Dennis G. Balthaser Looks At Roswell…Credibility Of Maj. Jesse Marcel & Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.

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Searching for the Truth

(Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything)

Credibility of Major Jesse Marcel and Jesse Marcel Jr.

It appears that there are still those that refuse to give credibility to Major Jesse Marcel and his son Jesse Marcel Jr., who after all these years, are still two of the most credible “first-hand” witnesses of the 1947 Roswell Incident. I never had the opportunity to meet Major Marcel, but have had many conversations about him with Stanton Friedman, who was the first to interview him in 1978. I do personally know Jesse Jr., and have had conversations with him, and have read his book “The Roswell Legacy” (the revised edition shown below, published in 2008), which it appears as usual, that the debunkers, critics and skeptics that are the loudest, have not read.

In defense of the Marcels, I’d like to share some of the comments made by Jesse Jr. in his book not only about his Dad, but also about his own life since 1947. The book is obviously written by someone that had a deep respect for his father, and presents the information in the only way he knows—honestly from the heart, as his father desired, to get the truth out to the public eventually.

Both of these gentlemen deserve our highest respect for the many years they both gave to serving our country in the military, (Major Marcel as probably the top intelligence officer in the military in the 1940’s, and his son Jesse as a helicopter pilot, flight surgeon and a civilian physician.) Talk about credibility and integrity as compared to many of the other witnesses that have surfaced over the years in relation to the Roswell Incident. Those with backgrounds such as theirs are rare when researching the Roswell Incident. It took Jesse Jr. 60 years to set the record straight about his Dad and himself, and those that still question these two gentlemen are ignoring the truth about their first-hand knowledge of the event.

Major Marcel voluntarily enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force in December 1941.

Up until his death in 1986, Major Marcel repeatedly stated that the material we examined was as he described it, “not of this earth,” and that the truth about Roswell had yet to be revealed to the public. In order to reveal that truth, Jesse Jr’s. father made him promise to see the true story told. Jesse Jr. fulfilled that promise with his book in 2007, and anyone seriously interested in the Roswell Incident would benefit from reading it, before criticizing or demeaning them.  

As an eleven year old boy Jesse Jr. was “privileged” to be one of the individuals who actually saw and handled debris from the crash site, that his Dad and Captain Sheridan Cavitt had recovered from the site. This occurred at his home in Roswell, prior to his Dad returning to the base from the Foster ranch debris field, when the Marcel’s lives would be forever changed.

One of the things Jesse Jr. observed which again silences the critics and debunkers, is the fact that the foil material did not have a paper backing for rigidity like the foil of a radar target. Also of importance was the fact that none of the debris spread out on the Marcel’s kitchen floor that Jesse Jr. observed that night, or any material that Major Marcel saw at the debris site where the material was recovered, contained any electronic components which a weather balloon or Mogul balloon would have had such as radio transmitters, microphones, and sensors for detecting and recording weather data, or pressure waves in the atmosphere from a possible Russian nuclear test. It’s important also to note that the Russians didn’t do any nuclear testing until 1949, Mogul balloon launch No. 4 (which skeptics like to use as what crashed near Roswell), was cancelled due to weather related problems, and finally, the pictures taken in General Ramey’s office on July 8, 1947 also did not contain any electronic equipment.

In 1942 Marcel attended the Army Air Force Intelligence School as a 1st Lieutenant. After graduation he was invited to join the school’s faculty, an honor bestowed upon only the brightest and most talented students.

Two years later Marcel would be assigned to the 509th Composite Bomb Group in Nevada as their S-2 Intelligence Officer. He was now part of a special, hand-picked group, where the work was classified as Top-Secret. While in Nevada he helped work out the details of dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. The 509th was then assigned to the island of Tinian, where Marcel participated in briefing the flight crews before the missions to Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Nagasaki, Japan 1945

Upon returning to the states, Major Marcel enrolled in a radar training school at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, graduating in September 1945, and became an expert on the state-of-the-art radar devices, including varieties of the rawin radar targets, including the ML-307 reflector used on the Mogul balloons. As Jesse Jr. states in his book, “for those that say his father confused UFO debris with a radar target is ludicrous.” So the same government that paid for his advanced radar school in 1945 would accuse him of not knowing the difference between a UFO and a weather balloon 2 short years later, while assigned to the 509th in Roswell, New Mexico. Copies of the radar and intelligence school diplomas Major Marcel attended are in Jesse Jr’s. book. I have several other commendation and recommendation documents for Major Marcel in my file for his intelligence work, before and “after” the Roswell Incident.

