Comedian Michael Rayner

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Who says UFOs can’t be fun? Sometimes we UFOlogists have to take a break and get in some laughs. Here’s a comedian named Michael Rayner whom many of you have seen on TV like on the David Letterman Show. Michael does a juggling act as well as other funny shticks on stage. We saw him at the popular “Cartoon Dump” live comedy show in Hollywood on Monday. So this video has nothing to do with UFOs but at least it’s funny!

Videos Of UFO Over Lafayette, Colorado

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Well another multiple witness Close Encounter of the First Kind has occurred over Lafayette, Colorado.

Here you can see a couple of videos taken by different people that shows a triangular formation of lights
that suggest a triangular object flying slowly through the sky. This similar type of formation and object has
been reported for decades and as usual the authorities aren’t open about it to citizen’s requests which by law
they are mandated to do.

We’ll have to wait for the analysis of the videos to get an idea of what this object or objects are and until then
it’s best to follow my number 1 rule regarding any UFO story: Don’t get excited.

Wait until the professional analysis comes in and then we can catalog it with the other sightings. It’s a good thing
people at large now have pocket cameras and these residents of the area were sharp to whip out their cameras
and capture the event.

Good lookin’ out there Coloradans.

1953 Movie: Invaders From Mars

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1953 Movie: Invaders From Mars

Last night I indulged myself by watching one of my favorite classic UFO movies called “Invaders From Mars”. It was produced in 1953, directed by William Cameron Menzies, written by Richard Blake, and starred Helena Carter, Arthur Franz, and Jimmy Hunt.

This movie, Invaders From Mars is a favorite amongst friends and family as it would be re-released in theaters while I was growing up and at the drive-ins. The television commercials were eerie as the trailer had all the elements that would make a kid want to make a bee line to the movies. It broke a lot of ground in the Martian invasion, UFO and flying saucer genres.

It featured then, what many today call the alien abduction phenomenon almost 15 years before the famous Barney and Betty Hill story that appeared in LOOK magazine in the early 1960s. The story had all the elements, people kidnapped, implants put into people’s brains, government conspiracies and the coolest, eeriest looking alien overlord type that still stands up today regarding make up and special effects. Invaders From Mars was way ahead of it’s time and on a modest filming budget still has the chills and surrealism the film achieved even in today’s high definition age.

Great plot, lots of heroic action and focuses on the story of a young boy who sees a flying saucer land in a field near his home. Soon, people begin disappearing and return with strange behavior and the boy, David, notices they’ve got a mark on the backs of their necks. David ends up at the police station after a neighborhood girl is abducted and sets fire to her home. David’s father and the girl’s father both work on a top secret project at a nearby base as do several of the people in the town. At the station David’s wild story of flying saucers and strange people puts him in a cell where a beautiful health care worker played by Helena Carter arrives and takes pity on the boy. David’s parents arrive, now under the power of the Martians to retrieve him but Dr. Pat Blake (Carter), refuses. Soon the police chief and some military brass are under the Martian’s control and it’s up to Dr. Carter, David, and Dr. Stuart Kelston, played by Arthur Franz, to race against time to alert the authorities and thwart the Martians. Yes, Invaders From Mars has it all except the mush.

If you haven’t seen Invaders From Mars you’re missing out. Yes there was a remake in the 1980s which was faithful to the original but the 1953 classic can’t be touched. I bring this up because I’ve seen several edited versions of this movie over the years and didn’t realize that it had been altered several times. There are several with different endings, one that was way ahead of the Twilight Zone and EC Comics ironic-twist-at-the-end formula, but in the version I saw last night on Netflix, there was an added scene I had not known existed and it blew me away.

In this version of Invaders From Mars, the filmmakers added footage to explain the area of UFOlogy and it was quite alarming. The sequence takes place amongst the three principal characters of David, Dr. Blake, and Dr. Kelston who runs the local observatory where Jimmy, an amateur astronomer likes to frequent. Kelston it turns out had been studying UFOs and goes into a lengthy, quite accurate and broad explanation about UFOs that looks like one of those 1950s educational films. I mean he really goes into depth to the point he actually makes a convincing argument for the alien visitation or extraterrestrial hypothesis. He covers the infamous “Lubbock Lights” story with photos, the case of Capt. Thomas F. Mantell of the Kentucky Air National Guard whose plane crashed while in pursuit of a UFO in January 1948. A highly publicized case at the time as theories of “death rays” were tossed about as an explanation to Mantell’s death. Not all the data in this particular scene is accurate science and has some speculation that by today’s standards of UFOlogy might not hold up but it’s amazing that the producers went to such lengths with this particular segment. In addition, there is something in this movie that most miss. At no time do the “invaders” state that they’re from outer space! It’s the military and the scientists who assume so. In a scene where the invaders are asked about their leader, the creepy bodiless octopus head in a bubble, the invaders state that their leader is the epitome of human evolution. Note, didn’t say “Martian”. Get the picture yet?

That added footage came after the main story had been filmed and one can see that the character David had grown a bit during the time period. This scene is just the extra punch that makes Invaders From Mars that must-have UFO movie alongside such classics as “Unidentified Flying Objects: The True Story Of Flying Saucers”, “The Bamboo Saucer”, and “Earth vs The Flying Saucers” featuring the great Ray Harryhausen’s special effects.

