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Hey folks, this isn’t an UFO related story but it’s in the vicinity of other strange and unusual happenings.  The Montauk area of Long Island has had more than it’s share of things that “go bump in the night”, but in this case things went “flop in the day”.   In this case witnesses supported by a photo claim a strange creature wandered in and died near an establishment and no one knows what it is.  At first it was considered a publicity stunt and that report is worth investigating but so far it’s not conclusive.  Keep your eyes peeled for this story folks and if you have any info please let our pals know at either www.rense.com or www.coasttocoastam.com.    Also don’t forget that Ms. Linda Moulton-Howe at www.earthfiles.com is a whiz at investigating these sorts of events. 


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As UFO aficionados are aware of, over the past week the most startling of disclosures occurred when Apollo 14 astronaut and sixth man to walk on the surface of the Moon, Dr. Edgar Mitchell revealed that the UFO phenomenon is a reality and that extraterrestrials have indeed been visiting Earth and interacting with our governments.

Dr. Mitchell is a well respected scientist of the highest calibre and one of the bravest men in human history.  To have the wherewithal to travel to another planet, or moon, our Moon in this respect took more than just guts.  Only few men, all Americans have achieved this feat with equipment that by today’s standards was hazardous to say the least.   Therefore if one were to question Dr. Mitchell’s character one would best in my book be ready to step outside to the alleyway.  I’d be the first one waiting for you. 

 Dr. Mitchell’s disclosure travelled around the news circles worldwide.  Yet one would think with his celebrity and irrefutable scientific achievements and stature that his story would have been at the top of the headlines for weeks on end.  Daily and nightly news coverage, a cascade of talk shows, heads-of-state in shoulder to shoulder briefings, but you know what?  Dr. Mitchell’s disclosure took a back seat to such important headlines regarding Miley Cyrus,  Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama’s trip overseas, several other celebrities and their reputed matrimonial dilemmas, and of course that ever present newsworthy item regarding actress Kirstie Alley’s weight problems.  ( I personally don’t think she has a weight problem, she’s a hottie. ).

As you can see, even if a man of Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s stature can make a statement before the press of such magnitude and it not be addressed by the top news sources of our country with ruffles and flourishes, it shows what the true agenda of our press is.  It’s about face time with celebrities and a press room popularity contest.  Never mind last week a new amazing treatment for prostate cancer was announced.  That made some headlines but not as many as the latest celebrity gossip!  You have to have that gossip to make the world go round or you can’t sell newspapers.  Nowadays you can’t sell newspapers anyway unless you stoop to a Murdochian level of slap happy journalism. ( Murdochian, I like that, kind of goes up there with Machiavellian )

In this follow up to his radio broadcast disclosure Dr. Mitchell elaborates on his story at this website:


Now skeptics and debunkers don’t know what to do with themselves nowadays after this disclosure about UFOs.  They’re chomping at the bit to declare Dr. Mitchell mentally unstable but even they know they tread on holy ground here.  The debunkers and skeptics would like to next declare that Dr. Mitchell’s memory is affected by old age, but they can’t because the good doctor isn’t stating any UFO encounters of his own, only sources of highest credibility that he himself investigated.  The skeptics and debunkers are probably pulling out their hair trying to figure out some way to invalidate a tried and true hero but they know they’re facing an impassable force and more than likely an army of knuckles should they insult a man who is a bona fide hero to millions of people.  I dare the first skeptic or debunker to attack Dr. Mitchell’s character on this issue.  We’ll probably run them out of town on a rail after the tar and feathering!

Our press, or should I say the Controlled Press, is a vicious and vindictive mechanism.  At present one of their own, Dan Rather is in a battle with his former employers at CBS after Rather had accused them of the same things as we so-called “conspiracy theorists” have claimed for close to 100 years.  Notice how it’s a “conspiracy theory” when it goes against an oppressive grain.  It was a “conspiracy theory” that oil prices would shoot up during President G.W. Bush’s watch.  It was a “conspiracy theory” when we predicted the housing market and credit crisis.  It was a “conspiracy theory” when people noticed psychiatric medication was behind a massive rise in suicides and mass killings.  The press has become a prostitute of communications and the people deserve better.  It’s not that the press is worse, it’s always been horrid at this since the early part of the 20th Century when advertising flourished.  During the Cold War more intrusions by intelligence agencies whose vision was clouded by industrialists and their hidden social agendas.  Now, with the spread of the internet people are getting their news from a different source, a more reliable and tangible source, the people themselves.  Sure we’re not all trained journalists and for certain many of the internet writers have their own personal agendas but the difference is with the web we can team up and cross check references and counter the data presented.  In short, this is the age of validation.  Lies are falling faster than new ones can be formed and it’s only a matter of time before the end of the Age of Lies comes to.  Perhaps that’s what the Mayan Calendar year of 2012 is all about.  Not an end of the world but the end of the nonsense, the lies about who and what we really are.

Maybe Neil Armstrong took one small step for man and a giant leap for mankind, but Dr. Edgar Mitchell may have taken the biggest step for man and mankind ever. 


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Well this is sort of a bombshell when a doctor, astronaut and man who walked the longest on the Moon ups and says that aliens are real.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo astronaut and one of the only a few men to have walked on the Moon said during an interview that he believes from the data and persons he’s been priviledged to that aliens do exist and have and still do visit Earth.

