Getting a car accident lawyer in Detroit

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Getting a car title loan in San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio, Texas is a booming city even in today’s economy. There are top museums, attractions, businesses and entertainment. The night life isn’t bad either. It can cost a good buck to live there and now and then one might find oneself in need of a few bucks and that’s why you should check out Vehicle title loans San Antonio. Just roll in there and get that extra cash you need to tide you over until things get better. Even if it’s for that sure thing you need to handle that pops up out of the blue, you’ll want that extra money just in case and that’s why checking out Vehicle title loans San Antonio should do the trick.

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Car accident in Seattle?

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The city of Seattle is a wonderful place with scenic mountains, great attractions and all sorts of cultural places to be. You’ll find people traveling all over the region taking in the sites and fun. Now and then there might be that unpleasant situation where a car accident occurs. In that event you’ll want to contact a car accident lawyer Seattle like the Shawver Law Firm. Certainly we all want to be cautious when it comes to driving down the road but we’re not perfect which is why when it comes to those unfortunate car accidents from fender benders to those more serious you can count on a car accident lawyer Seattle like that of the Shawver Law Firm.

Getting some needed cash in Kissimee, Florida

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If you live in the beautiful Kissimmee, Florida area you’ll no doubt be aware of the fun times to be had there. Tourists flock there to take in the sunny weather and residents enjoy the sites as well. That lifestyle might call for some extra cash and if you’re a car owner you might entertain the idea title loans in Kissimmee. That’s right, if you’re pinched for cash for any reason and own your own car you can easily get that extra money you need for whatever reasons you choose. So when you’re thinking in these terms you’ll need to consider title loans in Kissimmee. Don’t go without what you need and deserve when the answer is right behind the wheel.

How’s the money shakin’ in Savannah?

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Take a look at these title loan options

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Vero Beach is pretty enough with the sunny skies, serene sand and waves but just imagine trying to enjoy the place with no money. That’s why getting your own wheels is essential and the place to go for title loans Vero Beach is right here. You’ll find that with the variety of cars available that you can feel that call of the wild to drive around the beautiful scenery and if not for sight seeing then for the practical purposes. That means you’ll need the right loans to make things go right. So don’t miss out on these title loans Vero Beach opportunities.


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The study of UFOs is a vast one comprising not only the modern age of related items but also those of the distant past. One can study UFOs for years and get boggled down with a wide variety of opinions and theories but the important question remains that of where is all the UFO evidence?

Actually there is a mass amount of UFO evidence ranging from UFO photos, UFO videos, eyewitness accounts, trace cases which are physical effects on the surrounding environment where a UFO sighting has occurred, scientific and government documents and untold news stories.

First, the best form of evidence is that of something physical, however it is the most elusive. As of this date no concrete evidence supporting the extraterrestrial hypothesis exists. Many people have claimed they have in their possession an alien fingernail, skin samples, vomit, you name it but none have been proven conclusive. Debris from reported crash sites still come up inconclusive even after having been through a battery of tests. This form of evidence is the most prized yet just because none have been proven doesn’t mean none exists. It is very expensive to have tests done on such materials and the average person and cash strapped UFOlogist just can’t flow enough money for the detailed analysis such a claim would call for.

As for UFO videos and pictures they’re in abundance, however, with the advent of modern day computer wizardry it is very difficult for the average person to tell reality from deception. Nowadays up and coming special effects artists know that they can gain international fame by faking a UFO video. It has become quite common for there to be several posted on such sites as YouTube. Once said videos go viral it causes confusion within the professional UFO community. This is why the hardcore UFO researchers lean on photographic evidence prior to the days of Photoshop and other software. The classic photos and films are easier to analyze and have history to back them up.

As for other forms of UFO evidence there are official government documents that have emerged over the decades. Some directly from the US government and other governments and some through exhausting Freedom of Information Act legal recourse. Documents emerge with some tantalizing data but the overwhelming majority are “blacked out” or edited when in regard to the United States. Over the years such dramatic documents as the “MJ Twelve” which stands for “Majestic Twelve” have emerged and are still the subject of great debate. These documents emerged in the mid 1980s and comprise extensive and detailed data pertaining to a control group of twelve men from the military and civilian scientific communities that were charged with handling the UFO phenomenon. Since the original documents have yet to be found there can be no forensic investigation but the dates and actions and associations of the men listed have been examined and data gleaned that supports the theory that the group did exist.

