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The late movie director Ed Wood Jr. left us a legacy of the most unusual movies ever filmed. He is known as the worst director of all time and his classic movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space” stands alone in cinematic history.

It tells the tale of space aliens using human bodies, dead bodies to carry out their invasion plans. Oddball but it coughed up laughs and scares in the old days and more laughs today.

However, what if Ed Wood Jr. was telling his tale based on the truth?

I for one have some information that not only did Ed Wood Jr. have access to top level UFO information I also know whom he got it from. This is a blockbuster of a disclosure but it fit like a glove.

It all wraps itself around the Hudson Valley, the hotspot of UFOs where Ed Wood Jr. grew up. Tales of aliens and other strange beings go back before the settlers here and now the truth can be told if the public can take it. So stand by.


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NBA Star Baron Davis Admits To Alien Abduction

Well this is a game changer as no one expected such a top sports celebrity or any celebrity for that matter to come forward with such a sensational claim. Baron Davis of the Knicks has come forward quite publicly with this story that if true is one of the most important UFO/alien stories in the subject’s history.

What we have here is a very brave step forward that will be essential in present and future UFO/alien research. The mainstream media can’t ignore this report as Davis is a forthright and courageous man. There are millions of people who have given reports just like Davis’ but all go ignored by corporate media and government. From the classic alien abduction case of Betty and Barney Hill, people who claimed to have been abducted have given similar if not exact accounts. Mr. Baron Davis has got a long road ahead to get this matter addressed and the public has an opportunity as well as UFO researchers to see where this story goes. It may be the game changer that makes other victims come forward and the fact Mr. Davis is an African American and presented his incident to that community might get that community asking questions and breaking through the barriers that no one else has gotten through before.

Needless to say this is going to be one interesting story to follow and your’s truly might get a chance to speak with Mr. Davis so hold on.

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Stem Cells And UFO Abductions: Are Your Stem Cells What They’re Really After?

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This is going to be a post for the records. Let me
try to be as clear as possible as I’ve not seen anyone
mention this before.

Stem cells. They’re all over the news as the new miracle
in modern medicine and for good reason. I work in the
stem cell industry and can attest to seeing miracles occur.
There’s much confusion regarding what stem cells are and
the controversy surrounding them but as one who gets to
talk to the top doctors, patients, researchers, and press I can
tell you that when all is said and done medicine as we know
it is about to take a major turn for the better.

This is no joke nor am I going to snake oil what these cells
can do. There are clinical trial conclusions that you can see
for yourself. As I type this the push for the FDA to approve
some of these treatments is on in full. Here is one briefing that
will knock your socks off. It’s regarding CIRM’s cardiac stem
cell approach. Needless to say the results astounded even the
doctor who pioneered this procedure.

There are embryonic stem cells that our doctors don’t approve of
and instead push for using one’s own stem cells called adult
stem cells. Embryonic stem cells tend to form tumors. There’s
a whole monster debate about that and the Supreme Court of the
U.S. just announced their decisions on the issue.

Let me cut to the chase here. I myself am getting cardiac stem
cell treatments. I’ve sent many people to get treatments and all
are on their feet and happy and healthy. While going over the
procedures we use to extract and grow the stem cells I kept
having flashbacks to abductee stories. Suddenly it dawned on me
that maybe our visitors, the abductors were harvesting stem cells
not just DNA. Bingo, it all made sense. Unless you know what
stem cells can do you won’t get the full picture. To me this cements
the abductee stories. Things got scary real quick.

See, with stem cells they can differentiate into any other cell in the body.
We’re now able to grow organs like hearts and so on and the technology
is rapidly progressing. Yes, Dr. Doris Taylor one of the foremost people
in stem cells is doing just this.

At Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles Dr. Eduardo
Marban has achieved cardiac stem cell results that a few years ago science
said was impossible to achieve. We’re not talking second raters here, we’re
talking the best scientists we’ve got. My own boss Don Margolis
http://www.repairstemcells.org who had
the first commercially successful cardiac stem cell treatment center back in
2004 has been forecasting these advances years and damn near to the date.
As I watched the procedures again I kept thinking about abductees.

It’s gotta be stem cells. Chimeras too. Hybrids. It all makes sense. This is
why some people get abducted and some families. It’s their stem cell lines.

See, we can program our stem cells. It’s amazing but also recent research
shows our stem cells do far more amazing things than we’d imagined.

It’s not too far fetched to see that manipulating the body via stem cells can
increase life spans to unimaginable lengths and perhaps our abductors know
this. It makes being an abductee a step up. Maybe abductees have those
certain plusses that allow them to survive better. Perhaps in the distant past
the secret of stem cells was discovered. It’s a good bet that those doing
the abducting know all about the power of stem cells and it’s better than
even money we will be catching up real soon.

Greg Boone

Infamous Varginha Brazil UFO Case Exposed?

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I’ve often said the first thing to do when yu run into a UFO case is not to get excited. The second thing to do is not o make another move until something solid pertaining to evidence and proof come into play. Why? It’s because speculation and proclamation are like thin ice when one is skating the UFO field.

