Nice Compilation Of UFO Videos

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Good ol’ Vince White sent me this YouTube video of a compilation of UFO videos. My favorite is the craft over the ocean. There’s some very startling video footage here that needs professional analysis.

The UFO Mafia Message Board Forum Is Coming!

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Since this site keeps growing in popularity and many good people ask very important questions, I’ve decided to add a message board and forum to this website. It’s divided into two primary sections, the scientific research into UFOs, and general discussion.

Some UFOlogists participate in only the scientific method in regard to this field. Some UFOlogists like to gab it up about each and every aspect of UFOlogy. To separate the two the forum will adhere to these two approaches so they don’t get mixed up. Science requires specifics. Theories are fine, but you have to back up those theories with relevant data that can be examined and applied to resolve past, present, and postulated phenomena. If you make a scientific declaration you’ll need the science based references to support that declaration.

The final section will be announcements for UFO related upcoming events, books, resources, products and services only. This way UFOLogists and the public can attend and share data and experiences.

Writing this book keeps expanding each day as new events unfold. I’m waiting for several colleagues of mine in science, military, journalism, and law enforcement to confirm some close encounters we’ve all shared and due to the collapse of the global economic infrastructure that has exposed the underlying underhanded cabals that have decimated people’s life’s savings, these folks are now coming forward. It’s a shame it took a drop kick to the pocket book to get them to see the light but that happens sometimes.

So stay tuned.

Grey Alien Captured? Video of a supposed grey alien captured.

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Now this here is what ya’ call a real space alien, grey alien captured video.
It’s the best I’ve seen so far. My guess is it’s special effects but they’re so good
it had even me going for a moment. Enjoy



Good ol’ Robert Morningstar, edtor of UFO Digest Magazine gave me another video to check out that is very good too. Robert also comments on this video below.


I consider this short piece of B&W film, purportedly dating back to the 1950s/60s, to be a credible representation of the Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs) described by Roswell witnesses and many others who have reported close encounters with “The Grey Presence”
consistently since that time.

I proffer this short peice of film merely for the sake of comparison with more recent videos, recently released in Brazil (viewable on this website).

I have found the similarity between the two, one film, the other video, quite compelling, considering the span of 50 years of time between the two.

Both sets of images merit further study.

I would add the following observations quoted from

and attributed to Dr. Michael Wolf, in support this research.

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What Is ET’s IQ Level?

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What Is ET’s IQ Level?
How Smart Is Smart?
How about if our visitors were kicking a 500 level IQ on average?
By Greg Boone

I’m fortunate to be able to dialogue with scientists about intelligence, the new techniques in education and the levels of intelligence of ourselves and the creatures of the wild.

We’ve discovered recently that some animals can perform mental tasks better than we can. So that brought me to ask how smart might our UFO visitors be?

Some state on average using IQ tests that our genius levels begin at 136 on the scale. Some say higher around 165. Stil others claim IQs in the low 200 range. It’s a highly debatable realm and even our smartest people on Earth have problems with their computers sometimes or trying to put together that complicated Christmas toy for their kids.

Since toilet paper wasn’t invented until the mid to late 1800s after tens of thousands of years of human civilization – I could never figure out how the Egyptians could design the great pyramids but not the toilet and toilet paper – I would assume we’re not the brightest tools in the shed. Are we so preoccupied with the violent survival of our world that such advances as air conditioning and pocket lighters could have emerged earlier or are we just inherently mentally challenged in lieu of our hormones?

How smart? How about if our visitors were kicking a 500 level IQ in the butt on average? How much control, powers of deception could they possess and engage in? Our meager attempts at communication and contact might be akin to some unfortunate dullard of the town fool fame. We need to pack our arrogance up and realize we may not be anywhere near the neighborhood of intelligence of other life forms out here that we theorize are visiting us and to the abductees not theory but fact.

Let your imaginations soar on this one. It might explain some phenomena associated with UFOs. Mind you, super intelligence doesn’t mean perfection or sanity. It means problem solving on levels that minimize risk and loss. What those risks and losses are, are relative but to each his own.

Me, I gauge intelligence on how much crap one doesn’t step in and if one does
how fast do you get rid of the stink.

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