Setting aside my thoughts about the Marcel’s credibility, lets not forget that the debris Major Marcel took to General Ramey’s office was changed to a weather balloon for the photos taken by James Bond Johnson. I interviewed Johnson as did Kevin Randle and David Rudiak, prior to my interview with him. In all three interviews James Bond Johnson’s remarks were less than factual about his involvement. He did take the photographs, but was not involved in any other way, in fact telling me in our first conversation, that he knew very little about the Roswell Incident. The interview can be read at:

The really sad part for me is the fact that when General Ramey ordered Major Marcel to pose for the pictures with the obvious weather balloon on the floor of the Generals office, General Ramey ordered Marcel to keep silent, and to not make any comments in the presence of the civilian photographer. That appears to be when the cover-up became a reality, and Major Marcel realized he was in the middle of it, and had become the scapegoat. For those that have seen the photographs taken in General Ramey’s office, it’s apparent to me that there are unopened packages along the wall, and more importantly the brown paper on the floor under the debris staged for the photographs is from a new roll of paper and shows no indication of ever being wrapped around any debris or anything else brought to Fort Worth by Major Marcel.

I firmly believe that as a researcher part of my responsibility is to provide information that is truthful and factual for my future generations as well as yours.
I believe Major Marcel and his son Jesse Jr. have done that.

Dennis G. Balthaser

UFOs: Friend or Foe? No Happy Camper UFO Abduction Stories Yet

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On the popular UFO Updates List hosted by Errol Bruce-Knapp, I asked the question whether any of the experts there had any “Happy Camper” UFO abduction stories. Notice how I didn’t say ‘alien’.

There’s a difference. We assume the abductors are aliens because of some unproven testimony and deductive reasoning.

Bottom line is it’s abduction associated with UFOs, the keyword here being abduction.

It’s a crime, plain and simple.

The response was that none so far could recall in their research any happy abduction stories. No tales of people having anywhere near a wonderful experience yet we’re led to believe that these so called aliens are from an advanced civilization that is in some sort of parlay with our governments in secret.

I posed this same issue in an earlier post and essay to ask ourselves, what kind of super secret aliens are these creatures if the only people they’ll talk to are politicians? What’s it gotten us? The world isn’t safer, it gets more dangerous day by day. Instead of living in bounty and splendor the entire American economic infrastructure is on the verge of collapse. When’s the last time a major disease was cured?

So whatever these aliens are doing they’re not doing jack squat as far as we’re concerned.

Matter of fact we might as well classify them in the enemy category because they’ve not come forward with a handshake or a visit to the local news to say howdy-do.

Yes I thought of the fact that maybe they’re so intelligent they’d want to stay as far away from our crazy asses as they could. I mean we don’t just waltz into the gorilla troupe and shake hands with the alpha male. We’d get a limb torn off.

There are those contactees that tell tales of how the benevolent space aliens want peace for mankind but for some reason the benevolent space aliens can’t tell us this stuff on tv. No, instead they visit people we wouldn’t believe if they had a halo on their heads.

No messenger, no message.

In the case of abductions, there are no happy stories of yet. It’s close to 60 years of reports.

That alone should cement in your mind what’s going on.


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Well here’s some breaking news that you won’t find the
government trying to cover up or blame on bad memories
and crash test dummies, time compression, nor
weather balloons.

According to a study done by the Baylor University
Institute for Studies of Religion, the majority of persons
polled believed in the interaction of angels. That’s a
55% in favor of those halo sporting do gooders.

The belief in angels and demons is still healthy and
alive in the 21st Century and that’s something to take
note of.

If you’ll notice, no ridicule accompanied the story on
the tv news nor print. It’s just a sweet look at the
beliefs we hold dear.

No scientific proof, no talking head experts, no
FOIA researches through dusty old archive shelves.

Just good ol’ faith and declaration thereof.

So we have here a majority of the population believeing
in something that they can’t prove in court nor a lab.

Why no ridicule nor debunkers and skeptics?

Because it would cause a tsunami of anger and a loss
of viewship and sponsorship.

We who believe in angels and demons don’t need a
scientist to tell us what’s real. It’s something we know
regardless of science’s inability to validate.

Sort of like what happens when we try to investigate
UFOs. Difference is UFOs show up on radar, leave
traces, photo, video, film remnants and better and
our military can put their hands on.