Trace cases are the best UFO evidence we have to date because we can examine the ground, the soil, flora, and fauna to see if they’ve been effected somehow by the presence of a reported UFO. Witnesses who’ve reported a UFO on their front lawn can have a researcher examine it to see if any sign of the presence of a UFO is present. Changes in plant or animals, soil, are tested and evaluated to determine the changes and what could have caused such changes. Some people can be affected too with reports of burns, skin rashes, blindness, hearing loss and more. Often looked for are radiation burns or chemical affects. This evidence is highly valuable and should not be overlooked.

Eyewitness testimony gets an unfair look when discussing UFO evidence. There is nothing short of 100s of thousands if not millions of reports from highly accredited people ranging from heads of state to top scientists, military personnel and more. A person’s vantage point, education, and evaluation of an event and then through recall comes into question here. Certainly some people haven’t the best of memories and in a state of heightened alert might not process information sharply, however, human beings have been in situations of such alert since the dawn of time especially in combat situations and fared quite well. So the value of UFO evidence from a witness is on a case by case basis and best evaluated by a professional.

Overall, no one can say there isn’t enough UFO evidence. All they can say is that none of it is conclusive as of yet. There is every bit of evidence in abundance save for physically examined data that concludes something extraterrestrial is afoot.


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Sit back readers. I was going to bow out of this UFO stuff because of various reasons but as soon as you think you’re out, they pull you back in.

That’s a reference to the line delivered by Academy Award winning actor Al Pacino in the movie “The Godfather Part III”.

First of all, I’m a researcher. I worked in the mainstream news industry for many years for the Gannet News Service, the biggest in the country. I was stationed in the Hudson Valley at one of the oldest newspapers in the country. We had so many UFO reports it was at times overwhelming. Often the sightings were dismissed as people flying light aircraft and in particular from one club. I know the reporter who covered that story and the police officer who reported it. As you can tell, just one reporter and one police officer doesn’t solve a case and both of them were covering up I can tell you personally.

On to the breaking stories.

I’ve got two witnesses. One the victim of an attack by an actual saucer and the other reports the story of her father and uncle, both WWII heroes who actually were part of a military strike force whose mission it was to hunt and engage in combat with flying saucers and other UFOs.

That’s right, there was and still is an active branch or two of our government, hidden from the public that deals with UFOs after years of the military and government lying to us about them. What’s better is they government can’t cover this story up nor erase the information and people because the people involved went on to great public service and popularity. The government can’t say these people didn’t exist or weren’t at such and such a base or didn’t engage in such actions because there are 100s of thousands of documents to back the story up including news and radio archives. How this slipped past the other UFOlogists is understandable and normally I would forward such data to the real UFOLogists but there’s been a conflict. That I won’t get into as I too hate the suspensfull bs you get with some UFO reports.

Anyhow, this witness tells of the exploits of her father and uncle whom I myself read about growing up. I had no idea they were heavily involved in UFO issues but her story is so solid, backed up by so much overwhelming data that she couldn’t be ignored. She went into detail about what her father and uncle did, both top pilots mind you and their exploits. After both men left the military to take up civilian careers they went on to greater notoriety in the areas of public service that all Americans can be proud of.

This story ends the debate of whether or not the U.S. has been covering up UFO data from that time period and that some UFOs were hostile. There’s only one missing piece of info that we’re digging up now. It may validate the supposed Majestic Twelve documents. I didn’t say invalidate them, I said validate Majestic Twelve. I have a love/hate relationship with the Majestic Twelve issue because at first it didn’t seem solid however four people on the committee were people who were from the Hudson Valley or lived there. That was quite a shock let me tell you. The witness is even willing to come forward and tell her tale and I’m working out the details.

Now, for a more frightening incident.

This witness comes from the Hudson Valley. A talented scientist in her own right and from a noted talented family. She tells a tale of an attack by a saucer in broad daylight that happened in the late 1970s.

According to the witness she was outside of a store in Wallkill, NY on a bright sunny day when she suddenly looked up and saw a daylight disc. It was hovering above the store across the street and she reports that she could see beings inside. The other persons, several, were in the vicinity but hadn’t looked up to see this craft. She states that when the beings inside noticed that she had detected them they turned angry. She says that is the impression she got from them. At that moment she was hit with some sort of light beam that literally knocked her over a railing and down a hill. The other people in the vicinity heard and saw her tumble over the railing and they rushed to retrieve and help her.

She was stunned pretty good and hadn’t the where-with-all to start asking her rescuers if they had seen a UFO. Nor does she report any missing time but then we’re working on that. Her report is important because it was during daylight hours and like the famous Travis Walton case she was rendered unconscious similar to his account regarding a beam from a saucer shaped ship. There are other accounts of such beam technologies but her account happens around the same time or just before Walton’s.

We’ll see where these two reports go after further examination. I’ll have a more lengthy interview with these two witnesses to present further data. If possible we might be able to get other witnesses to come forward.


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