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I’d heard about this a while back and it just posted to their YouTube site a few days ago.

It’s charming, exciting, and of course a real gutbuster of a laugh.

These shorts are amazing. Studios should do more shorts and show them at theatres. I guess the reason they don’t is because the shorts are better than the movies that follow them.

Anyway, as someone who is all up into UFOs and chats with all the top UFOlogists daily, this PIXAR short is a welcomed good spirited look at the phenomenon.


City councillor for Winchester in Hampshire, England, Councillor Adrian Hicks, Takes Stand On UFOs

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Now this is one the wildest UFO stories ever. It centers around a city councillor of Winchester in Hampshire, England named Adrian Hicks who professes to have seen an alien woman walking along a busy street in broad daylight. He even states in this video clip that others saw her and even took pictures as one might have suspected. It’s one of those stories you just toss out the window with the bath water because it sounds so absurd. For the sake of investigating a UFO, extraterrestrial report, we’ll follow this story here to see how it unfolds and hopefully the data gleaned will bring to light any validity or mischievous doings afoot.

This story was brought to my attention by noted British cerealogist Colin Andrews who is renowned for his study of the enigmatic crop circle phenomenon. I’m one to jab good Colin when he sends me these stories as I’m familiar with the cousins over there who are good for a lark now and then. Colin seems to believe the councillor so we’ll see what shakes from this tree.

Discuss this story here in the UFO Mafia Message Board


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UFO Sightings In Britain Triple This Year

Here’s an alarming item from the UK’s Telegraph newspaper. It’s a report on the statistics of UFO sightings over this year and the results are that the sightings number has tripled so far. It’s only September but the amount of UFO sightings in this year’s unprecedented UFO flap has broken records.

Dr. David Clarke, noted UFO expert and journalism professional is quoted several times in the story giving details about the importance of this issue.

Go ahead and click this link to read more about this astounding revelation.



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This is an update on one of the most startling UFO stories ever. I’m priviledged in that the primary newsman on the scene is legendary journalist Jaime Maussan. Jaime pointed out this story a year or so and has headed the investigation from the ground floor up. Even though he’s a friend, Jaime agreed to let me grill him regarding the research and grill him I did. I went through everything from the creature’s dentition to it’s DNA. I asked him about it’s physiology and traces of food etc. in it’s system. Jaime went straight to the dozens of top scientists who’ve been stumped by this creature and they finally were able to extract DNA from the remains. It was a tedious and arduous task to perform but several experts engaged in this stage of the research.

I can’t reveal everything Jaime has told me as it’s being studied still and the History Channel has data on the creature and story.

Needless to say, this discovery is one of those that is going to rewrite the history books big time if the data gleaned already pans out as it has so far. There’s still some mileage to go but so far I can say it’s been far more than interesting to track the research and it calls for far more attention by scientists and journalist globally. You can read the latest story by clicking here.

The Swiss Look At UFO Disclosures

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Swiss look at the Britain’s UFO disclosures

This article is very interesting because in this Swiss newspaper, they not only look at the recent mega disclosures by the British Government regarding UFOs, but the Swiss are asking what their own government may know about the controversy.

The number of files released by the UK are such to the degree that it will take some while as experts and the public pour over them.

There’s no telling if the Swiss Government has an extensive UFO file that the Swiss people may petition to reveal. If so it would be a coup as it would add to the mountain of documentation already released by countries such as the UK, France, Mexico, Brazil, and Russia.

Why the U.S. Government doesn’t fall in with this honesty nor the Australian government says much doesn’t it?

Follow up to the ABC News Primetime UFOs/alien abduction segment

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In all fairness I have to say not only was I close but also surprised.

This segment started out exactly as I had suspected. The first mistake was when the narrator Ju Ju Chang stated that the people to be interviewed all “believe in UFOs”.

That set my teeth on edge right there. Not only was I now convinced I was in store for more half-assed reporting and segment direction. To say someone believes in UFOs is absurd. You cannot believe in a UFO as UFO means only Unidentified Flying Object. It’s a scientific term meaning something flying that convention cannot explain. The more proper statement would have been that the persons to be interviewed “believe they’ve been in contact with extraterrestrials”. See, it’s best to say that some UFOs are theorized to be of extraterrestrial origin. There are many theories as to what some UFOs may be.

Next the segment moved onto a more stable approach by finally letting abductees relate their experiences. Chang asked some safe but important questions but they were so lightweight they left more questions than answers. It might have served ABC and the public more if the full subject of abduction were addressed and to what solid scientific methods have, are, and should be employed to validate the phenomena. Has anyone been fitted with a tracking device like we use for convicts who are under house arrest? If not, why not? How long has the phenomenon been going on? How widespread is it?

This segment only safely surfed the issue and the director/producer just had to use quick cuts to movies and unexplained photographs. In other words it was dressed up to within an inch of it’s life as a UFO entertainment piece instead of an informative look on one of the most widespread phenomena of our age. Of course it had to segue’ into what the psychiatric professionals had to evaluate and instead of discussing the findings of the most important psychiatrist to look into the issue, they glance over it to more speculation and nebulous conclusions.

The level of sloppiness wasn’t as high as I had expected although close. It was more of an approach that said the issue is important enough to warrant a glance but no teeth got sunk into this shark.

