Dr. Ben Carson’s Funny Look At History

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Dr. Ben Carson's Funny Look At History

I had to do it. Dr. Ben Carson is the funniest presidential candidate since Bill Clinton. Carson has said some of the stupidest things regarding history and he’s just too irresistible a target for us editorial cartoonists.

Here’s my take on Dr. Ben Carson.

I Also Draw Comic Books

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Hey gang, just hot off the presses is the TeknoComics series, Neil Gaiman’s Lady Justice! This anthology is put together by exec and Marvel Comics legend Jim Salicrup at his new company, Super Genius. Inside the anthology you’ll find three stories pencilled/illustrated by me. The writer of the three issue story arc is Wendi Lee, inks by Joe Kubert’s School of Cartooning exec, Mike Chen, and colors by artist David Hillman. Lots of action, supernatural thrills and more. Click the cover to order your copy today!

Yes, I’ve spent years as a professional illustrator and I may do some comic books/graphic novels regarding UFOs.  

I’ve talked to several UFOlogists I know about doing some comics and graphic novels and it looks like it would be a fun project.  Stay tuned for more.


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The late movie director Ed Wood Jr. left us a legacy of the most unusual movies ever filmed. He is known as the worst director of all time and his classic movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space” stands alone in cinematic history.

It tells the tale of space aliens using human bodies, dead bodies to carry out their invasion plans. Oddball but it coughed up laughs and scares in the old days and more laughs today.

However, what if Ed Wood Jr. was telling his tale based on the truth?

I for one have some information that not only did Ed Wood Jr. have access to top level UFO information I also know whom he got it from. This is a blockbuster of a disclosure but it fit like a glove.

It all wraps itself around the Hudson Valley, the hotspot of UFOs where Ed Wood Jr. grew up. Tales of aliens and other strange beings go back before the settlers here and now the truth can be told if the public can take it. So stand by.


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NBA Star Baron Davis Admits To Alien Abduction

Well this is a game changer as no one expected such a top sports celebrity or any celebrity for that matter to come forward with such a sensational claim. Baron Davis of the Knicks has come forward quite publicly with this story that if true is one of the most important UFO/alien stories in the subject’s history.

What we have here is a very brave step forward that will be essential in present and future UFO/alien research. The mainstream media can’t ignore this report as Davis is a forthright and courageous man. There are millions of people who have given reports just like Davis’ but all go ignored by corporate media and government. From the classic alien abduction case of Betty and Barney Hill, people who claimed to have been abducted have given similar if not exact accounts. Mr. Baron Davis has got a long road ahead to get this matter addressed and the public has an opportunity as well as UFO researchers to see where this story goes. It may be the game changer that makes other victims come forward and the fact Mr. Davis is an African American and presented his incident to that community might get that community asking questions and breaking through the barriers that no one else has gotten through before.

Needless to say this is going to be one interesting story to follow and your’s truly might get a chance to speak with Mr. Davis so hold on.

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Stand by and a warning…

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Hold on gang. Will be reporting in soon with some more info and a warning.

Yes, a warning. It involves two dangers regarding UFO research that I’ve been reticent to discuss but since it has a hometown tie I have to bring it up.

In the meantime, I’ll be writing an article for Bob Morningstar at UFO Digest Magazine regarding Bigfoot of all things. What’s extra fun is the artwork for the covermis being done by my friend Darren “Hubba Hubba” Floughton who is one of the top tattoo and modern punk illustrators. So stand by.

1953 Movie: Invaders From Mars

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1953 Movie: Invaders From Mars

Last night I indulged myself by watching one of my favorite classic UFO movies called “Invaders From Mars”. It was produced in 1953, directed by William Cameron Menzies, written by Richard Blake, and starred Helena Carter, Arthur Franz, and Jimmy Hunt.

This movie, Invaders From Mars is a favorite amongst friends and family as it would be re-released in theaters while I was growing up and at the drive-ins. The television commercials were eerie as the trailer had all the elements that would make a kid want to make a bee line to the movies. It broke a lot of ground in the Martian invasion, UFO and flying saucer genres.

It featured then, what many today call the alien abduction phenomenon almost 15 years before the famous Barney and Betty Hill story that appeared in LOOK magazine in the early 1960s. The story had all the elements, people kidnapped, implants put into people’s brains, government conspiracies and the coolest, eeriest looking alien overlord type that still stands up today regarding make up and special effects. Invaders From Mars was way ahead of it’s time and on a modest filming budget still has the chills and surrealism the film achieved even in today’s high definition age.

