UPDATE: I did get a witness!

March 27, 2009 on 9:37 am | In UFOs | 3 Comments

It’s far too often that witnesses to an UFO event don’t have other witnesses come forward. In regard to a sighting I had and was published here as well as dozens of other websites and radio shows, I’ve finally gotten one of the witnesses present during one sighting to come forward. I’ll detail it all later as I’m getting confirmation by several professional UFOlogists. What this does is validates that one sighting as having taken place. It doesn’t confirm extraterrestrials, it just confirms I was telling the truth.

It’s in regard to a sighting I had when I was working as a staff artist for the Poughkeepsie Journal in Poughkeepsie, New York, one of the chain of massive Gannett News Service chains of newspapers. I and several others saw a giant boomerang shaped craft soar right over the newspaper. No one spoke up save I, and it’s taken 20 plus years to get another person there to validate it.

Big things are going on in UFOlogy. Often UFOlogists can be just as hard headed and bigotted as the skeptibunkers they rage about. If you enter any theory outside of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis you end up having a donnybrook with some UFOlogists who insist that only extraterrestrials are behind the high tech craft reported. There are far more than just that theory to some UFOs but some people just can’t tolerate an alternative opinon. Some suggest, as I do, that perhaps we aren’t the only advanced civilization to have risen on Earth. Don’t tell that to some UFOlogists because they’re so sure no other civilization could have. They rarely stop to examine that we still don’t know everything about our world.

Another theory is in regard to other dimensions. Another theory states something else. It goes on and on. Anyhow, we’re not out of the woods yet regarding UFOs and every bit helps.

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