Crop Circle Expert Colin Andrews on The Veritas Show 7/3/2009

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I just got a press release from good ol’ Colin Andrews the foremost researcher into the crop circle phenomenon. This is indeed a chilling and foreboding email and press release. The kind that makes one’s hair stand on end. I suggest everyone tune in and go to Colin’s website for more information.

“Major Interview of Colin Andrews on The Veritas Show – 3rd July 2009

Mel Fabregas, presenter of The Veritas Show is to ask Colin Andrews about the chain of sudden deaths of prominent crop circle researchers, why Colin is back after four years out of the public eye and about the most extraordinary developments in the field of crop circle research. The is to be the most revealing interview in many years. Don’t miss Colin’s interview on the 3rd July, 2009.

There are some surprises in store.

Where UFOlogy is heading…Maybe an end to this mystery soon

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After all these years going through tons of personal reports, official documents, thousands of miles on foot, by air, by vehicle and untold hours online chatting and arguing and agreeing with experts from all fields I’m comfortable to say that we may well have an answer to this mystery once and for all.

I’ve come to this conclusion because of recent revelations that just fell into my lap.  The public doesn’t understand that for half a century or more many researchers into this field have sacrificed much of their own time, money, and other resources to investigate this field and each contributes to the myriad pieces of this puzzle.  For me it was a situation of investigation due to reluctance. 

Call me the Reluctant UFOlogist.

I was always intrigued by the field of UFOs but was not about to venture into it as I was a hard headed, yes stubborn kind of young man.  I grew up patriotic and in great admiration for our armed forces.  I had reasoned that if there was such an event as the possibility of extraterrestrial contact that our men and women in the armed forces would have the matter well in hand.  I wasn’t ignoratn to the fact of corruption in our government having come out of the 60s and 70s seeing that corruption first hand.  ETH or Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is one of several given to the explanation of ‘some’ UFOs I was also open to other theories outside the conventional of secret military craft or private craft. 

In recent years thanks to the internet’s ability to let researchers and the public communicate about the subject on a massive scale, we can see the convergence of data that is expanding and codifying the various theories.  In truth my own concern was that since we don’t have physical proof of any sort of ET intervention nor government disclosure the matter would remain closed until such, if any, came to the fore.  Recently by sheer dumb luck I met with a person or two who not only offered me the traditional anecdotal data but this time for the first time, names, places, events that were easily verifiable.  This knocked me for a loop because much of this data is thoroughly permeated through our historical libraries, archives, and personal data that to have tried to erase it all, even a part would have set off alarms all over.  The Hole, as I call it gives me insight in how our government and military works and shows me that our neighbors, relatives, friends who have served may well have taken part in astounding adventures that we the public have no idea of.  It raises my admiration to new heights to their bravery, courage, and resourcefullness as well. 

The new data I’ve received opens so many avenues I alone could not cover and research it all.  This new data proves to me many disclosures and theories presented by witnesses, whistleblowers, and researchers.  For me it concludes many chapters and opens up a greater insight as to why the U.S. Government amongst all the governments throughout the world are so reticent and defiant in regard to opening dialogue to the public regarding the UFO issue which statistics have proven for decades is a subject of immense interest of the people to whom our governmetn is supposed to serve.

The news is both enlightening, frightening, and may cause some to applaud or berate our policy makers. 

In addition, the other researchers in UFOlogy are closing in as well.  Foreign governments and researchers are presenting and dislcosing remarkable findings and data.  For those who have secreted UFO information, the wolves are closing in. 

We need to be aware of the dangerous appurtances of the data.  In the past such sensationalized nonsense as the Hale Bopp Comet and now some inferance that in the year 2012 some event regarding the end of the world and aliens stir up dangerous and irrational fears amongst the less enlightened.  The snake oil salesmen and the merchants of doom who permeate the entertainment end of the paranormal research arena are doing the public a far worse disservice than the dark forces behind governmental secrecy.

This UFO issue may end with stiff upper lip not a jaw dropping, gobsmacked stupid look on our faces.

Don’t expect that you’ll get the news from even the paranormal shows but instead you might get it via such venues as Facebook or Twitter or some new social networking technology as communication technologies expand. 

Some old concepts may fall and new ones rise.  The absurd may become the canon.

A new surprise in my UFO hunting

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Sometimes you just don’t know where a great lead will come from in UFOlogy.

I can’t go into major details here because the latest tsunami of information is so important that I’m going to have to pass the data I’ve received to more professional UFOlogists who will easily be able to confirm my data and expand on it.

This is one of those lucky shots like the old Davey Crockett legend where he had a bear and a mountain lion attacking at the same time, had only one bullet so he shot at a rock that was between the two, the bullet split in half and hit both critters and Crockett went on to fight another day.

The way I got this info was by just sitting down with a nice person I’d seen around for some time and we just started jawin’ in up a might and lo and behold the dam broke. 

This is why it’s so difficult to write this book The UFO Mafia because whenever I figure I’m done, something else just pops in.  In the past 6 months alone two or three new developments have emerged.

This new information not only names names but does so in a way that a huge hole in regard to UFO secrecy has not only been exposed but the interrelated data is so vast it’s undeniable.  It was sitting there all along but we just didn’t have names.  Now that we do it’s way too much data for one person to process.  I wouldn’t say it’s a Rosetta Stone but it’s like a big piece of it.

So stay tuned.

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