Busted: Roswell Slides As Bogus As They Get

May 9, 2015 on 10:27 pm | In History, NEWS | No Comments

Haven’t had time to update the site as I’ve been swamped with other duties, but had to post this one because of the magnitude of the story.

As you may recall, months ago, Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan announced the showing of two slides reportedly showing an alien body and associated with the Roswell Incident of 1947. He provided no proof nor solid evidence of this but put together a big event in Mexico City that was a pay event and pay per view via the web of a five hour conference with so-called experts who validated the slides and their connection to Roswell. His colleagues in this fiasco are Don Schmidt, Tom Cary, and Richard Dolan.

I wasn’t buying it, and several UFOlogists colleagues didn’t either. I’ve actually had some UFOlogists “unfriend” me on Facebook because they couldn’t take the heat of the criticism of their half assed investigations and analysis.

So now it has come to the fore that the slides in question not only aren’t of an alien, but of a boy and there’s a card NEXT TO THE BODY EXPLAINING THIS.

I had passed the slide images through some software to see if I could make heads or tales of it but didn’t have time to go full bore, but others did and it clearly shows the truth. You can read the analysis at this link:

This isn’t a sad day for UFOlogy, it’s a great day because it separates the chaff from the wheat regarding integrity and good character. Some people, even top journalists can make foul ups and scientists too.

So many UFOlogists are in the game for fame and fortune, that you just don’t know who to trust anymore.

This should be a lesson to the radio shows, websites, blogs, television documentaries like “Ancient Aliens”, that bullshit still smells like bullshit even if you paint it green and put a price tag on it.

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