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Well things are heating up in the field of UFOlogy and I’ll do a brief recap of what’s going on.

First of all I was fortunate to run into a classmate who turns out to be the foremost in forensic documentation.  He’s appeared on numerous talk shows and I asked him about UFOlogy.  He didn’t know much but I mentioned to him about such documents as the controversial MJ-12 and Twining Memo.  I posted about it on Errol Bruce-Knapp’s popular UFO Updates List and within minutes I was contacted by several UFOlogists who have documents they want examined.  I can’t go into details but if all goes well we’ll have some closure on some pretty important moments in UFO history.

On top of all that I’m sure you’ve read about the knucklehead pranksters in New Jersey who tied road flares to helium balloons to fake some UFO sightings.  They got busted and got fines and probation.  It was a stupid thing to do as it was a fire hazard and hazard to the air space.  Lesson learned we hope.

Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell just came forward again to declare that the U.S. Government does have data on extraterrestrials and he’s calling them out on it.  I doubt highly that the U.S. Government will never engage in any form of validation nor disclosure.  My bet is that Great Britain will buck up and make that announcement first which will be the most embarrassing moment in U.S. history.  Total trust in our government will collapse even further when this takes place.  I’m sure Israel knows info too but the fact they’re not forking it over should be an indicator as to what’s really going on.

I’ve had a new witness to my UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley as well.  I’ll detail that as it continues.

So in a nutshell things are popping and to tell you the truth we’re at the point where asking whether the U.S. Government and our allies knows info about ET’s is beyond unnecessary.  We don’t need their validation nor disclosure.  We have so many documents and witnesses and physical data that it’s no longer debateable.  It’s a matter of “why” won’t they come forward and my bet is because there have been screw ups of such major proportions that to disclose them would cause global turmoil with the power brokers of our societies.  Believe you me, if ET data supported the right and left wings of our society it would be plastered all over the news.  That should be a big hint right there.

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