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Often in this field of research one will run across some detective or spy of some sort that thinks one has the secrets of the universe or something.  This is the age of snooping and violation of privacy like no other and when something hits the fan you find out some smarty aleck with no credentials nor authority to do what they’ve been doing has gotten themselves and their parents or company or worse, their government in deep you-know-what because they felt they had a right to violate the law.

History is full of these clowns and it’s  a shame we have to waste resources in litigation against them.  Some people just don’t get that there are laws in this land and they weren’t written because the paper was pretty.


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We’re all familiar with the term divine providence and anyone with kids or who travel on the highways is more than familiar with this term.

I kept pushing myself to finish this book but something kept interferring. It’s one of those
‘Twilight Zone’ moments where you know something is going on behind the scenes but just don’t know what and you don’t want to end up like a Jack Klugman ‘Twilight Zone’ character.

Jack Klugman is one of our greatest actors if you ask me.

Anyhow, certain twists and turns in my life have revealed more information about UFOs the public and most UFOlogists don’t know. Yesterday a friend of immense intellect gave me some data that just knocked my socks off. It pulls the lid off of many a mystery regarding the subject of UFOs and whom in private and public administrations are holding the keys. My friend is a man of decades of high end research and security for the private sector.

Last night history was made when Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for candidacy for President of the United States. There was history making all up and down the world last night. This book should come out a month or so after we’ve elected our next President.

If I live long enough.

Yeah, this subject matter is that tough. Stay tuned, you’ll find out why.


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If one is up on one’s ancient Greek mythology one cannot forget the ordeal of Sisyphus.

According to the myth, and we’ll make it short here, Sisyphus had offended the gods and as a punishment was cursed to eternal frustration.  He was suffered to the task of rolling a boulder up a hill and promised if he placed it on top of the hill he would regain his freedom.  However, Zeus, the head of the Greek pantheon had the contest rigged so that whenever Sisyphus got that old boulder to the top of that hill it would roll back down again and Sisyphus would have to start his task all over again.

Hence the word sisyphean akin to tasks of unending frustration.

That’s how I’ve associated UFOlogy.  I call it the Sisyphus Effect.

I’ve mentioned this numerous times to fellow UFOlogists who’ve gotten quite a giggle out of it because it illustrates this field of study.

Why, might one say?  Because no matter where one looks in this phenomenon one finds that choice piece of solid data, that one delectable tidbit of proof always just out of reach.  It just never ends!

It goes all the way back to the late 1800’s in Texas where reports of a strange creature that manned an airship had died in the crash of that craft.  Journalist Jim Marrs author of the popular book “Alien Agenda” goes into detail about this case that took place in April of 1897 in Aurora, Texas.  Quite the find one might think but of course after finding the grave site to search for the body or pieces of wreckage, mysteriously they were gone.

Take us on up to the most well known UFO case in history, Roswell.

Dozens upon dozens of witnesses, full confessions from top military officers, civilians, journalists, scientists that span half a century.  Documentation from agencies such as the FBI, Pentagon, the only atomic bomb strike force the 509th Bombardment Wing that dropped both atomic bombs on Japan, but no wreckage or bodies have emerged.  Two Air Force studies released in one decade alone and both were laughed at by the press and public alike.  When a congressman, the late Steven Schiff got the GAO, Government Accounting Office to practically wrestle Roswell information from the Pentagon we find out that for some strange reason as yet unexplained to taxpayers and mankind alike, the records from Roswell were illegally or mysteriosly destroyed.  No one arrested or brought to bear for the mishandling of an historic era in American history because of the bravery of the 509th alone, not to mention the UFO issue.  Again, the proof of the pudding ain’t in the tasting because the pudding was taken away.

Let’s now hop a few decades to the most chilling of UFO reports involving the abduction of two people by alien beings, none other than the case of Barney and Betty Hill.  Now a legend, the story of these two New Englanders has been the topic of scrutiny, debate, and a darn good movie.  In short the couple had been travelling and noticed time missing from their trip. Some hour or two missing.  After experiencing some symptoms of anxiety they couldn’t fathom they went to a psychiatrist who used hypnotic regression to uncover the missing moments in their lives.  The sessions of hypnosis revealed that both husband and wife, Barney and Betty recalled independently of one another having been kidnapped by humanoid creatures they interpreted as being aliens from another star system.  The story broke in LOOK Magazine in the early 1960’s and the rest is legend.  However, while Mrs. Hill was aware and awake during her abduction and recalled in detail the unusual encounter, Her one piece of physical proof, a book she says the beings gave her and then refused went unobtained.  Her only physical evidence a dress with chemical stains on it.  Not as solid as an alien tome but still so tantalizing it makes one lurch forward in frustration that said evidence escaped our grasp again.

