Soooo Explorers Say They’ve Found UFO In Baltic Sea?

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Explorers Find Strange Object On Floor of Baltic Sea

We need to get this story straight right now as it’s gone out of proportion as most UFO stories do.

First of all the explorers in question cannot find a UFO underwater. An UFO is an Unidentified Flying object, this object found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea in 275 feet of water obviously isn’t flying. Not only do we have that problem but because the object has a shape similar to the fictional spaceship the “Millenium Falcon” made famous in the “Star Wars” movies, mixed signals are occurring all over the place.

The explorers haven’t even done a full survey of the object in any way shape or form other than depth and size. It’s only sonar traces that has them curious at present and the story of course went from “large unidentified sea floor anomaly” to “secret UFO spaceship”.

It’s gotten so bad that even ABC News is covering the story.

In this case it’s good they did as they do point out that the explorers are looking for money to further explore.

Yeahhhh, you got it.

More like they’re looking for some sunken treasure or some other valuable and are coming up with a bullshit line to sucker people in.

Remember, we’re way past the point of mere UFO stories. No more mysteries and nonsense, fork over the proof.

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Russian Probe Allegedly Found Life On Venus

January 23, 2012 on 7:31 am | In Exobiology, extraterrestrial, NEWS | No Comments

Did Russian Probe in 1982 Find Life On Venus?

Well before things get out of hand as usual, there’s a story out stating that the Russians or then the Soviet Union found evidence of life on Venus when one of their probes sent back pictures of what appear to be human-like figures and other objects.

Of course there are no photos to go by, no analysis by professionals but it sure made the front page of the

Matt Drudge is good at posting news about UFOs and that is more than what the mainstream news will do but I’m beginning to think there’s a good reason why mainstream news won’t cover UFOs and that’s because the levels of deceptions, con men, hostility, and worse.

As a person who worked for mainstream news, the biggest newspaper syndicate in the U.S. and other major media where UFO events occurred with journalists present, there’s a stone wall in these matters to the point of useless pursuit.

So unless there is physical proof of a UFO claim my suggestion is to wait. Avoid the nonsense.

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