In this incident known as the Varghinha, Brazil Incident we originally saw that the hysteria and news reporting covered everything a good UFO story should except actress Barbara Eden appearing as someone’s love interest.

Needless to say this story went on and on and on with captured aliens, military secrecy, Men in Black, and more. The bottom line here is that this case went on without someone looking at it objectively and putting a squash to these outlandish stories that just waste time and money that could have been allocated to real scientists and diligent researchers who need the resources.

1953 Movie: Invaders From Mars

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1953 Movie: Invaders From Mars

Last night I indulged myself by watching one of my favorite classic UFO movies called “Invaders From Mars”. It was produced in 1953, directed by William Cameron Menzies, written by Richard Blake, and starred Helena Carter, Arthur Franz, and Jimmy Hunt.

This movie, Invaders From Mars is a favorite amongst friends and family as it would be re-released in theaters while I was growing up and at the drive-ins. The television commercials were eerie as the trailer had all the elements that would make a kid want to make a bee line to the movies. It broke a lot of ground in the Martian invasion, UFO and flying saucer genres.

It featured then, what many today call the alien abduction phenomenon almost 15 years before the famous Barney and Betty Hill story that appeared in LOOK magazine in the early 1960s. The story had all the elements, people kidnapped, implants put into people’s brains, government conspiracies and the coolest, eeriest looking alien overlord type that still stands up today regarding make up and special effects. Invaders From Mars was way ahead of it’s time and on a modest filming budget still has the chills and surrealism the film achieved even in today’s high definition age.

Great plot, lots of heroic action and focuses on the story of a young boy who sees a flying saucer land in a field near his home. Soon, people begin disappearing and return with strange behavior and the boy, David, notices they’ve got a mark on the backs of their necks. David ends up at the police station after a neighborhood girl is abducted and sets fire to her home. David’s father and the girl’s father both work on a top secret project at a nearby base as do several of the people in the town. At the station David’s wild story of flying saucers and strange people puts him in a cell where a beautiful health care worker played by Helena Carter arrives and takes pity on the boy. David’s parents arrive, now under the power of the Martians to retrieve him but Dr. Pat Blake (Carter), refuses. Soon the police chief and some military brass are under the Martian’s control and it’s up to Dr. Carter, David, and Dr. Stuart Kelston, played by Arthur Franz, to race against time to alert the authorities and thwart the Martians. Yes, Invaders From Mars has it all except the mush.

If you haven’t seen Invaders From Mars you’re missing out. Yes there was a remake in the 1980s which was faithful to the original but the 1953 classic can’t be touched. I bring this up because I’ve seen several edited versions of this movie over the years and didn’t realize that it had been altered several times. There are several with different endings, one that was way ahead of the Twilight Zone and EC Comics ironic-twist-at-the-end formula, but in the version I saw last night on Netflix, there was an added scene I had not known existed and it blew me away.

In this version of Invaders From Mars, the filmmakers added footage to explain the area of UFOlogy and it was quite alarming. The sequence takes place amongst the three principal characters of David, Dr. Blake, and Dr. Kelston who runs the local observatory where Jimmy, an amateur astronomer likes to frequent. Kelston it turns out had been studying UFOs and goes into a lengthy, quite accurate and broad explanation about UFOs that looks like one of those 1950s educational films. I mean he really goes into depth to the point he actually makes a convincing argument for the alien visitation or extraterrestrial hypothesis. He covers the infamous “Lubbock Lights” story with photos, the case of Capt. Thomas F. Mantell of the Kentucky Air National Guard whose plane crashed while in pursuit of a UFO in January 1948. A highly publicized case at the time as theories of “death rays” were tossed about as an explanation to Mantell’s death. Not all the data in this particular scene is accurate science and has some speculation that by today’s standards of UFOlogy might not hold up but it’s amazing that the producers went to such lengths with this particular segment. In addition, there is something in this movie that most miss. At no time do the “invaders” state that they’re from outer space! It’s the military and the scientists who assume so. In a scene where the invaders are asked about their leader, the creepy bodiless octopus head in a bubble, the invaders state that their leader is the epitome of human evolution. Note, didn’t say “Martian”. Get the picture yet?

That added footage came after the main story had been filmed and one can see that the character David had grown a bit during the time period. This scene is just the extra punch that makes Invaders From Mars that must-have UFO movie alongside such classics as “Unidentified Flying Objects: The True Story Of Flying Saucers”, “The Bamboo Saucer”, and “Earth vs The Flying Saucers” featuring the great Ray Harryhausen’s special effects.

So hunt around for the version of Invaders From Mars that I’m mentioning which according to the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) which you can read by clicking HERE. I won’t go into the endings of the three versions, American, European, and re-edited American versions as the endings are a surprise. So do yourself a treat and hunt for all three versions and enjoy a classic in UFO culture that stands the test of time.

Here you can see the original theatrical trailer for Invaders From Mars:

Here you can see a tribute to the movie and it’s eerie musical score. One of the scariest music scores as it’s deceptive. It starts off in some form of military march but soon evolves into a melody that suggests hidden mystery and a haunting otherworldly menace.