Those facts don’t mean a hill of beans to the media
and the authorities though. Methinks more Americans
believe we’re being visited by ETs than angels and demons
but I’m sure some smart person out there will let me know
the real figures.

Bottom line here are the standards of belief, science,
sociological issues that shine through in this study that
suprised many.

It’s okay to believe in what society says it’s okay to believe
in especially if the media and the government say it’s okay.

We don’t care though and it’s good to see a study in the media
that shows that the people decide what’s real not some
government nor secret body, the media, and that’s fine
with me. Says there’s hope for us yet.


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As predicted the UFO community isn’t too happy with this latest serving up from ABC News.

I expected a flood of disgruntled UFOlogists and so far the most outspoken have chimed in. Particulary Vince White and the ever verbose but original Alfred Lehmberg. I was also surprised that Dr. Bruce Maccabee posted his disappointment to, down to the ‘T’ of what I had predicted he would while I was watching the special. Dr. Maccabee’s research in the field of UFOs is mandatory for anyone serious about understanding this phenom.

Al Lehmberg and Vince White tore into ABC News with no quarter given. Their responses are so long I can’t post them here. You can read Alfred’s responses at the popular “UFO Updates” at hosted by radio talk show host Errol Bruce-Knapp. Alfred also has his own super popular blog at .

The special just didn’t do it’self nor UFOLogy justice even though it was heads and shoulders above that crap Peter Jennings hosted several years ago. Matter of fact anything would be heads and shoulders above that crap Peter Jennings hosted several years ago.

Again, ABC portrays any Roswell researchers as hucksters out for a buck. They didn’t look at the absurdity of the data presented by the government which we know to be just that, absurd. It’s better than even money that ABC is run by the same dopes who think we don’t know what really happened at Roswell. It’s a shame because the special started out promising but went downhill fast.

So as far as UFO research goes, I’m going to put it to rest. I’ll tell my own little story in my book “The UFO Mafia” and that’ll be that.

Anytime a subject is of such volatility as UFOs to the point even our enemies like Al Qaeda or North Korea or Castro won’t discuss it, then you know you’re onto something that every power player is scared to address.

So you guys will be on your own soon. The pursuit of this subject is up against very advanced technologies and it takes too much in resources to handle at the moment. That alone should be a clue as to what you’re up against.

ABC’s PRIMETIME “UFOs: Seeing Is Believing” special…I love it when I’m right.

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Although not as blatantly stupid as the Peter Jennings special of some four years ago, this time around ABC not only didn’t get it right, they didn’t go anywhere with what they had.

It was just another obligatory UFO special covering all the same old ground all over again. Mysterious music, blurry photos, radar dishes listening for ET, skeptics, debunkers, just what I said in my post of a few days ago.

The only thing I liked about the special is that they spotlighted our pal Nick Pope formerly of the Ministry of Defence in Great Britain. He’s an eloquent gentleman and scholar who’s segment on the show was a bright spot. That and some of the eyewitnesses. However, ABC tried to cover too much ground in 90 minutes. No new territory and no new data we can chew on.

It’s time to do it or get off the pot news media and I for one know it’s not going to happen. Ratings come first. We’ll continue to get these gloss overs regarding UFOs instead of any in depth reporting on the great cases loaded with tons of evidence.

I’m going to shut up now and wait for Vince White’s review of this PRIMETIME special. I know good ol’ Vince has some vitriolic words for ABC.

Make note to self: Never appear on an ABC news special.


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The mother of all UFO cases is what happened near Roswell, New Mexico in June and July of 1947.

There are more stories about these incidents than one can shake a stick at. Books, movies, tv shows, comic books, cartoons, websites, and video games!

For something that focuses on something that doesn’t exist, is not a threat to national security, is only a weather balloon, the public, authorities, and pop culture won’t let it die.

The Roswell story is long, complex in some areas and sometimes it’s difficult to get through the mish mash of rumor and raw data. I’ll post some bona fide research data here on the subject and compile it into a one stop shop for the real Roswell information.

Back in 1997 I went to Roswell during the 50th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident. I went as a field correspondent for then Parascope Magazine. We had a big staff of specialists from all walks of life and met all the luminaries of UFOlogy at the time including Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. who’s father was one of the first initial officers at the crash site back in 1947.

I even got the chance to catch up to the late Dr. John E. Mack for a quick on the spot interview and he talked with my pal Carol who covered another beat for the Parascope Magazine that was then on America Online and the infamous chat room “The Grassy Knoll”. That chat room was the hottest, coolest, best managed, and most popular chat room on AOL for years. Even good ol’ Art Bell was a member of our staff and he would pop in from time to time to chat with us all.