The list goes on and on in UFOlogy.  Excellent reports from credible witnesses and many multiple witness sightings with radar or photo data.  However those photos seem to be always blurry or odd looking.  Not enough for a convincing debate.  I do recall one researcher’s most spooky and amazing photos.  Her name was Dr. Ellen Crystal who lived across the river from me.  She authored the scariest book “Silent Invasion” which took place in the Hudson Valley where my book “The UFO Mafia” takes place.  I recall reading “Silent Invasion” and being able to match many sightings listed for I was there at the scene or got the report at the largest newspaper in the region where I worked at the time.  It’s something to read a book about aliens and having been there!  Her photos were very convincing and I’m hoping new digital analysis of her work is done.  However, again, just out of reach.

I’m just as guilty or cursed.  I’ve got eyewitnesses to all sorts of UFO information and events but to get them to talk publicly is out of the question.  This UFO enigma could be solved overnight but not yet.  I recall back in 1986 when the Chernobyl nuclear power plant went haywire.  I was working that day and it was my job to collect the breaking photos from the then AP Laserphoto that all newspapers had.  On that pile of photos that day were a dozen or so crystal clear photos of a saucer hovering around the Chernobyl plant.  I stood there dumbfounded at these photos.  Our managing editor noticed it and took the photos.  They were never seen again.  Normally there were multiple copies of every laserphoto and these had multiple copies.  None arose again, or maybe I’ve got copies stashed somewhere. 

I’ll bet that statement scared some official folks somewhere.

No one seems to be able to get a piece of an alien or craft to bring home to show mom.   It makes one wonder if there’s not some force behind it all, some sort of occlusion technology at work that permeates our very existence.  A safeguard of some sort.  Some super intelligent safeguard to make sure we keep rolling that boulder uphill.

In present day UFOlogy the Sisyphus Effect is still in bloom.  In the past two years there have been three incidents of note where multiple witnesses, two events in broad daylight, have hit the headlines but still that elusive conclusive data. 

In November 2006 witnesses at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport told of a disc shaped craft that was visible for several minutes.  Pilots, ground crews, and public saw this object that then reportedly shot straight up through the clouds at such force as to leave a hole in the clouds.  No one got any photos or camera phone pics.  With that many people going to and fro to travel one would think someone would have the presence of mind to snap off a few.  We’re told that the only good photos will appear in some UFO documentary coming up.  I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. 

In January 2008 a huge U.F.O. was seen by multiple witnesses in Texas.  Jets were scrambled, the officials denied it and then discovered they had lied about it, President Bush’s ranch seems to have been in the path of the craft, all the stuff of U.F.O. movies but no one took any pics!  Again, that boulder just rolled on back down that hill. 

In the U.K. an object was reported to have almost hit a police helicopter a few months ago in June 20008.  Over an airport, police officers and ground persons witnessing it but no pics or vids.

This tendency for U.F.O. proof to always evade capture whether at our fingertips or on camera says more about the phenomenon than anything else.  The only physical evidence we have of an intriguing nature are the trace case evidence by such researchers as Mr. Ted Phillips and the surgical evidence provided by Dr. Roger Leir.  They’re not proof but do show that something physical is going on with certain reports.

We can see from the history of UFOlogy that this cat and mouse game is no midsummer night’s dream but a real phenomenon that has actions of a higher intellect afoot.  Of course some reports are flights of fancy and downright delusional but not all and that’s as solid a fact as we get.  Those few reports that do pan out cannot be dismissed no matter how much some skeptic or debunker might try.

I’ve said before and will say again, there are intelligences at work here that we normal folk are unable to match so far.  We really don’t know how smart some beings may be.  When one reaches such levels of intelligence one’s priorities change.  Let’s theorize that there are intelligences that have solved the problems of immortality or longevity.  Hunger, disease, no longer a concern.  We’re getting close ourselves with such breakthroughs as stem cell research can one imagine what some other culture out there amongst the stars may have discovered?  The mind boggles at the possibilities.

In conclusion, at present we don’t have the means to solve this problem and that becomes a threat to the insecure scientists, politicians, and of course the military industrial complex. They’ve danced with the Devil and there’s going to be a price to pay for it. 

So the next time the Earth rumbles it just might be that boulder rolling back down that hill.

