Infamous Varginha Brazil UFO Case Exposed?

November 4, 2012 on 2:58 pm | In ALIEN ABDUCTION, Close Encounter Of The First Kind, Close Encounter Of The Second Kind, Close Encounter Of The Third Kind, extraterrestrial | No Comments


I’ve often said the first thing to do when yu run into a UFO case is not to get excited. The second thing to do is not o make another move until something solid pertaining to evidence and proof come into play. Why? It’s because speculation and proclamation are like thin ice when one is skating the UFO field.

In this incident known as the Varghinha, Brazil Incident we originally saw that the hysteria and news reporting covered everything a good UFO story should except actress Barbara Eden appearing as someone’s love interest.

Needless to say this story went on and on and on with captured aliens, military secrecy, Men in Black, and more. The bottom line here is that this case went on without someone looking at it objectively and putting a squash to these outlandish stories that just waste time and money that could have been allocated to real scientists and diligent researchers who need the resources.

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