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The childrens book on stem cells I illustrated for the Repair Stem Cell Institute is now out on Amazon Kindle and it’s called Doris And The Supercells.

I’m really proud because the book looks awesome on Kindle and iPad as the colors came out lush. This book was a joy to do as I’ve been working for the Director of the institute Don Margolis for over six years now. I’ve gotten the opportunity to see what’s going on with stem cell technologies from the inside way before the public hears about it. Mr. Margolis is the authority on stem cells. He created the first commercially successful adult stem cell treatment center for cardiovascular diseases, trains doctors and hospitals in the techniques, builds treatment centers, travels the world spreading the good news.

I can’t emphasize how important adult stem cell technologies are. We’re not talking embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem cells have been proven to cause cancers and tumors so that’s why Mr. Margolis champions not to use them. Adult stem cells are your own stem cells that exist in your body. The treatment centers extract them using a simple needle, grow them and nourish them and then program them to go to specific areas in the body to begin an accelerated healing process. The results are nothing short of astonishing. In a few short years, maybe tomorrow, we’ll be able to regrow just about every form of tissue in the body like hearts, lungs, eyes and more. The experimentation is in full swing and the sky’s the limit.

That’s why I suggested to Don that we do a childrens book about stem cells. Writer and architect David Granovsky, an expert on stem cells in his own right wrote the story and I illustrated it. It’s also in hardcover but we needed a childrens book on stem cells ebook to meet the growing ebook industry.

The story revolves around a cell named Doris who is little and anxious as the other cells are bigger and already have their assignments. She’s looking for her place in the cellular society and she faces several challenges to finally become a Supercell, able to help repair damage don to a young boy’s heart.

This book was lots of fun to do and we plan to do more. It’s very easy to read, ages 4 and up so get your copy now!


Tokyo UFO Video Is Interesting 2012

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Now here’s an interesting video from Tokyo, Japan.

What makes this video of interest is that it was taken during daylight hours by someone. The story accompanying the video says that the person who took the video hasn’t come forward yet but that could change.

With any UFO video taken nowadays there are several factors that we need to take into account. First is if the video is authentic and not some special effect easily achieved with a number of state-of-the-art computer software. Secondly, are there any other videos and pictures taken by people from different vantage points? Will those UFO videos or pictures help us to glean more information?

My first advice to any UFO story is “Do not get excited”. This avoids jumping to conclusions and badly written copy. For example in this story the UFO is referred to as a “spaceship”. There’s no evidence it is a spaceship as it’s clearly seen in the air. At best it’s an unidentified flying object aka UFO. That’s all UFO means however mainstream media lacks so much hatting regarding UFOs that they get sloppy and generalize thus compromising the scientific method which should be applied to UFO reports.

We’ll have to wait for further analysis of this UFO video to see what shakes from this tree.

If this video passes muster then it’s just one of umpteen hundreds of thousands of UFO videos that can then be categorized for further investigation. If not, the investigative process to determine it’s veracity will help others who investigate UFOs.

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