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  • ellen crystal ufo

5 Star Review! I’m Tickled…Green!

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Well in this UFO arena you come up with new jokes.  So when I was notified one of my articles not only appeared on the popular Morty’s Cabin website and it got a 5 Star rating I was tickled green like as in little green men.  


When others find your work worthy of note and praise it’s always a cheer up type of day.

This blog for “THE UFO MAFIA” is growing so popular I may have to open a forum for you all to chat with one another.  That’s what it’s all about, our communicating about this subject and sharing experiences, technology, and good ol’ fashioned a-settin’ down and jawin’ a might.

I can’t tell you how many tips regarding UFOs I’ve gotten from just sitting down and letting people tell their stories.  That’s why it’s so important to visit and support our veterans because their stories of survival resonate over and over again and they deserve that moment of recognition and a-listenin’ to.  You may find out things no one else knows!  I was lucky as a kid to have had people who had fought in WWI still around to listen to.  Heck, there were still widows of people who fought in the Civil War as well as some folks who were alive during the Civil War!  Stories of the paranormal and UFOs didn’t just start with the Roswell Incident in 1947 but go way back! 

One of the greatest resources ever for UFO research is Jan Aldrich’s “Project 1947”.  Jan provides us with decades of his own research in finding newspaper clippings arout UFOs and other aerial phenomena that have appeared in newspapers across the nation and more.  Jan’s a one man miracle who knew the importance of gathering these documents for posterity.  I too spent many an hour in old news archives going through dusty old papers and microfilm.  I found some treasures myself! 

Our ancestors may have had a hard time inventing indoor plumbing but they weren’t fools or we wouldn’t be here.

So again, thanks to the gang at Morty’s Cabin for the link and Morty’s Cabin is a great place to stop by and jaw up a might itself!


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I’m often asked which UFO stories, past and present, are the most important.

It’s difficult to say as there are many reasons why each UFO story has some importance.

Some stories have more tangible evidence and credibility than others.  Other stories have such unconventional concepts and theories that they beg for further inspection.  To me the most important UFO stories are the ones that make us think, double check our sources and ourselves especially our mindsets.

In sixty years of UFO research we’ve yet to crack that one case to establish any non-terrestrial origin of any UFOs although there are many, many people who’ve worked in governments around the world with very high top secret clearance who state we do indeed have extraterrestrials amongst us.  It’s still a matter of debate and you’ll find the most heated debates amongst UFO researchers.  Recently a debate regarding alien abductions arose on the popular “UFO Updates List” hosted by Errol Bruce-Knapp.  This List is frequented by the top echelon of UFO researchers and newbies as well.  All participants give their opinions on the UFO subject and of late a disturbing situation has arisen again in regard to the mindset of certain UFOlogists.  When I was a wee lad the UFO subject was still new.  I recall when the cornerstone of UFO abduction stories, the case of Barney and Betty Hill hit the pages of LOOK Magazine back in the early 1960’s.  It sent chills down the spines of people everywhere.  Folks were on the lookout for roadside aliens who might obscond with them and subject them to strange medical experiments.  Not since Orson Wells’ “War of the Worlds” broadcast had America been on it’s UFO toes so to speak.  Many would argue the Hills’ account of their abduction is the most important UFO story and of course many would state the infamous Roswell case should top the list.  I beg to differ because in both cases all we’ve got are stories and documentation and no solid proof. 

I find the Hills’ story amazing as it’s the first credible story that gives us an insight into the minds of the abductors.  We get to learn where they’re from and what they’re up to.  There are tens of thousands of UFO abduction stories or better yet phrased, abduction stories involving UFOs.  Each story has it’s unique qualities and others mirror one another with uncanny accuracy.  It’s not a subject to glance over and one must do one’s homework and prepare to be subjected to a full study of the sciences and humanities just to get the groundwork on what you’ll experience.  UFOlogy calls upon one to use every skill one should possess as a researcher and as a scientist because here is where science is fun and challenging.  Amongst UFOlogists you’ll find it quite common that most are knowledgeable in such a pan cognitive way that one would find it difficult to keep up without reference materials at hand.

Again, to me the most important UFO stories are the ones that wake us up and most importantly, the ones that relate to you.  That’s why I’m writing this book “The UFO Mafia” because I’m hoping you’ll be able to use some of the information to better your understanding of the UFO phenomenon. 

