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Well, lots has been going on in the UFO field. Mostly more reports and surprisingly large amounts of sightings from the British Commonwealth nations. Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia have reports pouring in on a daily basis. Considering the British Ministry of Defense has stated that UFOs are no threat, mirroring what the United States has said for decades, it’s a bother that people have no where to turn officially to voice their concerns about UFOs.

The other day NASA had a press conference regarding their plans for searching for extraterrestrial life. They’ve not updated their website as of this posting regarding the conference so tabloid papers like The Sun from the UK posted articles claiming that the U.S. has found evidence of life on Mars. That story states life in microbial form is evident but no official announcement from NASA has been issued. I doubt very highly, almost certainly that the U.S. will never admit to extraterrestrial life in any form any time soon nor will it’s allies nor enemies.

I’ve mentioned this anomaly before. Legend has it that the U.S. is behind a global conspiracy to conceal the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth but that doesn’t excuse why our enemies wouldn’t make the declaration that they do exist. We know for a fact that the issue of UFOs has and still is of super top secret concern for the U.S. and our so called enemy states like Iran, China, Venezuela which all have daily UFO reports coming in have yet to post any disclosures. That’s curious in that they know it would upset the apple cart of U.S. policy and force the U.S. government’s hand in addressing the issue.

Curiouser and curiouser.

So at present the private sector and independent news services have to take the bulk of public concerns and collect UFO reports and data. This helps in that significant reports end up in that realm and not hidden behind government screens. That’s the wild card right there. At any given moment a new and astounding report can come through and go viral on the web and gum up the works.

As attractive as these accounts may be we still need to do the science, the raw investigation and not fall prey to sensationalism. My first rule of UFO investigation is “Never get excited about a UFO report.”. That keeps one’s analysis on an even keel and not subject to foolhardy steps.

So at best, keep an eye out for news reports and participate with the investigators.

There is one danger, a growing danger, the privatization of UFOlogy wherein the best reports get bought up and sequestered thus depriving the public of valuable data.

In these times of global upheaval we need all the data we can get.


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This must have been some sight for folks out in the midwest.

When these meteors roll in at this speed and this size they put on quite a show and often shake folks up.

You can see several videos and pictures of this fireball, meteor by clicking this link

Incoming search terms:

  • bigfoot sightings map

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