UFO Enthusiasts To Ask Obama To Release X Files

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Obama To Be Asked To Release UFO Files

It ain’t gonna happen!

You’ve heard it here first boy-o!

I’ll admit that this is the first White House cabinet that with so many open UFO enthusiasts in history but I don’t think they’re ready for what they’re going to discover. Even if they do crack the wall of stonewalls they wouldn’t disclose what they’ll learn because it’s too much for them and their personal beliefs.

UFOs and their related phenomena are so varied and vast that there’s no one single answer and no one wants a boggled mind with as much knuckleheadedness we’ve to deal with nowadays. There are no miracle cures and miracle energy technologies in UFO research. Why? Because we’d never be able to employ these technologies on a broad scale because they’re too dangerous. See what happened when the atomic bomb was invented? Plans got stolen and we went through 50 years and more of atomic terror.

Now can you imagine what kind of crap we’d be in for if someone invented the super cosmic atomic bomb?

Now you see what I’m talking about.

It ain’t gonna happen with disclosure. You’re gonna see Obama’s White House so tight lipped about it that the only word is going to come from good ol’ Mother England and then the spit is really going to hit the fan.

Trouble A-Brewin’ With UFOs

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Recently some changes have occured regarding UFOs and me.

I don’t always get along with the top mainstream UFOlogists and those that constantly profess the ETH or “extraterrestrial hypothesis”.

See, when flying saucers, as UFOs were once referred to, first hit the scene government scientists came forward with the theory that these flying saucers came from other planets. Soon afterwards the clamp down occured. Note that it wasn’t the people who came up with the extraterrestrial hypothesis, it was the government big brains that did.

Ever since then any of us who presented the ETH had to suffer humiliation and in some cases far worse.

Bottom line: Someone was out to stop anyone from proposing the ETH.

It makes good fodder for comic books, movies, and tv but when the rubber hits the road if you bring up the ETH you are in for it up to your ears. People then began reporting abductions or encounters with alien beings and that posed far more problems for the witnesses and whistlebowers.

Yep, I’m talkin’ evil. One thing we don’t seem to run out of here on the planet Earth is some evil. We’ve got evil all up and down the block and around the bend. If there’s one thing you can count on is that you will run into some evil and then some. The UFO/flying saucer saga occured during but greatly after the end of World War II. Mind you, the biggest human slaughter since the dawn of freakin’ time and suddenly strange aircraft appear in our skies that defy description and performance. They outfly and out maneuver our best craft and have been doing so ever since.

Now it’s been 60 plus years since the dawn of the Golden Age of UFOs. We’re talking around three generations of people have been part of this phenomenon and it keeps on expanding.

That’s the major problem right there. I’m about to get into trouble with what I’m about to say and so be it.

We may be too late to have stopped the problem.

Abductions are far too misunderstood. The media as well as comedians project abductions associated with UFOs with aliens from another world as fodder for ridicule and scorn. That aliens only abduct country bumpkin types which is farthest from the truth. I task you to study the works of Budd Hopkins, Dick Hall, Dr. Jacobs, and others who’ve covered the abduction phenomena for decades. It’s no longer a rare occurance it’s part of our lifestyle.

We’ve either lost the opportunity to stop it or we’re running out of time.

Some of these abduction stories occur during varying times of the day. Some multiple abductions in clear view of others not nightly mysterious visitations while the abductees are asleep. You rarely hear abou tthem because they’re not presented during the talk shows and tv specials.

We have a problem. I’ve been privvy to some information and I’ve observed myself. The techniques the abductors are using have gotten better, far better. Soon you won’t be able to tell when or if you’ve been abducted and that’s bad news.

We’ve just left the most bloody century of our existence as a species in which 100s of milllions have died via warfare and hatred and greed. We’re now entering an age where the weapons of destruction are so advanced and buried in black operations that we have no idea who and when and how global destruction can take place. As I type we’re mired in a global economic crisis that may see millions homeless and without. Should more natural disasters befall us we might see devastation on a biblical scale.