Great plot, lots of heroic action and focuses on the story of a young boy who sees a flying saucer land in a field near his home. Soon, people begin disappearing and return with strange behavior and the boy, David, notices they’ve got a mark on the backs of their necks. David ends up at the police station after a neighborhood girl is abducted and sets fire to her home. David’s father and the girl’s father both work on a top secret project at a nearby base as do several of the people in the town. At the station David’s wild story of flying saucers and strange people puts him in a cell where a beautiful health care worker played by Helena Carter arrives and takes pity on the boy. David’s parents arrive, now under the power of the Martians to retrieve him but Dr. Pat Blake (Carter), refuses. Soon the police chief and some military brass are under the Martian’s control and it’s up to Dr. Carter, David, and Dr. Stuart Kelston, played by Arthur Franz, to race against time to alert the authorities and thwart the Martians. Yes, Invaders From Mars has it all except the mush.

If you haven’t seen Invaders From Mars you’re missing out. Yes there was a remake in the 1980s which was faithful to the original but the 1953 classic can’t be touched. I bring this up because I’ve seen several edited versions of this movie over the years and didn’t realize that it had been altered several times. There are several with different endings, one that was way ahead of the Twilight Zone and EC Comics ironic-twist-at-the-end formula, but in the version I saw last night on Netflix, there was an added scene I had not known existed and it blew me away.

In this version of Invaders From Mars, the filmmakers added footage to explain the area of UFOlogy and it was quite alarming. The sequence takes place amongst the three principal characters of David, Dr. Blake, and Dr. Kelston who runs the local observatory where Jimmy, an amateur astronomer likes to frequent. Kelston it turns out had been studying UFOs and goes into a lengthy, quite accurate and broad explanation about UFOs that looks like one of those 1950s educational films. I mean he really goes into depth to the point he actually makes a convincing argument for the alien visitation or extraterrestrial hypothesis. He covers the infamous “Lubbock Lights” story with photos, the case of Capt. Thomas F. Mantell of the Kentucky Air National Guard whose plane crashed while in pursuit of a UFO in January 1948. A highly publicized case at the time as theories of “death rays” were tossed about as an explanation to Mantell’s death. Not all the data in this particular scene is accurate science and has some speculation that by today’s standards of UFOlogy might not hold up but it’s amazing that the producers went to such lengths with this particular segment. In addition, there is something in this movie that most miss. At no time do the “invaders” state that they’re from outer space! It’s the military and the scientists who assume so. In a scene where the invaders are asked about their leader, the creepy bodiless octopus head in a bubble, the invaders state that their leader is the epitome of human evolution. Note, didn’t say “Martian”. Get the picture yet?

That added footage came after the main story had been filmed and one can see that the character David had grown a bit during the time period. This scene is just the extra punch that makes Invaders From Mars that must-have UFO movie alongside such classics as “Unidentified Flying Objects: The True Story Of Flying Saucers”, “The Bamboo Saucer”, and “Earth vs The Flying Saucers” featuring the great Ray Harryhausen’s special effects.

So hunt around for the version of Invaders From Mars that I’m mentioning which according to the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) which you can read by clicking HERE. I won’t go into the endings of the three versions, American, European, and re-edited American versions as the endings are a surprise. So do yourself a treat and hunt for all three versions and enjoy a classic in UFO culture that stands the test of time.

Here you can see the original theatrical trailer for Invaders From Mars:

Here you can see a tribute to the movie and it’s eerie musical score. One of the scariest music scores as it’s deceptive. It starts off in some form of military march but soon evolves into a melody that suggests hidden mystery and a haunting otherworldly menace.

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Look Ma! No WikiLeaks UFO Documents!

So here we are again with more hype than a carnival side show on a Friday night.

As I mentioned earlier there would be no major WikiLeaks UFO documents or data and I’ve been proven right again. This is just another in a long line of hyped up nonsense and methinks this entire WikiLeaks story is nothing more than controlled hype by the powers that be.

For this guy Julian Assange to have gotten away with the amount of WikiLeaks data that he’s done already smells like he’s down with the crew from the start. You and I can’t even park incorrectly without a SWAT team all over us but this guy can publish hundreds of thousands of so called top secret documents and the only thing they can pinch him on is that he had sex with a couple of women in Sweden?


If you fall for anymore of this WikiLeaks nonsense I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale cheap.

You can read some commentary about the WikiLeaks hype by clicking HERE.

Wiki Leaks Releases UFO Files….NOT!

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As I mentioned earlier on this blog, don’t waste your breath waiting for Wiki Leaks to release any UFO files worth a damn.

It’s not going to happen and the press isn’t going to tout it.

Why? Because there’s no celebrity sex scandal information in UFOlogy. There’s none of the nonsense you see in other fields of science and study, just a bunch of people from around the world asking questions and trying to get a handle on things. UFOs are of no interest to the mainstream media nor Wiki Leaks due to that fact.

