Update: I’m Working On Adult Coloring Books Too!

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Update:  I'm Working On Adult Coloring Books Too!

Hey there folks. To pay for my UFO research I work as a professional cartoonist. My newest venture is in the popular adult coloring book phenom sweeping the country. My books are a combination of coloring book, comic book, and children’s book. Here are a few pieces of promo for my latest project. Hope you like. I’ll be doing some UFO based coloring books as well so stay tuned for further announcements!


I Also Draw Comic Books

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Hey gang, just hot off the presses is the TeknoComics series, Neil Gaiman’s Lady Justice! This anthology is put together by exec and Marvel Comics legend Jim Salicrup at his new company, Super Genius. Inside the anthology you’ll find three stories pencilled/illustrated by me. The writer of the three issue story arc is Wendi Lee, inks by Joe Kubert’s School of Cartooning exec, Mike Chen, and colors by artist David Hillman. Lots of action, supernatural thrills and more. Click the cover to order your copy today!

Yes, I’ve spent years as a professional illustrator and I may do some comic books/graphic novels regarding UFOs. ¬†

I’ve talked to several UFOlogists I know about doing some comics and graphic novels and it looks like it would be a fun project. ¬†Stay tuned for more.

Justin Bieber Has A Comic Book?

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Hi gang, in one of my real jobs I’m a professional illustrator. I love working in comics and recently got back into the industry. My new assignment is to illustrate the new Justin Beiber comic book and graphic novel for the popular Bluewater comics company.

Bluewater has been making major headlines because of the star power associated with the company. Numerous celebrities have signed up to have their own comic books and graphic novels produced and these celebrities actually write their own books, help with editing and more! It’s a real kick to have such stars as Ellen Degeneres, William Shatner, Justin Bieber, and the ever beautiful Julie Newmar as working pros in the comics arena.

So stay tuned and I’ll let you know more as we go along.

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