Many theorize that some secret project has been underfoot regarding alien beings and governments. That alone should be an indicator as to the intention of said aliens. If they only work with politicians and military industrial complex types then we’re in bigger trouble than we thought. However I don’t always prescribe to the ETH. I’ve asked even the legendary UFOlogist J. Allen Hynek if our visitors have a more terrestrial origin and that got under his skin. I’ve bumped heads with other top UFOlogists who’ve publicly called me and others who might propose any theory outside of the ETH names such as ‘idiots’ or ‘crazy’. Talk about the Martian calling the Venusian an Earthling.

UFOlogy has become so mainstream that such notoriety has matriculated many into the foibles of mainstream science. It doesn’t take one long to just glance at the headlines regarding the greatest inventions of the past 100 years such as manned flight, spaceflight, computers. Science is best served when scientists take responsibility for the power of imagination. It’s a shame that we still punish one another when we do exhibit such high end abilities like the imaginative.

That doesn’t mean to disregard the basics of scientific study and application but we’ve often seen in history how science and scientists can be manipulated by the greedy and evil.

No one knows what sinister human forces have enwrapped themselves into the UFO issue on levels we are vaguely aware of. Considering the latest fiendish banking debacle one can only imagine what sinister machinations have occured we haven’t come to be aware of.

Yes, some secrets need be protected but this issue of UFOs is unlike any ever encountered. Of late such countries as Great Britain, France, Canada, have released previously classified documents that have stunned researchers and the public alike. We now know that not only are UFOs a regular occurence but one of alarming nature to the armed forces around the world. Yet we’ve been told officially that UFOs pose no threat to national security by the U.S. government. We’ve got a long history of irrefutable documentation that the U.S. government has lied to us regardng the issue and is the most staunch resistor to UFO disclosure.

One boggles to ponder why. Given the history of crime and corruption we can take a scientific wild ass guess.

Many UFOlogists believe that the Barack Obama Administration will lead to some grand disclosure of the issue. Don’t hold your breath says I. I’d say it’s better than even money that the least accomodating administration ever regarding UFOs will be the Obama Administration. I’m betting that full disclosure will come from Great Britain and the citizens of the U.S. are going to be in for another major disappointment in our country’s handling of things.

I’d like to give us the benefit of the doubt but considering we’re one asshair from another depression I gather if we’re too irresponsible to safeguard our own safety and livelihoods, how much of the UFO issue have we fouled up beyond all recognition.

Something to think about.

CNN Covers UFO Beliefs

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This video segment is a very good example of professional journalism regarding the UFO issue. It brings professional people to the fore to discuss their experiences about the subject.

UK’s Airprox Board Reports On June 10, 2008 UFO Incident Over Birmingham…Says UFO Was ‘Sinister’

November 21, 2008 on 6:02 pm | In UFOs | 8 Comments

Well headlines blazed today with the announcement by the UK’s own Airprox Board(Air Proximity Hazards) that the UFO incident over Birmingham in June 2008 was of a “sinister” nature.

Now that ought to raise some hackles.

The Airprox Board’s website states that their objectives are:

” The UK Airprox Board’s primary objective is to enhance flight safety in the UK, in particular in respect of lessons to be learned and applied from Airprox occurrences reported within UK airspace.

To emphasise both the scope of its work and its independence, UKAB is sponsored jointly – and funded equally – by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The sole objective of the UK Airprox Board is to assess reported Airprox in the interests of enhancing flight safety. It is not the purpose of the Board to apportion blame or liability. To encourage an open and honest reporting environment, names of companies and individuals are not published in UKAB’s reports.”

Hence the Airprox Board released it’s latest report that has stunned the world including UFO experts. They’ve concluded that the UFO may have been of some sinister intent. That not only implies intelligent control but also intention validating the Board’s concern for air safety for civilian, military, and police aircraft.

