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Okay so here we have another turnabout in the “Does life exist on Mars” debate. Today it was announced by NASA that photos of the red planet indicate that there may be flowing water on Mars thus bolstering the possibility of life on Mars.

That’s a longshot assumption but at least they’re still looking. However, we’ve sent numerous probes to Mars and only one was designed to search for life for some unknown reason. That was the Viking probe sent in the 1970s. Our Mars probes and Europe’s probes have found everything except life on Mars. The European Space Agency’s last probe, Beagle, crashed or disappeared and it was designed to search for life. All the other accompanying ESA probes worked except that one.

Needless to say, with NASA’s budget cut and thousands of their employees kicked to the curb with no hope of employment in the near future, if there are any secrets to be told about what NASA really knows, it will come out as those paychecks and unemployment checks run out.

This discovery by no means shows that there is life on Mars, but it does add to the evidence that points to either there is life there in some form or another. Considering the stonewalling the U.S. Government has engaged in regarding the extraterrestrial or space alien subject, the only way any disclosure will come about is if there’s money to be had in saying so.

Stay tuned is all I have to say.

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NASA Scientist Reveals Evidence Of Extraterrestrial Life Found In Meteorite

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NASA Scientists Reveals Evidence Of Extraterrestrial Life Found In Meteorite


Extraterrestrial life in a meteorite

One of my rules regarding UFO stories and extraterrestrial stories is not to get too excited until the proof comes in. In this case, FOX news is reporting that a NASA scientist named Dr. Richard B. Hoover, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center has declared in the March edition of the Journal of Cosmology that he’s convinced that he’s found fossilized extraterrestrial life in a meteorite.

To back up his claim, Dr. Hoover presented findings from a special meteorite called a C/1 carbonaceous chondrite, one of only nine such meteorites to exist on Earth so far. He used an electron microscope as part of his examination process to find extraterrestrial life in a meteorite and he may have hit paydirt.

His theory is that he’s actually found extraterrestrial life in a meteorite and that the fossilized remains are due to the meteorite coming from a parent body such as another planet, asteroid or moon and somehow ended up crashing into the Earth.

Proof of extraterrestrial life

In order for Dr. Hoover to provide proof of extraterrestrial life he’ll have to go through the most stringent of critical analysis ever seen and that’s what’s been going on according to this story. He’s not found one example of fossilized organisms but several varieties. However, that’s not proof of extraterrestrial life yet. That’s why the Journal of Cosmology invited a large number of scientists, probably the largest ever assembled to examine Dr. Hoover’s results to see if he indeed has provided proof of extraterrestrial life.

So sit tight folks as it’s going to be awhile before this new discovery gets the final green light millions have been waiting for.

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This is another outstanding example of scientists making a discovery about the resiliency of life and it’s building blocks.

Just a few weeks ago scientists announced the discovery of bacteria found in California that use arsenic instead of phosphorous to sustain themselves. That alone flipped the history books over on their ends as it says that life uses other sources outside of the standard profile and can utilize other materials.

Now this new story, which you can read by CLICKING HERE details how scientists found amino acids, the building blocks of life inside meteorites whose internal heat had reached an estimated 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit!

No one believed previously in the scientific community that amino acids could exist at such extreme temperatures, considering the Sun’s surface is 11,000 degrees this is something that says alot.

This is another major step up for exobiologists as it proves that the building blocks of life can exist in extremes hitherto believed impossible. This also adds to the theory that those building blocks could have arrived on Earth via such asteroid and meteor impacts of the past providing that footstool that life as we know it could stand on and take root and develop into us.

One might also theorize that these amino acids are just common to the process of matter configuration and may have developed on Earth during it’s formation as well as from the bombardment of extraplanetary bodies such as meteorites and asteroids and comets.

Amino acids are necessary for the development and sustaining of life. Of that there is no doubt. However, for them to exist inside a rocky structure that reached heated levels of such extremes of thousands of degrees says alot that scientists can now examine and restructure the scientific data.