At the 50th anniversary of the Roswell crash I shot over 20 hours of video and I’ll post a wee bit of it here.

What’s the final conclusion regarding what really happened at Roswell back in 1947? The evidence and proof already available from the researchers who’ve led the investigation is pretty much clear cut. You’ll have to read for yourself.


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Okay so I’ll bite.

Here we go again with another ABC News look at UFOs.

Can anyone say, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!”?

How about, “ABC, you had your chance and you blew it.”?

I may be bitter here but it’s due to the historic look at UFOs the late ABC News anchorman Peter Jennings did a few years ago. It was by far the sloppiest, most incompetent and lack wit look at UFOs by a professional media organization ever. Here we have 60 years of collected evidence of an overwhelming nature about UFOs and that special covered none of it. Talking heads by UFOlogy’s finest who just had to stick their mugs up in front of the cameras instead of doing their due diligence before the special aired.

“I was fooled!”, said one UFOlogist, “They led me to believe…”, said another.

I posted and wrote and warned them not to trust the mainstream media regarding UFOs and noooo. Don’t listen to the only guy who worked in mainstream news.

Now ABC gives it another shot. Why? Because UFOs are a ratings success no matter what channel you turn to. These UFO specials have now melded into one generic profile. They show imagery from pop culture fiction such as movies and television. They show still pictures of inconclusive saucer like objects without providing reference material. They interview a small handful of eyewitnesses without the required research and queries and worst of all they drag in these in house like skeptics who don’t ask the real skeptic questions you and I would ask. Instead they come up with the most asinine generalized speculation that makes the UFO stories seem normal by comparison.

You hear such blaring declarations like, “All the people who see UFOs are mistaken.” or “Every UFO has a prosaic explanation.” and of course my favorite, “All those witnesses are now old and we all know how memory works.”.

Yeah, my 90 year old grandpa can remember every time I got spanked as a kid and the species of tree the switch came from and I’m almost half a century old.

What’s worse is these specials then focus on the giggle factor of UFOlogy. Gotta to that convention and show people wearing tin foil hats and space alien sunglasses. Never a nuts and bolts look at the raw data because that’s not entertaining.

We have to see how the government and private organizations are spending umpteen millions of dollars building big radio telescopes to look for alien electronic signals like other alien civilizations have their own versions of broadcast tv and the top 40 hits.

We never seem to bring the most important cases and the raw data to the public nor bring the officials in governments to bear when even their own offices release data that contradicts the official statements. Just the Gen. Twinning letter seen here, is enough for one tv special of magnitude. The coverage of the latest information of the Barney and Betty Hill incident is relevant. Even when UFOs appear over large cities with multiple witnesses on national television the issue is still in a quandary. Even when UFOs the size of football fields fly within the air space of the President’s home in Texas the issue gets more bs than necessary.

There’s only one reason: It’s deliberate.

Is the government afraid we’ll find out something regarding UFOs? That some UFOs are indeed alien or interdimensional in origin?

I don’t think so. I think the powers that be are more concerned with us finding out how much we’ve screwed up in regard to the investigation and application of the technologies we’ve gleaned from said subject.

What’s worse, I think we’d be more upset with what we’d find out about ourselves. That we have enemies on levels we’ve not even dreamed of. That our worst enemies are not only ourselves but what we believe about ourselves and such a revelation would change the face of history and humanity’s relationship to one another on this world and others.

Yes, I’m being coy about what I know because even when I disclose what I know with the best of the UFO bunch even they cower and fold in.

So I’m sticking my neck out again to say don’t expect much from ABC regarding UFOs and don’t expect anything from any major news outlet. They use the subject for leverage whenever the Feds step out of line.

The truth hurts especially when it says you’re the man behind the curtain that the little girl from Kansas isn’t supposed to pay any mind to.

The fun side of UFOs

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This area of research is fraught with so much anxiety and tension that one has to keep one’s sense of humor or one would go nuts.

UFOlogy is often at odds with those who tease and taunt but we often pick fun at ourselves. It’s the only way to keep one’s sanity.

This story is about a the museum at Oswego SUNY.

UFO crash lands at Lee White Museum
Updated: 09/09/2008 04:22 PM
By: Web Staff

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Oswego is all abuzz about an invasion of UFOs at the Lee White Marine Museum. The museum held a mock UFO crash landing to mark several extra-terrestrial events taking place at the museum, as well as SUNY Oswego, in the coming weeks.

