More News On Turkish UFO Video

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Turkish UFO Video

Again this video has raised it’s head and it’s hit the international news.

I saw this video a while back and basically couldn’t tell what the hell it was a video of. Maybe my eyes aren’t as good but it looks like an undescernable object being videotaped by someone who can’t hold a camera still.

It’s another ‘Sisyphus Effect’ UFO story where it’s got lots of hype but is still just out of reach of getting that boulder to the top of that hill.

The videos purportedly show aircraft and lights of some sort determined to be a UFO or UFOs. We’ll have to wait for professional analysis to determine what it is if there is anything.

I must admit though that something about the first half of the video has something of interest for me and I’ll need to study further. So don’t toss this vid out with the bath water just yet, but then again don’t take it as gospel that we’re being invaded by aliens.


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UFO Witness Fears Alien Abduction

Okay the reason I posted this story is because the sketches that come along with it are the closest I’ve seen to one of the craft I’ve seen close up in the Hudson Valley during the big UFO sightings of the 1980’s and ’90’s.

Note I didn’t say “space craft” or “alien spaceship”. The craft I saw was unusual as it performed in a manner that we the public are unaware of any capabilities that the government has regarding aircraft. That doesn’t mean it is or isn’t but for all intents and purposes I qualify it as an aircraft.

Well this poor bloke in this story has been seeing these triangle craft over his home and did some sketches. I wish he’d taken some pictures of these craft. I guess he can’t afford one nor has a friend who can lend him one.

Anyhow, when you do have repeat sightings make an effort to contact the National UFO Reporting Center

It’s rare that people see a UFO and when one has multiple recurring sightings it’s a super chance to get some real data like trace evidence, photos and witness testimony.

Well this chap to whom the story refers to is scared that aliens will abduct him and there’s no proof the craft he’s seeing are from another world. We have to be careful when we assume. Often there are experimental government and private craft that can startle us and if one has a phobia and associates these craft with it things can get out of hand.

So let’s hold tight to see what else comes from this story.


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UFO Video Shows UFO At Bruce Springsteen, Barack Obama Gathering Rally?

It will never cease to amaze me how the most bizarre stuff will happen when Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen is around. In my book “The UFO Mafia” I talk about Bruce Springsteen alot because he and the E Street Band were such a part of my growng up. I’m a Bruce Springsteen fan from wayyyyy back and through all those adventures I had Bruce Springsteen music blasting somewhere. UFOs and Bruce Springsteen music go a long way with me! When I saw this story about a supposed UFO over the rally concert that Bruce Springsteen presented I almost jumped out of my skin.

The UFO video was taken by a woman named Jessica Sechrist in Philadelphia where the concert was held. If you read The UFO Mafia you’ll know why I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw the Bruce Springsteen connection, Philadelphia and this woman’s name, Sechrist.

You guys have no idea what the Boss’s music did while on many a UFO adventure of mine. In upstate NY we have roads and highways going in every direction. I and my crew would drive all over the place and I always had some Bruce Springsteen jams by my side. Always!

In this latest incident a woman took video and you can see it at the link above and make your own judgement.

I thought I had seen the last of my Bruce Springsteen/UFO incidents but they just won’t end. When you read this book, you’ll know why.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Shag Harbour UFO Incident Anniversary

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<a href=”″>Shag Harbour UFO Crash Incident</a><br>

When it comes to UFO crash stories the incident at Shag Harbour ranks right up there with the big ones. 

October 14, 1967 is the date when something crashed into the south shore harbour and this story gives you a short glimpse at the mystery that still exists to this day.

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