot or whatever it’s called nowadays seems to best serve mankind as a reminder of either what once was or might be if we ever lose what spirit we have left.  Perhaps some things need to remain a mystery just so we’ll have something to dream about.


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The old saying that when it “rains it pours.” takes on new meaning as another video of a purported UFO close encounter of the bovine kind hits our hard drives.  This video, courtesy of our good friend Robert Morningstar of UFO Digest Magazine is hosted on Google. 

It’s a good one.  A cameraman with a not so steady hand captures a cow, in broad daylinght being lifted into the air and suddenly disappears into a saucer shaped light.  None of her sister cows give cause for alarm as not a “Moo!” was uddered from them.  Pardoning the bad puns and questionable video we’ll park this new disclosure alongside the infamous “Alien Autopsy” video and that Haitian video of a few months back that many felt was the smoking gun but turned out to be the smoking dud.

 The average person, unfamiliar with Hollywood wizardry is excused for being fooled by the special effect gurus out here.  Nowadays with a simple computer, some bargain software and a bit of digital ledgerdemaine, your average high schooler can perform theatrical level amazement surpassing the cinematic works of legend.

So let’s just lay this vid to where it belongs and if one day the unfortunate cow decides to tell us what happened we’ll have to chalk this one up to having fun with a camera.


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Sometimes I hate it when I’m right.

People waited with bated breath for this news conference in Denver, Colorado that was supposed to reveal a video of a space alien peering into the window of a man’s home.  I didn’t wait.  I knew it would be something about as exciting as watching one’s socks dry.  The video in question is of course a snippet of a longer vid that of course will be part of some documentary you’ll be able to purchase online like those baldness cures or infomercial real estate deals that make people who can barely hold a bowling ball millionaires overnight.

Human beings love a good spooky story and like moths to a flame they’re attracted to those things that go ‘bump in the night’.  This story, about two men, one Jeff Peckman who wants the City of Denver to spend $75,000 for what he feels is a need to handle extraterrestrials, and one Stan Romanek, a Nebraskan who says not only were aliens visiting his home, peeking in through windows at his teenage daughters,  but he has video to prove it.  These two modern day Paul Reveres don’t herald their visitations with lanterns in church steeples.  Instead they held a press conference that did more to befuddle than bedazzle the small herd of wool-over-their-eyes newsmen who showed up. 

Peckman and Romanek may be sincere in their pursuits but it’s going to take far more than just talking heads and peeping tom aliens to make the already cash strapped public who struggle with decisions like how to pay for gasoline and still buy those sugary crunchy breakfast cereals to cough up seventy-five grand for some little green men with a voyeurism fetish. 

Times are hard, we’ve got two wars going, and political upheaval that makes the weekly donnybrook at the local pub look like a water balloon fight.  Space aliens, are going to have to take a backseat in today’s battles for survival and both misters Romanek and Peckman are going to have to ride with them in their  child protective seats until the aliens themselves decide they really want to sit up front and take the wheel.

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