In all the sixty years plus of this, I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason it’s not been solved is because we don’t have the means to solve it yet.  Our scientists are bright but we still don’t know the answers to many of the mysteries still amongst us.  Physics, genetics, biology, we’re still learning new things every day.  Perhaps one day we’ll solve the riddles surrounding UFOs and perhaps we shouldn’t.  Maybe things are this way in order to force us to reach and try new things, to give us a challenge so we’ll exercise those brain cells and our imaginations. 

Maybe mystery is our primary motivator.


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I’m going to briefly touch on the subject of plants, shills, underminers within the UFO community.  I’ve been up all day drawing and programming and am a wee bit tired so I won’t write at length right now but will later tomorrow.

Bottom line is I’ve run into many a notable UFO researcher who just doesn’t fit into the equation of wanting to solve the mysteries involved.  Instead they gripe, make bizarre accusations, try to publicly invalidate another person’s reports and theories, just real underhanded tactics one would think would come from the skeptics and debunkers.  Matter of fact that reminds me that years ago a guy from an aircraft fan club I’ve belonged to for well over ten years now, up and confessed that he used to work for our government and his job was to debunk and intimidate and derail people who reported or investigated UFOs.  That was quite alarming to have someone admit they got paid to do this stuff that supposedly doesn’t exist.

Taking that into account, if you’re thinking of venturing into the UFO field, be forwarned that there are people, just a small handful, within the upper eschelon of UFOlogists I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw them and I’m a strong guy and can throw a 200lb man quite distance if I wanted too. 

So be careful and take each person you meet whether online or at a convention or out in the field with a big grain of salt.  

Stay tuned.

Writing “The UFO Mafia”

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Well, I had hoped to have had this book done by the end of Summer and on the shelves by beginning of Autumn just in time for Halloween.  I grew up near the legendary Sleepy Hollow and I figured it would be cool to have a somewhat scary book for you all to read.  We have so much fun in Autumn in NY State because the woods are so spooky looking and sitting around a bar-b-que at night with your friends and family telling ghost stories is an historic past time.

This book was only about my experiences with the UFO phenomena in the Hudson Valley where I grew up, however it’s grown and grown and just within the past few months new information I had waited for for 20 years popped up and it has to be added to the book.  Somethings are actually so startling that they change the dynamic of the direction of the novel and answers many questions that would have been left in an unfair cliffhanger fashion,  so the delay won’t be too long, just a few more weeks.  I’m waiting and double checking sources and of course I have to be very careful regarding names of people who might be offended.

UFOlogy has it’s dangers.  Mostly from other UFOlogists who have bugs up their keister’s when they feel like someone is stepping on their toes.  One wonders whom the real enemy is sometimes.  I feel so lucky and fortunate however to have gotten to meet and chat with some of the long time legendary UFOlogists and many of the new folks on the block.  It’s really been an adventure of epic proportions and I don’t think most people would have lasted this long as I have had it not been for such inventive sci-fi fantasy such as “Star Trek”, “Lost in Space”, and many of the other venues. 

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s helped as well as new cultures were being recognized and we learned how to accept others of different shapes, colors, and sizes. 

See, that’s the one thing we humans have over every other animal, the capacity for friendship that transcends every boundary nature can toss at us.  We make pets and friends with creatures that by their own nature are predatory to us or are hideous in appearance.  I’ve met marine biologists who have pet squids and octopi.  I’ve met people who cuddle up to alligators and crocodiles.  I’ve friends who have the most hideous creatures as pets that love them and share space and food and resources.

We are very unusual and that one capacity is something we should admire about ourselves.  Unfortunately our penchant for love is often counterbalanced by our penchant for fury and cruelty.  We’ll sometimes murder tens of millions of us based on the most insipid ideologies and rumors.  We fail to see the abundance of the universe about us and at the first sign of real or imagined loss we’ll unleash the worst of us into leadership and sheer mayhem ensues on a planetary scale.

Basically we’re nuts and we need to step up to the plate, recognize and nuture and celebrate the good in us that shines through when we’re sane.

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox here but the experiences I’ve had are so astounding that I’ve never seen the need to fear running out of energy when we’re just 93 million miles from a star and the majority of the core of this planet is molten energy too.  For us to say we have an energy crisis we should be saying we have a “too stupid to figure out stuff” crisis. 

Just visit a pet store one day.  Notice how torturous it is not to adopt a pet and bring it home. 

Maybe someone else in the universe feels the same way except the pet to bring home is us.

“The UFO Mafia” will probably make you laugh more than give you chills, however there are some chills in this book that might be a bit too much for some people.  I didn’t hold back, I just told it as it is, was, and will be. 

