Sydney Australia Woman Photographs UFOs

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Sydney, Australia Woman Photographs UFO And Orbs

In a story coming from the land down under, a woman named Fiona Hartigan has presented a photograph of a reported UFO and two spheres she says accompanied it.

You can read her story and the latest data her at the The Daily Telegraph by clicking this link.

What’s most important about this story is that not only did this woman have the courage to come forward, but it augments the importance of having one’s camera at the ready.

With the expansive use of cell phone and portable handheld cameras about the world, there’s a camera covering probably every acre of land save for Antarctica.

Sooner or later more photos will emerge of these strange objects.


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Well more interesting UFO news is abuzz and that’s regarding a series of sightings in Cleveland, Ohio that have gone on now at a regular basis as of this report for nine nights around the same time in the evening about 7-7:30 pm their time.

Blogs and videos and of course news services and YouTube are carrying video and reports of these sightings that consist of a series of lights and a regular pattern and appearance.

Exciting yes, but one must let cooler heads prevail and as one can see in the news report above, the proper procedure that has been taken by the news crew. They contact the witnesses via the reports, they contact the authorities to get their responses, not having received an explanation the incidents remain as UFO reports.

That simple.

See that’s what this is all about. People witness something in the sky and ponder what it is. They ask the authorities and the authorities are by law suppose to provide the citizens with an answer. If the authorities don’t know, it’s up to them to engage in an investigation as they are stewards of our resources.

This is how things were at the beginning of the UFO era in the 1940’s when people around the nation were wondering if the then termed “flying saucers” were vehicles or weapons from a foreign power. Mind you it was our own government that put forth the proposal, in public and on the news, that they might be of interplanetary, extraterrestrial origin. In those days government answered to the people like you see it being done in this story. Simple civic procedure, all sides teaming up to investigate a phenomena.

That’s how it’s supposed to be.

So we’ll all have to sit back and keep an eye as to what unfolds and what the source of these sightings turn out to be. With their frequency it’s only a matter of time before one or more of us comes up with enough clear data to make a conclusion.

Monday, March 14, 2010 tune in to for major UFO debate

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Monday March 14, 2010 Jeff Rense will have controversial guest Robert Willingham who claims to be a retired colonel and eyewitness to ufo crash sites while working with the Pentagon from the 1940s-1960s. His account is online for free at Sightings the new 24/7 UFO website. Mr. Willingham whose adventures are recounted in a new book is the center of much debate regarding his credentials. Experts in UFOlogy are questioning his paperwork and on Monday Mr. Willingham will be put to another test. I myself have experts in document authentication and military administrative history and procedures who will be at my call when Willingham’s new documentation arrives. If just one or more documents proves to be authentic then that bolsters his claims and the next phase of confirmation will take place.

Some UFOlogists have complained we’re beating up on the 87 year old gentleman but this is the new UFOlogy. I for one must stick to standard procedures and confirm as best I can any data. No witch hunt here, just good old fashioned research backed by facts not innuendo, fantasy, or propaganda. If you say something you had better be able to back it up within reason.

UFO reporting is difficult for many reasons the top one being ridicule and retribution. Anyone standing up is to be congratulated but those pulling charades and shenanigans should be prepared to meet their just desserts by we who do not tolerate such nonsense.

Sure it’s fun to pull a prank and there’s no law against it but when you involve the credibility of others, compromise their civil birthrights and worse, then you will have to pay the piper from now on.

So sit back and let the suspense hitcha’. Monday is gonna be a wild ride from 7-10pm Pacific time. Listen live for free at CLICK HERE TO TUNE IN AT RENSE.COM


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Well for all you long time UFO aficionados you’ll remember Jeff Rense’s “Sightings” website. Since 1994 it was the top spot for UFO reporting and radio. Jeff has revived the site so that you can get the latest UFO news, pictures, movies, video, radio, and interviews. It’s the one stop shop for everything UFOs and your’s truly has been appointed the forum moderator there. It’s an honor and privilege to be along with Jeff and long time respected UFO researcher Brian Vike.

The day before the site went up, Jeff broke one of the most important stories in UFO history. A retired Air Force Colonel got on the air live and disclosed that it was his job as part of the Pentagon’s investigation team regarding UFOs to examine UFO crash sites! No one ever has come forward with as much information and it’s shaking the halls of UFOlogy. His name is Col. Robert Willingham (ret) and you can listen to his radio interview for free on the website.

Problems getting a checking account? A victim of Chexsystems?

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Problems getting a checking account? 100% approval, no Chex Systems!

I found this on the web while setting up my Ebay site. It’s for people who need a checking account but have problems. It’s 100% approval and they even give you checks, a prepaid VISA debit card and more. They partner with PayPal so it’s easy to use.

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