Having lots of fun with the new UFO MAFIA radio program!

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Well, I’m having lots of fun configuring the new radio program. I want it full featured so that we all can chat and give our opinions and promote your books, websites etc. about the UFO subject. So stay tuned for more and don’t forget you can follow the UFO MAFIA on Titter at:


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With all the arguing and so on that goes on in UFOlogy, I figured I’d save my voice for a trial radio or podcast version talking about UFOs. I might have some guests on etc.

Expect lots of comedy because the only way to keep your sanity is to have a sense of humor.

No I won’t be debunking guests but just emphasizing the absurd and the obvious. Stay tuned for further updates.

Download a free comic book…a test actually

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That link will take you to one of my websites with a mini comic book based on one of my cartoon characters “Evol Baby” about a skateboarding baby that terrorizes people for snacks and goodies. It’s a test to provide free stuff and the site that holds the file has silly games to fill out before the download starts. It’s in pdf format.

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You can now follow The UFO Mafia on Twitter by clicking here!

I’m so busy trying to put out this novel, battle the crazy world and clean up the message board from spammers I didn’t take time to do the Twitter thing.


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Here’s a very interesting UFO news account coming again from China.

In this report, the staff of the Hohhot Air Traffic Management Bureau detected a UFO near Baotou, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region around 8 p.m. Sept, 11.

The incident was of such importance that several planes were ordered to land to avoid a collision with the object.

Not only were some planes ordered to land, others were diverted to other airports, some were ordered to circle the airport until getting clearance to land. Airports Taiyuan and Erdos took on additional diverted flights.

Since the UFO was detected by instrumentation that means an object did exist and was of such importance that these measures to avoid disaster were employed.

We’ll wait for any analysis and resolution to this new and startling story.

You can read the account by clicking here.

UFO over Griffith Park 2007

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Download this video for free here…UFO Griffith Park 2007

Back in 2007 there was a fire in Griffith Park. I shot some footage of it while helicopters were flying around and noticed when I got home there was a bright object in the distance. I uploaded the video to YouTube to see if anyone else saw it. Anyhow, here is the link to the video.

UFO spotted hovering for three hours over Zhejiang Province

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UFO spotted hovering for three hours over Zhejiang Province

Well here’s more on the UFO seen over Zhejiang Province in China. This time with photos and video and a news interview. Still just a blurry/fuzzy thing captured on camera but an update nonetheless.

New UFO Spotted Over China’s Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province

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China’s People’s Daily News Reports New UFO Sighting In Southwestern Haiyan County Of Eastern China’s Zhejiang Province

You can read the full story by clicking here.

According to the report, witnesses tracked the large object for 3 hours. Some reportedly took pictures and video of the object. What’s of special note is that not one but two objects were seen. We’ll wait for any pictures of this UFO over Haiyan County and for the analysis of any pictures or videos.

Read the original report and we’ll wait for more data so that experts can make a sound investigation of the event.

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