The worst thing you’ll run into in UFOlogy is a heated argument. For some reason UFOlogists don’t get involved in sex scandals or political upheavals. They don’t go around cheating with the husbands and wives of famous people nor get involved in massive public displays of violence and mayhem.

UFOlogists study, bicker, study some more, climb mountains, crawl through thick underbrush, interview people, study some more and then get back to bickering.

So when some UFO data does emerge from these Wiki Leak files it’s a sure bet to contain some communiques filled to the brim with arguing about UFOs.

Oh, and since the founder of Wiki Leaks, Mr. Assange is in custody via Scotland Yard for some alleged absurd sex charges that for some strange reason requires him to sit in the joint with no bail, one wonders if a dozen James Bond types dove through the window of his hideout brandishing Walther pistols while wearing tuxedos and sipping Martinis.


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Alright UFO enthusiasts, your dreams have almost come true with the news story regarding the controversial Wiki Leaks site and it’s owner Mr. Assange.

We UFOlogists had asked the question numerous times amongst ourselves that if Mr. Assange had really wanted to shake things up he’d have gotten hold of some UFO documents that might shed some light on what government knows.

Since government has constantly been caught lying about UFOs for over half a century, we are left at no other choice but to not believe anything government puts out. Other governments such as France, Great Britain, Russia, and even Canada have let loose a tsunami of formerly classified UFO documents to the world.

Why is it the United States of America, that boasts so much about informing the public, been so bullheaded regarding the release of documents regarding UFOs? Whenever it does the documents are so blacked out, edited to make them useless and we’re supposed to be the people who invented the Freedom of Information Act. There’s no other subject other than auditing the Federal Reserve that sends a maelstrom of non compliance by the authorities even though the laws on the books state we should do otherwise.

So here we have Wiki Leaks now in the UFO arena. The story points to alleged quotes by Wiki Leaks owner Assange as saying something about documents Wiki Leaks has that mention UFOs but for some reason he’s not figured all this out. No mention what’s in the documents, just some teaser that there are some “mention” of UFOs in “some” documents.

Methinks he’s bargaining. So far the Wiki Leaks documents regarding UFOs point to concerns by government regarding to a Mr. Gary McKinnon, a British citizen who about a decade ago achieved what the entire military espionage networks of the world could not achieve: he hacked into Pentagon computers using a 56k modem and a perl script and Notepad.

Gee, that sure was a budget busting operation wasn’t it?

Not only that but it’s been revealed McKinnon suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome.

McKinnon supposedly caused the biggest breach and damage to top secret computers in U.S. history. The U.S. wants him extradited yet the now 40 something hacker, who was only looking for UFO related information, has beaten attempts at extradition fearing he would be given a death sentence of decades behind bars. Considering the hushy attitude about UFOs the U.S. has, McKinnon should be on his hands and knees thanking the Lord he’s still in Great Britain.

Anyhow, these upcoming Wiki Leaks, UFO documents I’m predicting won’t be anything groundbreaking. It’s just another teaser that is used as a ploy to get attention or barter. There’s something about UFOs the United States is TERRIFIED about. No other country on Earth is so secretive about the issue, nor more vindictive than the U.S.. Since we now know that the U.S., the CIA, the Mafia and the Banksters run the mainstream news industry, and one need only look at the recent disclosure of the owner of the tabloid rags The National Enquirer and National Star to see this as truth, one runs a high risk of ridicule and retaliation bringing up the UFO issue to government.

These Wiki Leaks, UFO documents will not be groundbreaking as I’ve stated before. Assange may well be smart enough to keep his best UFO secrets in his pocket if he ever gets busted because we the people shouldn’t be holding our breath for any startling news anytime soon.

You can read the MSNBC story by clicking HERE

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Folks, believe it or not on May 28-30 at the Pasadena Convention Center there will be a big fan convention featuring comic books, sci fi, rock and roll music, and UFOs!

It’s called the Rockin’ Comic Con and somehow I got Coast to Coast AM host George Noory and his producer Tom Danheiser to attend and give a “meet and greet” session! Yes, George and Tom will be there to meet you all and hang out and ask questions and maybe sign autographs of his books.

This will be a must be at event as legendary Marvel Comics fearless leader Stan Lee will be there too! Can you guys imagine Stan Lee and George Noory at the same event?

Rock bands The Motels, The Waddy Wachtel Band, When In Rome, The Cradle Robbers, Flock Of Seagulls, The Hollywood All Starz, Dramarama, Dave Schulz, and Mitch Perry are some of the headliner rockers who’ll be there too!

These conventions are growing by leaps and bounds with lots of celebrities, cosplay events, and now we’re seeing UFOs as part of the information and entertainment venue!

If you need to get tickets just contact the official website by CLICKING HERE.

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