It’s becoming quite clear, almost conclusive that life is a phenomenon that exists where conditions permit not only on Earth but in our solar system and throughout the known Universe. The question of whether life exists in the Universe should not even be asked anymore, the questions now should be that what forms has it taken, have we encountered any from bacterial to advanced, and what causes and effects may have occurred or will occur.

This is an exciting time for science and changes the speculation spectrum. This is where UFOlogy should be, side by side with science, not in constant conflict and undermining and that goes for scientists as well.

The two discoveries detailed here are the two out of three primary points in the debate regarding extraterrestrial life. There’s only one point left and that’s validation of it with discovery of such. It may have already occurred or it may be in the process of being validated. More than likely we’ll hear of bacterial or microbial life having been discovered and validated and the story regarding Martian meteorites with fossilized bacteria in them may be that validation.

The subject of extraterrestrial life has been a thorn in the side of government, especially the U.S. Government for over half a century. It is the only government presenting such overwhelmingly documented resistance, attack, and retribution toward citizens, scientists, military, and journalists who’ve ventured into the realm of researching the possibility or reality of any form of extraterrestrial contact. Why this occurs is a debate all unto itself but one can rest assured it has something to do with political and social and monetary investments that are governed by insidious sources who fear such a discovery would undermine their goals.

Just business as usual on Earth.


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Here we go again with another mysterious press conference from NASA regarding astrobiology and the internet is abuzz with theories that NASA will announce something in regard to life on Mars, the moon Titan, or some other space body.

Again, we’ve seen this a dozen times over where NASA announces some big conference, we all tune in and they start gabbing about how they found a molecule on a bug’s kneecap or some wavelength pattern that only some egghead would give two farts about.

Whatever the announcement is I’d put good money on it being some ‘observation’ of some ‘phenomena’ that requires further examination aka “let’s figure out a mystery that will get us more funding”.

Now that NASA’s budget has been cut and people are getting laid off left and right NASA is now playing the ET card as they know it garners public attention and then funding.

The old NASA game is over, they know the public is smarter and aware of the games government plays including the games contractors play in order to get more money.

Don’t hold your breath gang, this isn’t going to be a NASA announces that extraterrestrial life has been found, full of bells and whistles video and pictures. It’s going to be one of two things, some scientific egghead information no one could care about or it will be some discovery that is an attempt to get more funding for NASA.

Thursday, 2pm Eastern is when they’re going to make an announcement. If you READ THE OFFICIAL NASA PRESS RELEASE HERE you’ll notice it says the ‘search’ for ‘evidence’ of extraterrestrial life. Plus the press release is like four down on the page’s list.

UPDATE 12/4/10

See? I told you guys so!

This latest NASA story that was the source of enormous hype and bs all over the web and news turned out to be something nowhere near what it was hyped up to be.

My first rule of UFO investigation is and always will be: Never get excited about anything UFO/extraterrestrial.

Why? Because there’s never anything there!

I must point out however that this discovery of NASA that some life on Earth utilizes arsenic instead of phosphorous is of major importance because it shows life is far more interesting a process than scientists were willing to accept. It validates both theories and philosophies of both scientists and speculators and especially authors of science fiction.

What this says is that life can form, and does form using processes other than the standard model and we should not be surprised if we find life in environments our abilities and will fail to embrace. Add to all that another discovery in the news this week that there may well be three times the number of stars in the Universe than previously thought and you’ve to another example of us basically saying again and again, we have no freakin’ idea what’s out there and the arrogant scientists and commentators should just shut the eff up while we continue to study.

Mystery Missle Like Contrail From UFO Solved?

November 10, 2010 on 11:48 pm | In Close Encounter Of The First Kind, JPL, NASA, NEWS, UFOs | No Comments

UFO Missile Trail Caught On Blogger’s Webcam?

This video of the missile like contrail UFO incident over the coast of California is about solved here. Apparently the plume was not vertical but horizontal as the aircraft headed toward the camera. However there are other questions that have arisen that continues to add to this incident. It’s best to wait to the end of this investigation for the real deal.