Stay tuned.

DANGER WILL ROBINSON! UFOs: Where Does The Real Threat Come From?

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Just about everyone knows that exclamation from the classic television series “Lost In Space”.

I added it here as a way to introduce some levity because in UFOlogy I’ve found far too much danger out and about. 

No, I’m not talking about mysterious men in black outfits who appear unannounced casting menacing glares like the UFO stories of old, I’m talking about the dangers of we humans and our oft times irresponsible behavior toward one another.  To tell you the truth I don’t know what’s more dangerous, the so called alien threat or the real threat of having your fellow human being give you a beat down because of your involvement with UFOs.

I bring all this up because I have two stories to tell in regard to UFOs that involve witnesses too frightened to talk and witnesses of such high credibility who have talked and I should disclose their information soon.  These two stories involve close encounters with UFOs in which multiple witnesses are involved, however, in one of these stories there were numerous pictures taken, law enforcement was present and the witnesses still alive after two decades.  No one wants to come forward in that instance because of some improprieties in their on duty conduct let us say.  So here we are with a major mystery that could be solved but the witnesses can’t come forward because some were drinking or getting high or messing around with someone else’s spouse while on duty and out and about. 

It’s starting to sound like a country and western song.

In another incident it has taken 10 years to solve.  It involves the huge boomerang or triangular shaped UFOs people have been reporting from around the world for over 30 years.  I had a surprise witness show up at my online chat at the old Parascope Magazine on AOL several years ago and then a witness give me straight up information just a few weeks ago.  Neither witnesses knows the another but their data matches enough for me to put together a story.  I had to double check in regard to sources as each news service is different and the philosophies of journalism vary, but the information is so startling that I cannot deny it myself any longer.

UFOlogy is unfortunately peppered with bigotry.  In the old days anyone talking about flying saucers and UFOs and aliens were ridiculed and far too often tossed into psychiatric centers against their will.  History might include the late Secretary James Forrestal, another hometown hero of mine, whom documentation states was head of the U.S. venture into the then known as “Flying Saucer” problem.  He too after having practically run WWII for us, ended up in psychiatric incarceration and met a still debated unceremonious end.  Just a cursory glance at the history of UFOlogy shows our worst enemies seem to be psychiatrists.  I’m sure anyone with kids in schools nowadays can attest to how many times your kinders have been said to be ‘uncontrollable’ and prescribed psychiatric medication.  It’s like these headshrinkers are working for the other side.

A few years ago Mexican journalist and one-man-army Jaime Maussan visited me in Los Angeles.  Jaime was in town to host one of his highly popular UFO seminars at one of the big theatres and we somehow meandered toward the topic of psychiatry and how it’s been used to intimidate and treat witnesses, whistle blowers, victims regarding UFOs.  If anyone knows Jaime Maussan they know he’s not one to take a backseat to any controversial issue and sure as heck he told me about how the government in Mexico tried to take away his son and put him in psychiatric incarceration because he was just being a typical active little boy.

Big mistake.

Jaime used his journalistic skills and no nonsense drive and stomped a mud puddle in their hind parts and walked it dry as the old country saying goes.  He practically destroyed the criminal psychiatric industry in Mexico. 

The same should be done here in the U.S. as well.

Again, people are afraid to come forward in regard to UFOs and we who do research and reports have to take this into consideration and never betray that trust.  It’s frustrating but if one cannot keep one’s word then one is worthless. 

Recently I got attacked by some UFOlogists because I dared enter into the equation the unfamiliar.  That’s typical of mainstream science and why such feats as flight, radio, electricity, to speak of a few, would never have been invented if the know-it-alls of their day had been listened to. 

Remember, even the vaunted New York Times stated that not only could man not achieve flight, but also 70 years later that we’d not be able to reach the Moon.

So much for credibility.

Humans make their best strides forward by ignoring common sense, especially when that common sense is federally funded or better defined, institutionally supported. 

On this we must always be vigilant but not to toss caution to the wind.

Here then are the parts of the UFO equation we need to address.  It’s not necessarily a look into the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, meaning that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin, but instead a look at ourselves and certain phenomenon that are with us on a daily basis, tons of documentation to support them, yet never addressed by mainstream science and the media.

So let me get metaphysical on our butts for a moment.  These two phenomena that need to be looked into are OBEs short for Out of Body Experiences and past life phenomena. 