Now mind you Dr. Mitchell isn’t some swamp farmer or drunk on the highway and he’s had top secret clearances and is an international space hero to say the least of his credentials.  So did his declaration make headlines around the world?  Nope.  Why?  Because Miley Cyrus or Barack Obama or Paris Hilton did something instead.

 No one is going to ask for Dr. Mitchell’s incarceration into some psychiatric facility like so many people of the past have had to endure.  Dr. Mitchell’s testimony here warrants immediate attention by the Congressional body and to do any less should be considered a breach of contract with the birthrights of the American People.  The only reason not to is because addressing the issue would disclose national security issues.  Unfortunately national security issues change from one president to another.  So if Barack Obama wins, would he change the way things run?  Take a look at President Reagan and President Clinton.  Both edged for disclosure and both got shut out.  The Gipper was so bold as to stand up several times and speak out but no one dared to mess with him.  Clinton’s man who was heading his UFO investigation ended up dead. 

Don’t hold your breath for any disclosures.

Aliens could set up on your front lawn, mutate your dog, drive around on your motorcycles and go out with your daughters and the government still wouldn’t open any disclosure information.

However, thanks to the internet’s ability to allow people to communicate worldwide, we, the people of Earth have amassed an impressive amount of corroborative data that says clearly and without contradiction that people are being abducted and interacted with by unusual beings they perceive to be of extraterrestrial origin.

I don’t need the government to tell me the sky is blue.  I can see that for myself.  That’s why I for one won’t ask for nor wait for any disclosure actions initiated by the U.S. Government.

It ain’t gonna happen.

And I now know why.


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The Super Secret Alien Government Conspiracy

Are aliens working with our governments in order to

later reveal themselves?

I think not. I just got an email from good ol’ Vince White

who is a one man wrecking crew in regard to getting full

disclosure regarding aliens from our government. Vince

is a really brave, and I mean brave man who fights a

never ending battle for truth, disclosure, and the American


However, on this one point I have to disagree with him. It’s

an issue I’ve batted back and forth with myself over the years.

We’ve all heard stories about how our U.S. Government and

other governments have known about the extraterrestrials and

have kept the issue a secret beyond all attempts by their

enemy governments to disclose the presence of extraterrestrials

amongst us. We’ve heard and read stories about how these

aliens have been behind great scientific discoveries, natural

disasters, and even diaper rash.

I had to stop and think one day how could every government

on Earth be so efficient that they could keep this covered up

even when half of us hate the other half so bad that if we did

know a secret why wouldn’t we disclose it and ruin everything

for our enemies? I pondered this and it just didn’t add up. I

do however understand that governments can keep secrets and

the only way in heck these governments would mutually agree

on keeping it a secret would be because disclosing it

would destroy any control our governments would have on us.

Something like the aliens come from a more powerful and

beneficial government that would sweep away anything we’ve

got on good ol’ Earth. As grandiose as that theory was it

still didn’t make sense except for the greed factor because our

governments can’t even agree on air poisoning issues and one

would expect breathing poison air would be very important an

issue to handle.

So again, none of it made sense. I tried to incorporate that

aliens didn’t communicate with our governments and that it was

all a sham and that disclosure was being controlled by high end

alien super intelligences that could whisk away crashed UFO

debris and alien bodies. That they could wipe out memories

en masse hiding their footprints from the brilliant human detectives

who were hot on their trail. I was perplexed that how could

beings that smart still crash, get caught on cousin Wilbur’s

pocket camera and still manage to evade the interests of the

press whom we know are hard bent on reporting relevant news

to increase our chances of survival like what new Miley Cyrus/

Hannah Montana adventure is a-brewing.

So again with the government conspiracies. Aliens working in

secret with our elect or usurpers in high tech laboratories where

the future miracles of technology will be revealed one day. I

still don’t buy it. Even so, let’s say there is a semblance of truth

to these stories. What kind of idiots are these extraterrestrials

that they would only trust our politicians and world leaders? Can

you name 5 world leaders or governments worth a flying fart that

you would reveal your inner most secrets and such to? Democrat

and Republican, how dopey are these extraterrestrials that they

don’t have a mysterious cosmic personal character machine that

could detect crooked political slimeballs? I’ll admit with all our

so called supremacy as some love to call us humans the highest

of life forms and supreme lords over the Earth but we still elected

George W. Bush twice. Ever see the Mugabe elections in Africa?

We’re no champions on the stage of smarts ourselves and the

aliens only want to work with our governments? That says a lot

about these aliens doesn’t it? The trust level is somewhere down

there with used car salesmen and those late night real estate

get-rich-quick infomercials. Can things get that low? I know they’re

one step lower than snake spit in quicksand but they belong


So maybe these aliens aren’t the happy go lucky benevolent

aliens we see in those Stephen Spielberg movies. Maybe these

aliens are more of the Snidely Whiplash brand from those old

Dudley Dooright cartoons by the great Jay Ward. Maybe these

aliens are just another brand of sucker of the P.T. Barnum measure.

Either way, if there are aliens and they’re working in secret with our

governments we don’t want to know them. The old saying goes

here, if you lay down with dogs you’ll get fleas. In this case, if you

lay down with politicians you’ll get politicians.




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