UFO Disclosure Meeting Turned Out To Be Just What I Predicted

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As I had written earlier that the vaunted meeting of military officials at the National Atomic Testing Museum with the lecture entitled “Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed” wouldn’t turn up anything new.

Even though Lt. Col. Robert Friend, a real American WWII hero and one of the legendary Tuskegee Airman and Project Blue Book head did come forward to say that UFOs are real and need to be studied scientifically, it wasn’t anything new. We the people already knew that UFOs are real but the explanations as to the origins of UFOs including the ETH or Extraterrestrial Hypothesis had not been honorably addressed by our government for almost 70 years.

At first the government came clean and even proposed the ETH but then backpeddled in the early ’50s and as more people came forward with their own reports the attacks on character, illegal incarceration in psychiatric hospitals, retribution, and worse kept on well into the mid 1990s. The internet allowed the average person to get information that was kept from them by government and industry. We had to get our own answers and still the U.S. Government and it’s clandestine groups continued to lie, undermine and stonewall.

Anyone who has kept on top of the UFO phenom can tell you about the monumental tasks by such people as the late Congressman Steven Schiff and Harvard professor John E. Mack in getting to the bottom of this phenom. Congressman Schiff had to get the GAO ( General Accounting Office ) to force the Pentagon to give up an explanation into the Roswell Incident only to find out for some strange reason the files from that time period were illegally destroyed yet the Pentagon hadn’t taken the time to inform the American People who the files belonged to. Dr. Mack who was persecuted by Harvard University had to fight to keep his tenure as head of their psychiatric division because his official medical conclusion was that roughly people who experienced UFO abductions weren’t pathological but that we needed to study the phenom more. That pissed off the mainstream psychiatric community that makes a fortune pushing dangerous mind altering drugs. If you notice, Harvard didn’t go after these dope pushers who have been destroying lives but instead go after their head, tenured professor because he took a look at a phenomenon that others were too cowardly to confront.

Hence this new panel of military officials including our friend Nick Pope from the UK who investigated UFOs for the British Government and realized there was something more to the UFO issue. He then went on his own to investigate further and has helped in a major way to get disclosure.

When this panel was announced I felt a little skepticism because in all honesty we’ve had enough panels and data. As a matter of fact we have so much evidence it’s at the point of overwhelm. We have so many eyewitness reports and more coming in daily thanks to the web. With thousands of online radio programs that also have on the air broadcasting, the subject of UFOs is one of global proportions. We have untold numbers of videos and pictures and so far the material evidence doesn’t say “extraterrestrial” but then again where would you send such materials? Lab costs are expensive and security too.

The average UFOlogist isn’t well funded so we had to rely on basic scientific and journalistic methods and that’s done quite well. Since we UFOlogists in the U.S. cannot expect any official government assistance in this matter we need to look at what the public sector has acquired and go with that. Some elitists out there look down their noses on what the public has acquired but in all honesty the public UFOlogists have done the courageous job that the paid government officials have grossly failed to do.

It may not be rocket science but it has something mainstream science really needs and that’s called backbone.

This panel covered material most UFOlogists and aficionados already knew. To call on the U.S. government to now hold scientific research doesn’t make any sense. They’ve not cooperated in almost 60 years so why would we pay them to lie and stonewall again?

We don’t need them, and besides, it’s too late.

Too late for what? Well let’s use some simple logic here. The exotic occupants of these UFOs who experiment on people and animals, I didn’t say extraterrestrial mind you, have exhibited technologies far in advance of what the conventional technologies the public is aware of and the military won’t acknowledge as possessing. Such beings obviously have a grasp on science we’re nowhere near comprehending. If they’ve been abducting people and studying us and our technologies then they’re even farther than we can imagine. They’ve probably already got the info they wanted while our governments sat around on their hands. What would a new investigation glean? That we should have acted when we had the chance and informed the public when we should have instead of having allowed the atrocities against our freedoms.

Too late Lt. Col. Friend. The so called aliens or whatever have won.

In essence we need to shut down any attempts to deal with the U.S. government regarding UFOs. At this point the people and professionals that have risked their careers and lives to have brought us the valuable data we have today should be acknowledged for their bravery. The entire issue is done. Our science may not be up to finding all the explanations to UFOs but so far we know that there are advanced aircraft, sea craft, spacecraft, strange and exotic beings and technologies that have been part of the human landscape for as far as recorded history.

Right now the only thing we can do regarding this phenomenon is to just gather basic data and not give in to unfounded stories. Any claims of any messages from these beings regarding political and social issues should be tossed to the side unless they feel like coming forward and appearing on the evening news.

We should really pay attention to this part of UFOlogy. To keep the fringe element that grabs any tidbit and turns it into some sensational nonsense that causes undo alarm and menace. We have enough problems in this field of research but we shouldn’t be so condescending to those who take the data and run wild. It’s a human thing to do so. What we need to do is stand up when these people or organizations raise their heads that extraterrestrials gave them messages to give to mankind and tell them to prove it or sit down and chill out.

The intelligences behind these abductions and frightening events need to put up or shut up. No more mystery messages as they’re about a dime a dozen. The truth may come out that the ETH cannot be proven which would upset the “there has to be aliens” crowd. If it is proven then those who have unsubstantiated fears of such might exhibit psychotic breaks that would fill the hospital beds from one end of the planet to another.

Finally, the best advice I would have liked the panel to have said is that UFOs are a subject that requires clear thinking and responsible research done by the public and not the government.

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What To Look For In A Maid Service Rockville MD

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From the average office to the average home the same applies. You want honest, knowledgeable, and efficient maid service that you can rely on. The cleaning service end of your business or home should be integrated seamlessly into your lifestyle and business flow. You don’t want maids running vacuum cleaners while you’re tying to hold an important conversation or when someone is asleep like the kids.
Overall, the little bit of perusing is worth the headache and is worth the investment.

Don’t Hold Your Breath Regarding New UFO Panel’s Secrets Revealed

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Huffington Post Covers UFO Secrecy Panel

Yet another gathering of UFO experts and witnesses is about to reveal more UFO secrets according to this Huffington Post article.

I and other UFOlogists were aware of this panel convening as the gentlemen who are taking part are og considerable credibility. They’re not some guys who came in off the boat but are military officers who have taken part in official investigations such as Project Blue Book.

This event is taking place at the National Atomic Testing Museum and is called “Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed” and has been touted as being the venue of venues where some new and startling information, never before revealed will be presented.

I say don’t hold your breath.

Why? Because we don’t need another panel. We have 70 years of UFO investigation evidence to the point of overwhelming. The public and the UFO researchers should pat themselves on the back with the job they’ve done regarding investigating UFOs. The U.S. government hasn’t been a big help and this panel of experts might reveal why. Let me be clear here. We have tons of every kind of evidence except physical proof regarding the extraterrestrial hypothesis which is what most public and media are interested in. Without any proof, although there is lots of evidence we must be cautious.

In UFOlogy there are so many credible witnesses it’s at the point of overwhelm. Same goes for pictures, film, video. There are so many trace cases and other evidence that to ignore it all would be irresponsible. This panel of military officers is expected to reveal something never before encountered but for all intents and purposes what could they tell us that we don’t already know or could surmise? The only thing I’d be interested in are more facts regarding the persons in government and industry who’ve hampered research efforts but I doubt that will happen.

As UFOlogy stands now, only concrete proof should be entertained. After 70 years of lies, mishaps, frauds, dead ends it’s time to do the science but also remember that if we cannot get a solid answer it might mean we don’t have the science yet to do the science.

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