I can hear the old school UFOlogists grumping and groaning because how dare we use science to look into the spiritual.  Everyone knows science says there’s no God or spirit, but if that’s the case, why do six billion or more people still believe?  Even when they’re starving and under weapons fire they still believe.  Even when massive disasters wipe out tens of thousands they still believe.  When men’s war machines wipe out millions like during the Holocaust, people still believe in the spirit.  I’m reminiscing of the scene from the classic Dr. Seuss story “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” where the green old Grinch puzzled as to how the citizens of Whoville still believed in Christmas after he’d stolen their presents.

We’ve had well over 100 years of study of OBEs and past lives study.  It’s simple to prove if it’s real or not yet no major media source nor scientific body has yet to leap onto TV and declare so.  As usual some psychiatrist comes into play and tosses someone in a padded cell or whatever new Frankenstein like restraints they use or the issue is shuffled off to the giggle factor factory.

Bottom line is why not a look at it?  Might this fill in some blanks regarding many of the phenomena associated with UFOs? 

Let me be brief here.  The main reason science and news won’t touch the issue is because the datum is so overwhelming that we are more than just physical creatures that to declare such as fact to the mentally deranged war mongers and greed merchants would send these poor chaps over the deep end.  How much would the world change if we discovered we, the real being, was indeed immortal?  Silly as a March hare but immortal?  Irresponsible and childlike, but immortal?  That means the last guy you murdered would some day come back and might want to even the score.  Or how about that assassinated witness showing up with the goods but in a new body?  That’d change the criminal justice system for sure.

All I’m doing here is pointing out that when we don’t have answers it’s because we’re not asking the right questions or making our questions right.

We don’t know everything there is in regard to the science of physics or biology or any of our sciences.  We’re still learning, studying, testing. 

That doesn’t mean however that we’re to berate and chastise others because they dare to explore new areas, new niches.

Life doesn’t know boundaries and neither should we.


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You’ld think I said a bad word by mentioning the phenom of the Shadow People or something.  Actually just a handful of old school UFOlogists who like whizzing on trees to establish their territories decided to add their cranky two cents in on the subject by insulting people.  Now you see why people shy away from UFOlogy because most of the nuts are in it not outside of it.  It’s that alpha male nonsense and some old timers copped an attitude because I asked about something they’re ignorant about or bigotted about.  To tell you the truth it’s a clear sign that UFOlogy has gone mainstream because now we have a hierarchy of old farts who think they know it all and can cast their countenances from ‘on high’ to us younger whippersnapper upstarts. 

If I hear one of those clowns exclaim, “By Cracky!”, I’ll go get my “Uncle Joe” from “Petticoat Junction” t-shirt out and sit on the front porch a-whittlin’.

Anyhow, back to case studies, this Shadow People phenom where people state they’ve seen shadowy figures out and about does indeed appear in UFO lore and data.  However, we also may be looking at several phenom that are bunched up under it.  For example, some abductees state they’ve seen aliens that are garbed in long dark shrouds.  Hooded shrouds at that.  Some also state they’ve been visited by short hooded figures during an abduction or while aboard a craft.  I’ll have to dig into that for more data.  Many cultures have stories about dark hooded entities or persons and we’ve got enough people from various cultures wearing such outfits from some women in Moslem countries to guys dressing up like Palpatine from the fictional Star Wars movies.  Also we need to look at the way the brain and mind process visual information so that if remnants or anomalies of mis-stored or off processed data might also be an answer to the phenom.  Basically there’s not one single source and all should be researched.  Luckily for us one of the chaps, Mr. Phil Imbrogno, author of the popular book “Night Siege” has already dug into this phenom and since we both have looked at the Hudson Valley UFO sightings, we both know such reports of these types of figures does exist.  It’s a small percentage of UFO reports but still part of the whole.

So bypassing the naysayers and “wolves in the fold” of UFOlogy, I’ll keep looking into the matter with a fair eye on it.  There’s data to be collected and numbers to be crunched and when I’ve got something worthwhile I’ll post it here.


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Alright, something just blew up round these parts and it has something to do with the worldwide phenomenon referred to as “The Shadow People”. 

This is when people report seeing shadowy figures lurking about or busily involved in activities around we humans.  Folks have reported this type of phenomena for millenia but it’s really picked up steam in the past 20 years or so.

I put out a query on the popular “UFO Updates List” run by long time radio host and researcher Errol Bruce-Knapp.  The feedback has been nothing short of a small tsunami as other UFO and paranormal researchers almost filled my email box with data that corroborates one another to better than a perfect fit.

This just took a dramatic turn in UFOlogy and I’ll keep you posted.

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