UFO Reported Over Moscow, Video And Photos During Putin Election Rally

December 13, 2011 on 4:47 am | In Close Encounter Of The First Kind, NEWS, UFO PICTURES, UFO VIDEOS, UFOlogy, UFOs, Unidentified Flying Object | No Comments

Well this was a surprise as this story has witnesses and lots of photos and videos.

Russia as you may have heard or read is going through a wild election period. To add to all the confusion, fighting, and protesting, a UFO appears above the throngs at Bolotnaya Square.

You can see the original video here.

After some professional analysis we’ll see what is made of these images. Because so many people were present and so many devices were used to capture images it should be easy to dismiss special effects and zero in on what type of craft this is. At first glance it looks to be some sort of hovering observational platform with rotor blades. Might well be the case but it’s still a UFO. Again I emphasize UFO reports need not immediately be assumed as having an extraterrestrial origin. We need to get out of that knee-jerk reaction to reports. So let’s wait to see what the experts dig up.

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