UFO Over Malaysian Beach Causes Stir

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UFO Sighting Near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Causes Stir

Here’s an interesting news account of a multiple witness UFO sighting near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. What’s of major interest is that there are reports of cell phone cameras and devices becoming inoperable during the sighting. However some people were able to take pictures of the described blue/green saucer shaped object.

Photos of this UFO are important as they would help exaine and hopefully determine what it is. Another account of this story can be found at the Hyan Metro website, the Malaysian newspaper that broke this story.

More Chinese UFO Videos And Reports

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Here’s a new video of yet another UFO report over China. This video comes via the LA Times. We’ve had recently UFO reports from many of the major mainstream news services which disturbs me. Why? Because anytime the mainstream news jumps on something it’s because some money is to be made or some propoganda is to be pushed. In regard to UFOlogy, why the sudden interest? Because the economy is so rotten they’re covering the news that does make money. You the public makes the UFO issue so popular for almost two decades on the internet and Hollywood and TV have made billions from the subject.

However, you won’t find too many wealthy UFOlogists, the people who actually go out and do the research but that’s another story.

We’ll have to wait for further analysis of these recent UFO sightings in China to determine if any solid data can be presented to the public for evaluation.

More ABC News Reporting On UFO Over China.

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Well this is an additional surprise. ABC News who got lambasted a few years ago by the public and especially UFOlogists for a sloppy report about UFOs has followed up on the latest sighting in China where a UFO was seen and well photographed it appears. This story focuses on China’s official government’s announcement that they will be investigating the situation to see if it’s a real UFO sighting or an elaborate hoax. You can watch the video of the Chinese UFO incident above including pictures of the object in question.

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Well this is more like it. Earthfiles.com has new photos from different perspectives of the UFO reported over that airport in China. This is making this particular UFO case more interesting as the photos are clearer than usual and from different locations gives us the data that this isn’t a hoax but an event where an unusual aerial object appeared, a structured object and multiple witnesses gathered and presented data.

Let’s keep an eye on this story to see how it comes out.

UFO Appears Over Chinese Airport Disrupting Service.

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UFO Over China Disrupts Airport

Okay so there’s news out of mainland China that a UFO appeared over a major airport there and disrupted operations for hours. Given the fact there are over a billion people in China and there are millions of cell phone cameras as well as other cameras only one picture of this object has been presented. No videos of the UFO in China have appeared yet so the jury will be out for some time until more solid evidence arises that investigators can use to solve this mystery.

No Virginia, There Are No Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth

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I know that I will piss off lots of people but this is a prelude to a longer essay pointing out that of this date not one shred of proof has yet come to the table that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth, have visited Earth, or are on their way.

Sure there’s lots of “evidence” but without solid physical proof it’s still just ONE theory as to the origin of SOME UFOs.

What that means is that there are many theories as to the origins of some UFO reports. Theories like this include top secret government craft that we know has been the case several times. That some UFOs have been and are advanced private air and spacecraft that are unregistered. That some UFOs may be life forms we’ve yet to classify.

There are many theories and the most exciting being that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin. That theory alone has spawned more theories and speculation to the point of overwhelm. There are societies, religions, groups that claim to have the inside knowledge and far too many times has led to disaster and fraud. You’ve got to be on your toes for this.

I know there are some who’ll point to the Billy Meier case. A Swiss farmer who years ago presented several startling films, pictures, and books regarding his experiences. Sure it’s all entertaining and amazing but where is the physical proof? If these aliens meant so well it’s certain they’re aware that no one in government and science believes them, so why the stonewalling? It’s simple, they’re either incredibly stupid or they don’t exist. It doesn’t get any more complicated than that.

Oh, the Betty and Barney Hill case? One of the classics of this phenomenon. A couple from America claimed to have been observant of and abducted by extraterrestrials. An exciting case no doubt, but where is the physical proof?

Roswell. The mother of all UFO incidents. Lots of documents, speculation, books, tv, movies, but where is the physical proof?

Not one government, friend nor foe has come forward with any physical proof whatsoever in over 60 years of this phenomenon.

Why? Ask yourself “Why?”.

Now, does this mean that extraterrestrials and/or their mechanisms hasn’t or aren’t visiting Earth? No. What it means is that there is no physical proof to support it as conclusive.

There’s much more and even the trace cases, samples of flora, fauna, soil of areas where a UFO report has occurred are nothing more than evidence that something occurred or affected said at the location of a UFO report.

Let’s get oriented here as we may be missing out on a more prosaic but unsettling theory with far more physical evidence but shunned by even the most fervent UFO fan. That theory I’ll deal with in a longer essay as it would be so disturbing, if true, than any visit by extraterrestrials.

So again, at present, not one iota of proof has emerged to conclude that ETs are in any way, shape, or form a part of our development on Earth. That could change tomorrow or a year from now or a century from now, but as of right now there just isn’t anything. Sorry to hurt the feelings of those awaiting a spectacular landing and the emergence of the “Space Brothers” who’ll bring in a new age of benevolence but that’s so far from the farm there’s no way you can milk the cows.

So stand by for a further dissertation.

In the meantime, when someone says “extraterrestrials did this or that”, ask them to show you the PROOF or keep it in the realm of the anecdotal for now.

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