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I thought I’d heard it all up until now.

That UFO abductees had all sorts of disorders and then
that abductees were reliving past life stuff and that there
was post prenatal configurations of the unconscious mind.

Now here’s a new one:


Yes, you read that right, mosquitoes. That UFO abductees
are actually experiencing latent memories of mosquito
bites. That when mosquitoes bite they create a psychological
cascade of unconscious fears that pile up and up and manifest
as delusions so real that we can’t tell the difference.

The similarities of bug eyed aliens with long probes extracting
fluids is so traumatizing that the mind fills in the blanks,
exaggerates and since some mosquito bites can cause
delirium like as in malaria, abductees are misinterpreting the
mosquito intrusions.

Now we know mosquitoes have been the number one cause
of death of humans since who knows when as they carry any
number of diseases and do transmit genetic material from
other animals but this explanation just went so over the top
as a grasping of straws that I had to post it.

Has anyone ever heard of this before?


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