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One of my favorite science fiction movies featuring the UFO issue is 1968’s “The Bamboo Saucer”.

It’s by no means a cinematic masterpiece but it contains issues regarding the theories and relationships regarding UFOs that surprised many who are knowledgeable about the subject.

To not give too much away, the story revolves around a pilot who is chastised for reporting a UFO sighting. He spends much of his time trying to prove his sighting and when something goes wrong, I won’t say what, he’s then recruited to a team of a congressman to venture into Mainland China to recover a flying saucer. Things go from bad to worse and the ending is a real thrill ride. It’s not a “happy camper” sort of story although there are moments of humor. You’ll see several favorite character actors of the day you wouldn’t expect to see in an espionage drama which the movie turns out to be.

What’s of major interest is what goes on with the flying saucer and I’ll leave it there.

This movie is in my top five of UFO movies of the classic era. There are alien invasion movies but there are those UFO/Flying Saucer movies that give a lot of thoughtful information and real data. Of careful note, pay attention to the theories regarding the propulsion system of the flying saucer. I saw “The Bamboo Saucer” late one night on CBS channel 2 way back in the early 1980s when I lived in the Hudson Valley area. I found this movie delightful, funny, very tense at times, well grounded in human and political issues such as the trust problems we had during the Cold War.

So enjoy “The Bamboo Saucer” and spot the actors who are the performers that the general public around the world are quite familiar with and still endure.

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Here’s a very interesting UFO news account coming again from China.

In this report, the staff of the Hohhot Air Traffic Management Bureau detected a UFO near Baotou, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region around 8 p.m. Sept, 11.

The incident was of such importance that several planes were ordered to land to avoid a collision with the object.

Not only were some planes ordered to land, others were diverted to other airports, some were ordered to circle the airport until getting clearance to land. Airports Taiyuan and Erdos took on additional diverted flights.

Since the UFO was detected by instrumentation that means an object did exist and was of such importance that these measures to avoid disaster were employed.

We’ll wait for any analysis and resolution to this new and startling story.

You can read the account by clicking here.

UFO spotted hovering for three hours over Zhejiang Province

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UFO spotted hovering for three hours over Zhejiang Province

Well here’s more on the UFO seen over Zhejiang Province in China. This time with photos and video and a news interview. Still just a blurry/fuzzy thing captured on camera but an update nonetheless.

New UFO Spotted Over China’s Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province

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China’s People’s Daily News Reports New UFO Sighting In Southwestern Haiyan County Of Eastern China’s Zhejiang Province

You can read the full story by clicking here.

According to the report, witnesses tracked the large object for 3 hours. Some reportedly took pictures and video of the object. What’s of special note is that not one but two objects were seen. We’ll wait for any pictures of this UFO over Haiyan County and for the analysis of any pictures or videos.

Read the original report and we’ll wait for more data so that experts can make a sound investigation of the event.

More Chinese UFO Videos And Reports

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Here’s a new video of yet another UFO report over China. This video comes via the LA Times. We’ve had recently UFO reports from many of the major mainstream news services which disturbs me. Why? Because anytime the mainstream news jumps on something it’s because some money is to be made or some propoganda is to be pushed. In regard to UFOlogy, why the sudden interest? Because the economy is so rotten they’re covering the news that does make money. You the public makes the UFO issue so popular for almost two decades on the internet and Hollywood and TV have made billions from the subject.

However, you won’t find too many wealthy UFOlogists, the people who actually go out and do the research but that’s another story.

We’ll have to wait for further analysis of these recent UFO sightings in China to determine if any solid data can be presented to the public for evaluation.

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