Earlier on this blog, Nick Pope formerly of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain graciously gave me his viewpoint on the Birmingham incident. You can read it here.

Nick Pope’s assessment then came true with the release of the Airprox’s latest report and I’ll ask Nick again if he’ll comment on it.

UPDATE: Nick Pope again has given me a quote regarding this latest news:


Any near-miss involving an aircraft is a serious issue. However, when the incident involves something that remains unidentified, despite extensive official enquiries, this is even more disturbing. This is because, unlike other near-misses, lessons cannot be learned and no action can be taken to reduce the risk of similar incidents occurring in the future. The related issue is that this isn’t an isolated incident. There are numerous such cases in the files of the Ministry of Defence and the Civil Aviation Authority. This is why I’ve called for a full inquiry, so these incidents can be considered collectively and not just on a case by case basis. It’s time to act, before we have a tragedy on our hands.”

Surprisingly I found that in 1998 there was a similar incident with similar results and conclusions. Here’s the story: UK UFO Baffles Aviation Experts

In brief it details that on June 12, 1998 a metallic grey colored object passed within “20-50 meters” from a McDonnell Douglas MD81 jet bound for Oslo. Although the pilots saw the object it too was not detected on radar.

It begs one to wonder if this latest incident is indeed connected to the 1998 incident which also occurred in the month of June. June 15th for the 1998 incident and June 10th for the 2008 incident almost exactly 10 years apart.

With this new report from Airprox, it gives investigators from both sides of the fence of UFOlogy and air safety more grist-for-the-mill on solving these incidents for the better safeguarding of our skies.

When the Birmingham UFO incident occurred, I too was more concerned with the safety of the skies and as a UFOlogist that is part of the territory. We don’t just look at UFO reports hoping to find some extraterrestrial menace or benevolent force from the unknown, it’s a field of study that covers many areas of safety that stretch from aerial collisions to crashes, to contamination of water and soil as well as the effect on livestock and of course persons’ well being.

Many UFOlogists are also professionals of the medical and rescue fields and brook no nonsense in regard to issues of safety and do a great service to everyone. This latest report by the Airprox Board adds more solid data that will allow us to better police the skies and provide safety for our pilots and civilians world wide.

A much needed round of applause is due to the professionalism and stalwart character of the Airprox Board in serving the public once again in light of the controversy undue ridicule that the UFO subject brings.

Gannett News Service Looks At Hudson Valley UFO Sightings

November 1, 2008 on 1:07 am | In Flying Saucers, Paranormal, UFO CRASHES, UFO PICTURES, UFO VIDEOS, UFOs | 7 Comments

Lower Hudson Newspapers Look At Hudson Valley UFO Incidents

Well here’s another look at the UFO sightings regarding the Hudson Valley. It’s somewhat lacking in scope as there are so many stories and pics and video tape that it would take years just to go through it all.

I personally have seen these triangular, delta shaped and even saucer shaped craft up close on several occasions and it took years for me to finally accept what I’d seen because in 90% of the events I was a witness to there were multiple witnesses.

People are still scared to talk. Matter of fact I know of about a dozen people who if they stood up and confirmed things this entire debacle would come to an end.

They’re scared and it’s taken a while for me to figure out why.

Not always what one assumes is the basis of another’s fears but
often the truth is far stranger.

Anyhow, the LoHudson look at the sightings is informative and
hopefully more dialogue will grow from it.

It’s a member of the Gannett News Service whom I worked with for
about 8 years at their Poughkeepsie Journal newspaper. It’s one of
the oldest newspapers in the U.S. I had two up close sightings while
working there. Multiple witnesses too. That’s all in my book “The UFO Mafia”.

I’m hoping to get two photographs from some folks back home that
will launch the Hudson Valley UFO sightings into a new realm.

However, if the truth be told it just might ruin real estate values from one
end of the valley to the other.

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