What’s Been Going On At The UFO Mafia Site

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Well things have been cooking here as I’m putting out fires here and there.

I’ve suddenly got a bunch of government types crawling up my keister and this week I
actually got a threat not to add to this site or publish this book.

You don’t threaten someone like me.

Bottom line is this gang, Unlike the other UFOlogists you run into I’m only interested
in solid proof. Evidence we have an abundance of but far too many UFOlogists stick with
the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis and only extraterrestrials. This causes so much confusion
when there are real and present dangers past and present regarding UFOs.

Again, UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. It’s so associated with extraterrestrial stuff
that everything else goes by the wayside. What is far more important are when UFO related
events occur and turn out to be government, industry, or private or just natural things that
go misunderstood or haywire causing harm, damage to property and more.

Sometimes an over zealous aircraft enthusiast builds a craft that looks god on paper and
looks good once built but flies like a bathtub on wings. It crashes somewhere or is using
illegal materials that can be poisonous or flammable. This isn’t anything new. Even our
government and industries have flown things that caused all sorts of problems. They’re not
going to announce these advanced test flights as they don’t have to unless there’s a major
screw up.

That’s the big scary thing about UFOs. Not extraterrestrials but the dumb ass things we
humans ourselves do and try to cover up. We’ve all seen stories about companies dumping
toxins and killing people and it takes years to get the truth out. Same with government.
Even now more stories of how government illegally experimented on citizens with deadly
viri and materials. It’s to the point every community has to triple check files to see
what, if any dangers are afoot.

So with UFOs, one of the branch offs is often discovering information and proof of
accidents and misdeeds. Far too many UFOlogists miss this information or just pass
over it. UFO research calls for extensive aeronautical research as well as studying
darn near every field of science and humanities.

Now when you do find out something that points to some major screw ups and wrongdoing
then that’s when you get in trouble. Why? Greed. You see, sometimes your very own
neighbor can find out something harmful, get a settlement but not tell anyone else
because it would dwindle their share.

And you thought aliens were our enemies? Think again.

In all the UFO lore your worst enemy is your own fear, ignorance, and fellow human being.

Something about UFOs sets off sociopaths. They just lose it when you just bring up the
subject. That’s your warning bell right there. If you bring up the subject of UFOs
just watch the reactions of others. If they respond hostile and threatening it’s better
than even money you’re dealing with a sociopath or psychotic.

Problem is our world is run by sociopaths and psychotics which is why the disorders
aren’t being addressed properly except with psychotropic drugs which the sociopaths
give to the psychotics to keep them in line.

Why the sudden government interest? Because I caught them in a huge lie they can’t
cover up. It’s a good story too with eyewitnesses and tons of documents that you just
might have and not know it. 🙂

So hold on while I get this site and forum running. I can’t explain what else has been
going on but you can take some time and do some extra research by visiting John Greenwald’s
extensive website The Black Vault
filled to the brim with Freedom Of Information Documents
and more.

Also, Robert Morningstar at UFO Digest Magazine and Jeff Rense at Rense.com as Jeff has the top UFOlogists on his program regularly.

Remember, if you’re only interested in the extraterrestrial aspect of UFOs then understand that for the past 70 years of investigation there is an abundance of evidence that points to that some UFO reports are of extraterrestrial origin, however, not one piece of physical proof has been presented to the public at this time. So more stories, trace cases, eyewitness reports and pics aren’t needed but are welcome.

What we need is physical proof.

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