Dr. Susan Clancy and her evaluation of the phenomena is again so far off base regarding the types of abductions and the wide array of circumstances that to us who have studied, she sounds like a kindergarten colleague. She may mean well, but she’s got a heck of a lot of homework to do. She states that the people she’s examined or interviewed aren’t crazy and that’s what several experts have stated during the past 10 years or so. This is in contrast to what used to be done to people not only who’ve claimed to have been abducted but also just witnesses, as in the old days they would have been sent to a psychiatric hospital and I would have said, or worse, but I can’t think of anything worse than being sent to a psychiatric hospital other than being sent to one in Siberia.

Will this news segment open up dialogue? Hopefully it will but only if that dialogue moves in the direction of the solid application of real science and real detective work. We need that science and detective work to get to the bottom of this issue as well as weed out the charlatans.

The ride ain’t over yet folks.

The Rising UFO Situation In The UK

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For the past year the UK has had an astounding number of very public UFO sightings and incidents that range from craft hovering over homes before multiple witnesses, aircraft having to dodge UFOs that almost collided with them, the release of government UFO documents, computer hacker Gary McKinnon’s battle against extradition to the U.S. for hacking into Pentagon computers whilst searching for UFO information, and of recent, a UFO appearing live on television during anchorman Colin Briggs morning BBC broadcast.

We in UFOlogy normally stay on top of things from Great Britain via former Ministry of Defence officer Nick Pope who is the man when it comes to UFO research across the pond. However nowadays the news is so frequent even good ol’ Nick who has given me a quote or two here on the UFO Mafia Blog is up to his glasses in reports.

I’ve mentioned this time and again that any UFO disclosure from the super power arena will come from England way before it comes from the U.S.. We’ve had disclosures from England, France, Russia, China, and several other countries. However the U.S. continues to play a cat and mouse game even when they’re caught lying through their teeth.

The theories as to why the U.S. is so reluctant to confront the matter are numerous but we can rest assured that it’s not because they’re unaware of the situation, the mountains of documentation and highly credible witnesses refutes any official denials. Therefore we are left with one disturbing conclusion and that is that the U.S. has somehow screwed up some form of contact with the intelligences behind these UFO incidents on a scale that would undermine the U.S.’s control. What that screw up or screw ups are remain in debate but more credible sources have emerged that suggest that decades ago there was some form of exchange of information that went awry. If one considers the numerous scandals and blunders committed over the past 60 years one can only imagine to what extent the U.S. has fouled things up.

The U.S. has, and continues to lie, evade, and lack in the integrity it is granted by it’s own laws regarding the informing of the public to it’s operations and if they’ll lie about the drug trade, organized crime, Iran Contra, and more, then it’s better than even money they’re lying about UFOs.

It’s a shame we’ll have to rely on a foreign power to raise our knowledge of the UFO issue but that’s what things are pointing to.

Some of us in UFOlogy are suggesting a collective protest of barraging our governors, legislators, and the White House with emails about the UFO situation until someone bellies up to the bar and acts responsibly regarding the matter. Perhaps I’ll post a list of all acting governors and legislators and their office email data so that you all can let them know how you feel.


Elmwood, Minnesota Celebrating UFO Encounters…Party on!

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Elmwood Minnesota Celebrates UFOs

If you’re in the vicinity of Elmwood, Minnesota you might want to drop in on the good folks there to help them celebrate their anniversary of several UFO incidents that occurred there in the 1970’s.

According to an article by the Andy Rathbun of the Pioneer Press, the folks in Elmwood will be putting on quite a shindig this weekend.

We Americans will make a celebration out of any event, good or bad. These UFO events keep on cropping up as people find them quite the smart way to generate capital and nowadays capital needs to be generated.

Add to all that the community spirit these growing events cultivate. Stories get told, recipes get invented, all good things emerging from these events from the unknown.

UFOs may not be saints, but where they land, miracles occur.

( I might get in trouble for that last line! )

The UFO Mafia Message Board Forum!

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Okay gang, the UFO Mafia message board and forum is almost ready so you can click here for it. Bear with me while I tweak the theme and add the necessary forum topics. Bookmark for now.

You’ll be able to discuss UFOs without any arguments and ridicule. Also hopefully events and books and videos regarding UFOs will be posted to keep you up to date on the topic.

More Amazing Crop Circle News

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Giant 300ft long crop circle formed in Wiltshire barley field

For years now crop circles have fascinated the public as these often massive formations seem to have no culprits. Sure several pranksters have been caught or have admitted to some of these formations but it’s easy to tell when they’re made by a few people with planks and rope. This latest feature is gigantic, about the size of a football field and no one was seen making it. That’s a constant with these monstrous sized crop circles because no one short of a small army could make them fast enough without someone detecting them.

Some of these crop circles are so massive and intricate that one wonders what devices do we have and what technologies do we have that could produce them. My first impression is that they’re somehow created by satellite, pranksters at the controls in some secret bunker or government lab that get a kick out of ribbing us mere mortals.

Well Colin Andrews, the foremost authority on crop circles is updating me on this phenom and his data is growing more alarming with each communique’. I’ll keep you all posted on the latest but make sure to go to his website at:

Colin Andrews’ crop circle website

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