So hunt around for the version of Invaders From Mars that I’m mentioning which according to the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) which you can read by clicking HERE. I won’t go into the endings of the three versions, American, European, and re-edited American versions as the endings are a surprise. So do yourself a treat and hunt for all three versions and enjoy a classic in UFO culture that stands the test of time.

Here you can see the original theatrical trailer for Invaders From Mars:

Here you can see a tribute to the movie and it’s eerie musical score. One of the scariest music scores as it’s deceptive. It starts off in some form of military march but soon evolves into a melody that suggests hidden mystery and a haunting otherworldly menace.

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Remember gang, you can join the UFO MAFIA’s FACEBOOK page! Just reminding….

UFOs and Japan’s Damaged Nuclear Power Plants

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As you may know by now that one of the concerns regarding the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, is about the country’s damaged nuclear power plants.

As of present four of these plants not only shut down but two are in a higher state of alert and some venting of radioactive gas has occurred. I bring this up in the UFO field as it’s been noticed that on occasion UFOs are seen near nuclear power plants when disasters happen. Some quite startling UFO or flying saucer events happened at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Sightings of UFOs has occurred at nuke plants worldwide including a few highly publicized events at the Indian Point Nuclear power plant on the Hudson River back in the 1980s.

So you sharp eyed UFOlogists out there keep an eye peeled and ear to the ground for civilian issued reports of UFOs prior to and during this Japanese earthquake and tsunami as well as nuclear power plant damage issue.

Live Video Of Earthquake Japan Thanks to BBC

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Thank goodness you can get live breaking news video of the latest earthquake in Japan. The BBC website link will take you there. Also, there is a pop up video window that you can watch the live feed.

Analysis Of UFO Video In Devon, England

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Well another high profile UFO video has surfaced that has the web all abuzz. It shows a flying saucer hovering and traveling between some trees in Devon, England.
You can see this video of the UFO in Devon, England below.

As you can see it’s a good video and I would have to call this UFO video from Devon, England a fake for two reasons. One, I use and work with CGI and it has that signature all over it. Two, you see the object surrounded by trees and it shoots straight up into the air at an astounding speed and doesn’t disturb the trees surrounding it. That’s just too obvious. These UFO videos that pop up now and then on YouTube are really good but all you need do is pass them by experts in the special effects and computer animation field and they can spot them for what they are right off the bat. So again, my rule about any UFO story or sighting is that do NOT get excited. That’s your worse enemy. Instead analyze it carefully and if you can, pass it by some experts in special effects and there are lots of them on the web nowadays. All you need do is just search for their forums and ask them politely to examine them. They’ll not only tell you what it is but which software was used to achieve the effects.

NASA Scientist Reveals Evidence Of Extraterrestrial Life Found In Meteorite

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NASA Scientists Reveals Evidence Of Extraterrestrial Life Found In Meteorite


Extraterrestrial life in a meteorite

One of my rules regarding UFO stories and extraterrestrial stories is not to get too excited until the proof comes in. In this case, FOX news is reporting that a NASA scientist named Dr. Richard B. Hoover, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center has declared in the March edition of the Journal of Cosmology that he’s convinced that he’s found fossilized extraterrestrial life in a meteorite.

To back up his claim, Dr. Hoover presented findings from a special meteorite called a C/1 carbonaceous chondrite, one of only nine such meteorites to exist on Earth so far. He used an electron microscope as part of his examination process to find extraterrestrial life in a meteorite and he may have hit paydirt.

His theory is that he’s actually found extraterrestrial life in a meteorite and that the fossilized remains are due to the meteorite coming from a parent body such as another planet, asteroid or moon and somehow ended up crashing into the Earth.

Proof of extraterrestrial life

In order for Dr. Hoover to provide proof of extraterrestrial life he’ll have to go through the most stringent of critical analysis ever seen and that’s what’s been going on according to this story. He’s not found one example of fossilized organisms but several varieties. However, that’s not proof of extraterrestrial life yet. That’s why the Journal of Cosmology invited a large number of scientists, probably the largest ever assembled to examine Dr. Hoover’s results to see if he indeed has provided proof of extraterrestrial life.

So sit tight folks as it’s going to be awhile before this new discovery gets the final green light millions have been waiting for.

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UK Releases More MoD UFO Classified Documents

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Well, the UK government released more declassified Ministry of Defense files regarding UFOs. In the package of latest documents are the usual sightings, speculations etc.. No major revelations of alien contact or messages for mankind. What critics are pointing out are missing are any files on the infamous Rendelsham Forest UFO case.

Nike Pope a former office for the MoD and who has kindly posted here on The UFO Mafia blog, is touring the news circuits around the globe discussing these new released documents. No one is more an authority on this subject than Nick Pope and he always delivers an eloquent and balanced anaylsis so that experts and common folk can understand.

As these new documents are examined it would be advisable to study Mr. Pope’s analysis and his general UFO coverage as well as books, lectures, and public appearances by visiting his website at

You can read the story covered by the BBC by clicking here.

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