There will be a museum talk this Saturday with astronomer Dr. Scott Roby. Next month, Squonk opera’s “Astro-Rama” will perform a free show at SUNY Oswego.

As for the object that landed in Oswego, museum officials say they are still investigating where it came from.

UFO crash lands at Lee White Museum
Oswego is all abuzz about an invasion of UFOs at the Lee White Marine Museum. The museum held a mock UFO crash landing to mark several extra-terrestrial events taking place at the museum, as well as SUNY Oswego, in the coming weeks.

“We’re told by our friends that no one was hurt. No being was hurt in this crash, so we are grateful. But we’re thinking that aliens, like the early explorers, maybe they were coming to look and see what we’re about,” said museum Executive Director Mercedes Niess.

“Astro-Rama” will perform October 2nd through the 5th.


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I have no idea where the phrase, “Don’t woke em’, let em’ slept!” comes from but my mom used to utter it now and then and I took it to be akin to “Let sleeping dogs lie.”.  That was back in the days when dogs were real dogs, you had to be friendly to them or they’d turn on you and eat you.  They still had that bit of wolf still in them unlike today’s well bred canine that is quite timid and domesticated.  In the old days a dog would test you on occasion to establish dominance, today dogs are so docile the average cat walks about with brash audacity.  That’s just another sign of civilization for you which brings me to the heart of this essay.

The other day an abductee, a lady who is well versed on the subject of abduction or ‘alien abduction’ as it’s referred to posted a website as a resource to ponder on the subject.  I won’t go into detail about the site in question as it appeared to me to be a farce of a site put out mainly for the UFO ‘giggle factor’ that all too often accompanies UFO stories in the press.

Whilst perusing this website I was so bowled over with laughter that I sent several emails to colleagues in the field to see if they’d come across it.  One colleague did.  He pointed out the image of what was referred to on the website as a real ‘space alien’ in some sort of plexiglass sarcophagus monitored by a somewhat stoic looking military type.  I at once recognized the supposed alien as I’d seen it before.  Actually I’d seen it on numerous occasions as it was a prop replica from the Paul Davids movie “Roswell” starring Kyle MacLachlan and Martin Sheen.  Well done special effects let me tell you and a must see movie. 

I at once notified the owner of the website and was met with a hostile response.  All I’d done was pointed out that fact.  Well you couldn’t tell the old gent it wasn’t a pic of a genuine alien because he had people tell him so and other abductees whom he said remarked the image reminded them of aliens they’d seen.

Well you can’t argue with scientific facts like those now can we?  That’s about as ‘case closed’ as we can get in a free society. 

The riled chap then demanded I do my homework.  I did. I sent him links to the models in question that are on display in several parts of the world.  That still didn’t convince him as he was certain it was a photo of a real dead alien and nothing more and that I was being ‘stupid’.

Sounds like a line from the old Ed Wood Jr. movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.

Well things heated up even more when I had to send him the analysis of the photo from another source that clearly established that photo as a promotional piece.

He still didn’t get it and sent an even more harsh repute.

This combative encounter happens with believers as well as debunkers.  Nuclear physicist and foremost UFO researcher Stanton T. Friedman often charms us with his observations of the hard headed mainstream scientific and military sources who refuse to look at the raw data regarding UFOs by ribbing them with the phrase, ” Don’t bother me with the facts, my mind’s made up! “.  That now goes to both sides of the fence.

Actually I find myself in more conflicting discourse with UFOlogists than the establishment.  I know what the establishment will say and I’ll endure them to say so because on rare occasions a good bit of data can be gleaned.  In the case of UFOlogists, enter any data or theory that doesn’t go along with the ETH or Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, and you’ll find expletives thrown about as though one were in the midst of weekend sailors on liberty.  In less nicer terms, you’ll get cussed out faster than a cell phone talker inside a movie theatre.

I often wonder how can aliens put supposed implants and telepathic messages through skulls so thick and heads so hard amongst some UFOlogists and believers.  The skeptics and debunkers have been overworking themselves.  All they’d need to do to win the argument is to just shut up and let the UFOlogists and believers duke it out.

Facts are facts, science is science, and bigotry and lack of imagination and confront are just that and do not get us any closer to resolutions to some of the UFO data.  Blind obedience and unrelenting refusal to accept or adopt another’s viewpoint is why we have a mystery regarding UFOs in the first place by our governing agencies. 

You would think we’d have learned by now

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