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Once in a while a UFO story appears that has some teeth to it.

The recent UFO events over New York City and El Paso, Texas are case-in-point of such.

Here we don’t have one witness but tens of thousands and videos from cell phone cameras
and more and the details they provide invalidate the usual media hyped answers such as
balloons and Chinese Lanterns. In the case of the El Paso videos, we get the above news
clip that states an official projecting the possibility of military aircraft maneuvers. However
the similarity to the New York sightings showed no military aircraft maneuvers.

Not to say something military wasn’t going on, but to put out the incompetent conclusion
that the sightings were balloons is just that, incompetent and lazy to say the least.

UFO stories have been on the rise of recent and the stories coming out of mainland China
are remarkable. The cultural rift is taxing on the UFO investigator but that is lessening by
the day. We’re now gleaning and sharing data at lightning speed and as there are more
English speaking people in China than the U.S. and UK combined, the data is coming through
at such volume that it cannot be ignored nor dismissed.

I’ve always said, the first thing to do about a UFO event or story is to not get excited. It
can cloud your thoughts and actions. Take a deep breath, gather yourself and study the
raw data and make no conclusions until you’re able to compare that data. This prevents
leaps to conclusions of the imagination and instead allows us to focus our collective
processing abilities to uncovering the truth be it prosaic or paranormal.

UFOs over New York?

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UFOs Over New York?

Well, like the lyrics of that John Lennon song, there was quite a stir today as UFOs appeared over New York.

The explanations are fast as supposed balloons, but nothing conclusive has rolled in yet so we’ll have to wait to
see what happens next.

Here are two strories with videos and pictures regard this UFO incident over New York on October 13, 2010.

Video of UFO over New York, October 13, 2010

Man labeled as jensenmatchett posted a video on YouTube that caused quite a stir. Caution this video has profanity. See it by clicking here

Incoming search terms:

  • hicks lake bc

Video of UFO over Barrow, UK

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At least with this story there’s a video of a UFO captured by a man walking his dog. You can read the story and see the picture and video of this Close Encounter by clicking HERE.

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