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Fox News Covers Russian UFO Disclosures

In a surprising news twist it’s now official that recent Russian X Files have gotten the eye of the mainstream news. Fox News posted this story on their coverage of the issue and it’s a story that will knock your socks off.

For half a decade there have been numerous reports regarding UFOs and bodies of water. Author Ivan T. Sanderson pioneered this research in his books. Now this story that focuses on some amazing details in which Russian military and civilians encountered similar incidents but in one of these incidents people lost their lives.

The news media often makes light of UFO stories and unfortunately this time it’s not funny and Fox News didn’t approach it with the typical condescending nature we’ve come to expect from the mainstream news.

This may be a chilling but positive turn of events.

You can discuss this in the new UFO Mafia Forum by clicking here.

Elmwood, Minnesota Celebrating UFO Encounters…Party on!

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Elmwood Minnesota Celebrates UFOs

If you’re in the vicinity of Elmwood, Minnesota you might want to drop in on the good folks there to help them celebrate their anniversary of several UFO incidents that occurred there in the 1970’s.

According to an article by the Andy Rathbun of the Pioneer Press, the folks in Elmwood will be putting on quite a shindig this weekend.

We Americans will make a celebration out of any event, good or bad. These UFO events keep on cropping up as people find them quite the smart way to generate capital and nowadays capital needs to be generated.

Add to all that the community spirit these growing events cultivate. Stories get told, recipes get invented, all good things emerging from these events from the unknown.

UFOs may not be saints, but where they land, miracles occur.

( I might get in trouble for that last line! )

Did An UFO Leave Melted Glass In An 1884 Nebraska Incident?

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UFO Leaves Green Glass Residue

Here’s something you don’t see everyday, some reported physical trace remnant from an alleged UFO landing back in
1884 in Benkelman, Nebraska.

We’ll see what the large piece of green glass like substance is once analyzed but what’s extra special is that it’s from
an incident from 1884. Who knows what else is lying around in vaults and as I once joked years ago that we do have
physical evidence from UFO cases that some people use as paperweights, doorstops, and jewelry.

Anyone know of this Benkleman, Nebraska UFO story from 1884?

If anyone has a news article on it, it most likely will be good ol’ Jan Aldrich of “Project 1947”. Jan has diligently spent
his own time, money, and resources to collect the world’s largest repository of UFO news articles going back several
centuries. Check out his site to see some of the UFO stories that may have ocurred where you live.

The UFO Mafia Message Board Forum!

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Okay gang, the UFO Mafia message board and forum is almost ready so you can click here for it. Bear with me while I tweak the theme and add the necessary forum topics. Bookmark for now.

You’ll be able to discuss UFOs without any arguments and ridicule. Also hopefully events and books and videos regarding UFOs will be posted to keep you up to date on the topic.

Awesome Apollo Moon Missions Website!

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For all of us who grew up or worked on the Apollo missions, this website has it all. Even data straight from the astronauts themselves.

Apollo Moon Missions Website

On this anniversary of the first manned mission to the moon this is a great site to look at one of the most miraculous adventures ever undertaken by mankind.

The sheer will power, national effort, and downright courage it took to plan, man, and bring home each and every astronaut is just phenomenal. The test pilots and astronauts and technicians who gave their lives to get us to the Moon and in the space program should not be forgotten. These missions proved that when we set our minds to it, we can do anything.

What’s wild is that the entire computing power on those ships doesn’t even match what we have in the average cell phone nowadays.

More Amazing Crop Circle News

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Giant 300ft long crop circle formed in Wiltshire barley field

For years now crop circles have fascinated the public as these often massive formations seem to have no culprits. Sure several pranksters have been caught or have admitted to some of these formations but it’s easy to tell when they’re made by a few people with planks and rope. This latest feature is gigantic, about the size of a football field and no one was seen making it. That’s a constant with these monstrous sized crop circles because no one short of a small army could make them fast enough without someone detecting them.

Some of these crop circles are so massive and intricate that one wonders what devices do we have and what technologies do we have that could produce them. My first impression is that they’re somehow created by satellite, pranksters at the controls in some secret bunker or government lab that get a kick out of ribbing us mere mortals.

Well Colin Andrews, the foremost authority on crop circles is updating me on this phenom and his data is growing more alarming with each communique’. I’ll keep you all posted on the latest but make sure to go to his website at:

Colin Andrews’ crop circle website

What Have UFOs Given Us?

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Here we are during the 60+ anniversary of the Roswell incident.

In all these years I had to think of what UFOs have given us as
a collective culture. Sure stories of extraterrestrials in fiction
have existed and most notably the most famous alien of them
all, Superman, have permeated the culture and become icons.

Yet Superman was created over a decade earlier than the
UFO/flying saucer wave of the late 1940s and look at pop
culture now as well as science and news and history.

The concept of extraterrestrials was alive and profitable before
Roswell but the witnessing and testifying of interaction with
real craft and beings came much later in volume although there
have been stories of such since who knows when.

Art, music, film, television, print, radio, internet all benefit from
the interest in UFOs and the notion of extraterrestrials. The
subject makes money for everyone except the guys and gals
who do the grunt work researching the phenomenon.

I sat here the past few weeks putting together my comic book
art to do proposals for the comics publishers and realized the
bulk of the characters were extraterrestrials.

Seems like those space aliens are still popular.

I had to stop and realize how much our imaginations have
been stimulated by the concepts involved with UFOs and ETs
and wondered where we’d be in industry, science, etc. had
there been no major UFO/flying saucer phenom.

I felt kind of lonely contemplating that.

The subject sparks the imagination and produces some darn
good products and that may be the biggest benefit of all that
it’s a subject with some sort of causality loop that feeds back
on itself every few years and stimulates more minds to pursue
scientific and historical research.

I think the subject enriches us even with the naysayers and
fringe folk. In this regard UFOs are a good thing.

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