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This is a well done but brief news story regarding a UFO sighting or Close Encounter of the First Kind in Niagara Falls. The piece has a video which you can see below taken that night as well as pictures of the object. It’s nice to see a news story about UFOs that doesn’t get derogatory or flippant. You can read the WKBW news story and watch the broadcast by clicking this link.


Video of UFO might be top secret US Aurora Jet

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Here’s a surprising video of an alleged UFO spotted over a shopping center at the Dudley’s Hill Shopping Centre in the UK.

The cellphone video shows a triangular craft in surprising detail soaring over the city.

A man named Jamie Gardner from Wolverhampton. The video was submitted to the Express and Star website and the video can be seen above.

At first the video looks very interesting but then moves towards what I will say is some form of special effects application. I’ve seen thousands of UFO videos and pictures and having been a special effects aficionado and having worked on various special effects systems I’d bet the morning stirabout that this is indeed a special effects construct.

I’m sure there’ll be a tsunami of UFO enthusiasts that won’t agree with me but the first thing I do when I see a UFO story, video, or picture is not to get excited. Just take deep breath and look at it objectively. I’m sure optics experts like Dr. Bruce Maccabee will give this video their professional perusal and I’ll post what I can here.

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City councillor for Winchester in Hampshire, England, Councillor Adrian Hicks, Takes Stand On UFOs

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Now this is one the wildest UFO stories ever. It centers around a city councillor of Winchester in Hampshire, England named Adrian Hicks who professes to have seen an alien woman walking along a busy street in broad daylight. He even states in this video clip that others saw her and even took pictures as one might have suspected. It’s one of those stories you just toss out the window with the bath water because it sounds so absurd. For the sake of investigating a UFO, extraterrestrial report, we’ll follow this story here to see how it unfolds and hopefully the data gleaned will bring to light any validity or mischievous doings afoot.

This story was brought to my attention by noted British cerealogist Colin Andrews who is renowned for his study of the enigmatic crop circle phenomenon. I’m one to jab good Colin when he sends me these stories as I’m familiar with the cousins over there who are good for a lark now and then. Colin seems to believe the councillor so we’ll see what shakes from this tree.

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Strange Halo UFO Formation Seen Over Moscow

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Mystery UFO Halo photographed in cloud formation over Moscow

Here’s a tidbit from the infamous Sun newspaper. Usually best taken with a grain of salt, this story is in regards to pictures an video of an unusual halo type formation detected in the clouds over Moscow. The official story is that it’s part of a weather manifestation and we’ll wait to see how this all pans out.

Click this link to read the full story.

Was a UFO captured in a video of an Iranian missile test?

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UFO Captured In Video Of Iran’s Missile Test?

Now this video is one of those videos that catches one’s eye.

It’s of a supposed Iranian missile test of a short range missile. During the video an object traveling at incredible speeds tears through a cloud leaving the cloud itself shorn in two from the object’s passing.

UFOlogists have read and heard reports of UFOs interacting with missiles and weapons tests since the dawn of UFOlogy and Iran has had a long history of interaction with military craft and ordinance and UFOs. Some of the best documented UFO accounts have taken place in Iran.

So why Iran? It’s surmised that these UFOs have been secret devices of U.S. or Israeli origin and may well be so but this time there’s video. You can bet if this video is authentic it will be studied extensively.

UFOs are a big subject of interest in Iran. I can tell you because the web traffic this blog The UFO Mafia gets does indeed come from Iran and in one case one of the articles I’ve written here actually appeared on Iran’s top newspaper website The Iran Times. Something is going on in Iran and has been for a very long time.


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