Update on the UFO situation

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Well, lots has been going on in the UFO field. Mostly more reports and surprisingly large amounts of sightings from the British Commonwealth nations. Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia have reports pouring in on a daily basis. Considering the British Ministry of Defense has stated that UFOs are no threat, mirroring what the United States has said for decades, it’s a bother that people have no where to turn officially to voice their concerns about UFOs.

The other day NASA had a press conference regarding their plans for searching for extraterrestrial life. They’ve not updated their website as of this posting regarding the conference so tabloid papers like The Sun from the UK posted articles claiming that the U.S. has found evidence of life on Mars. That story states life in microbial form is evident but no official announcement from NASA has been issued. I doubt very highly, almost certainly that the U.S. will never admit to extraterrestrial life in any form any time soon nor will it’s allies nor enemies.

I’ve mentioned this anomaly before. Legend has it that the U.S. is behind a global conspiracy to conceal the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth but that doesn’t excuse why our enemies wouldn’t make the declaration that they do exist. We know for a fact that the issue of UFOs has and still is of super top secret concern for the U.S. and our so called enemy states like Iran, China, Venezuela which all have daily UFO reports coming in have yet to post any disclosures. That’s curious in that they know it would upset the apple cart of U.S. policy and force the U.S. government’s hand in addressing the issue.

Curiouser and curiouser.

So at present the private sector and independent news services have to take the bulk of public concerns and collect UFO reports and data. This helps in that significant reports end up in that realm and not hidden behind government screens. That’s the wild card right there. At any given moment a new and astounding report can come through and go viral on the web and gum up the works.

As attractive as these accounts may be we still need to do the science, the raw investigation and not fall prey to sensationalism. My first rule of UFO investigation is “Never get excited about a UFO report.”. That keeps one’s analysis on an even keel and not subject to foolhardy steps.

So at best, keep an eye out for news reports and participate with the investigators.

There is one danger, a growing danger, the privatization of UFOlogy wherein the best reports get bought up and sequestered thus depriving the public of valuable data.

In these times of global upheaval we need all the data we can get.


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This must have been some sight for folks out in the midwest.

When these meteors roll in at this speed and this size they put on quite a show and often shake folks up.

You can see several videos and pictures of this fireball, meteor by clicking this link

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picture of mysterious space object taken by NASA Hubble telescope

Well let’s hope that this object detected by the Hubble Telescope is quickly identified and left to rest. Reason being, that when such events occur they may spawn any number of scam artists and crackpots who turn the situation into an incident where people get defrauded or even injured or killed.

Superstitious people and people who are just ignorant to the facts often fall prey to these cons so we endorse using sound science first and that’s just what we should do.

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According to this story, NASA and other space officials are bewildered regarding an object that will speed past Earth on Wednesday January 13, 2010.

The object won’t hit Earth but it’s presence confounds the experts.

This has the ingredients of a panic attack story as it is on the 13th of a month and it is a mysterious object in outer space.

Just keep your shirts on and don’t fall for any doomsday shenanigans folks.

picture of mysterious ufo passing by earth on january 13th 2010


December 19, 2009 on 12:34 am | In History, NASA, NEWS, Science, UFOs, Unidentified Flying Object | No Comments


I’ve been fortunate to chat with Coast To Coast AM’s Science Advisor, Richard C. Hoagland. Mr. Hoagland is renowned for his analysis of science issues in the news and has been a lecturer, former NASA advisor and advisor to CBS News to name a few of his accolades. He owns and operates the popular website ENTERPRISE MISSION.

He sent me a link to his latest research regarding his analysis of the recent aerial phenomenon over Norway in which a huge spiral accompanied by a big blue beam had made headlines all over the world.

No sensationalism here, just a nuts and bolts look at what he feels is the true source of the phenom.

Likewise in Russia, there have been several strange aerial phenomena over the past year including a huge ring of light in the clouds, strange shapes such as swords, pyramids etc. startling and amazing folks all over the world. We’re lucky to have folks like Mr. Hoagland around to give us an insight into how science investigates these phenomena.

You can read his analysis with pictures and videos by clicking this link: RICHARD C. HOAGLAND’S ANALYSIS OF SPIRAL AERIAL EVENT IN NORWAY.

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