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No Virginia, There Are No Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth

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I know that I will piss off lots of people but this is a prelude to a longer essay pointing out that of this date not one shred of proof has yet come to the table that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth, have visited Earth, or are on their way.

Sure there’s lots of “evidence” but without solid physical proof it’s still just ONE theory as to the origin of SOME UFOs.

What that means is that there are many theories as to the origins of some UFO reports. Theories like this include top secret government craft that we know has been the case several times. That some UFOs have been and are advanced private air and spacecraft that are unregistered. That some UFOs may be life forms we’ve yet to classify.

There are many theories and the most exciting being that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin. That theory alone has spawned more theories and speculation to the point of overwhelm. There are societies, religions, groups that claim to have the inside knowledge and far too many times has led to disaster and fraud. You’ve got to be on your toes for this.

I know there are some who’ll point to the Billy Meier case. A Swiss farmer who years ago presented several startling films, pictures, and books regarding his experiences. Sure it’s all entertaining and amazing but where is the physical proof? If these aliens meant so well it’s certain they’re aware that no one in government and science believes them, so why the stonewalling? It’s simple, they’re either incredibly stupid or they don’t exist. It doesn’t get any more complicated than that.

Oh, the Betty and Barney Hill case? One of the classics of this phenomenon. A couple from America claimed to have been observant of and abducted by extraterrestrials. An exciting case no doubt, but where is the physical proof?

Roswell. The mother of all UFO incidents. Lots of documents, speculation, books, tv, movies, but where is the physical proof?

Not one government, friend nor foe has come forward with any physical proof whatsoever in over 60 years of this phenomenon.

Why? Ask yourself “Why?”.

Now, does this mean that extraterrestrials and/or their mechanisms hasn’t or aren’t visiting Earth? No. What it means is that there is no physical proof to support it as conclusive.

There’s much more and even the trace cases, samples of flora, fauna, soil of areas where a UFO report has occurred are nothing more than evidence that something occurred or affected said at the location of a UFO report.

Let’s get oriented here as we may be missing out on a more prosaic but unsettling theory with far more physical evidence but shunned by even the most fervent UFO fan. That theory I’ll deal with in a longer essay as it would be so disturbing, if true, than any visit by extraterrestrials.

So again, at present, not one iota of proof has emerged to conclude that ETs are in any way, shape, or form a part of our development on Earth. That could change tomorrow or a year from now or a century from now, but as of right now there just isn’t anything. Sorry to hurt the feelings of those awaiting a spectacular landing and the emergence of the “Space Brothers” who’ll bring in a new age of benevolence but that’s so far from the farm there’s no way you can milk the cows.

So stand by for a further dissertation.

In the meantime, when someone says “extraterrestrials did this or that”, ask them to show you the PROOF or keep it in the realm of the anecdotal for now.


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I thought I’d heard it all up until now.

That UFO abductees had all sorts of disorders and then
that abductees were reliving past life stuff and that there
was post prenatal configurations of the unconscious mind.

Now here’s a new one:


Yes, you read that right, mosquitoes. That UFO abductees
are actually experiencing latent memories of mosquito
bites. That when mosquitoes bite they create a psychological
cascade of unconscious fears that pile up and up and manifest
as delusions so real that we can’t tell the difference.

The similarities of bug eyed aliens with long probes extracting
fluids is so traumatizing that the mind fills in the blanks,
exaggerates and since some mosquito bites can cause
delirium like as in malaria, abductees are misinterpreting the
mosquito intrusions.

Now we know mosquitoes have been the number one cause
of death of humans since who knows when as they carry any
number of diseases and do transmit genetic material from
other animals but this explanation just went so over the top
as a grasping of straws that I had to post it.

Has anyone ever heard of this before?



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I’d heard about this a while back and it just posted to their YouTube site a few days ago.

It’s charming, exciting, and of course a real gutbuster of a laugh.

These shorts are amazing. Studios should do more shorts and show them at theatres. I guess the reason they don’t is because the shorts are better than the movies that follow them.

Anyway, as someone who is all up into UFOs and chats with all the top UFOlogists daily, this PIXAR short is a welcomed good spirited look at the phenomenon.



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Here’s one of those UFO stories that you toss to the side at first glance as it focuses on a North Hampshire man named Derek Bridges who used his video camera to capture what he says is a UFO levitating a water buffalo up into it.

The video isn’t crystal clear but it has garnered quite the amount of international interest.

So for your perusal, or amusement you can read the story by clicking this link and you can see the video below.


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UFO Sightings In Britain Triple This Year

Here’s an alarming item from the UK’s Telegraph newspaper. It’s a report on the statistics of UFO sightings over this year and the results are that the sightings number has tripled so far. It’s only September but the amount of UFO sightings in this year’s unprecedented UFO flap has broken records.

Dr. David Clarke, noted UFO expert and journalism professional is quoted several times in the story giving details about the importance of this issue.

Go ahead and click this link to read more about this astounding revelation.


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