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Hey gang, just hot off the presses is the TeknoComics series, Neil Gaiman’s Lady Justice! This anthology is put together by exec and Marvel Comics legend Jim Salicrup at his new company, Super Genius. Inside the anthology you’ll find three stories pencilled/illustrated by me. The writer of the three issue story arc is Wendi Lee, inks by Joe Kubert’s School of Cartooning exec, Mike Chen, and colors by artist David Hillman. Lots of action, supernatural thrills and more. Click the cover to order your copy today!

Yes, I’ve spent years as a professional illustrator and I may do some comic books/graphic novels regarding UFOs. ¬†

I’ve talked to several UFOlogists I know about doing some comics and graphic novels and it looks like it would be a fun project. ¬†Stay tuned for more.


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The late movie director Ed Wood Jr. left us a legacy of the most unusual movies ever filmed. He is known as the worst director of all time and his classic movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space” stands alone in cinematic history.

It tells the tale of space aliens using human bodies, dead bodies to carry out their invasion plans. Oddball but it coughed up laughs and scares in the old days and more laughs today.

However, what if Ed Wood Jr. was telling his tale based on the truth?

I for one have some information that not only did Ed Wood Jr. have access to top level UFO information I also know whom he got it from. This is a blockbuster of a disclosure but it fit like a glove.

It all wraps itself around the Hudson Valley, the hotspot of UFOs where Ed Wood Jr. grew up. Tales of aliens and other strange beings go back before the settlers here and now the truth can be told if the public can take it. So stand by.

Greg Boone on the Jeff Rense Radio Program Sept. 3, 2013

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Hey gang, I’ll be on the Jeff Rense Program on Tuesday night from 8-9 pm PACIFIC TIME….PACIFIC TIME….PACIFIC TIME!

The reason why I’ll be on the radio program is because four weeks ago I literally died in the hospital and they revived me.

Yep you got that right, I’m one of those very rare people who have died and been resurrected.

What happened? You have to tune in on Tuesday night to find out. In addition, I’ll be giving Jeff two exclusive UFO news tips that should rock your socks.

What happened on the other side? You’ll find out Tuesday night!

You can tune in for FREE by going to this link:

Click here to listen to the program

You’ll be able to use a choice of radio software to listen to the program.

UFOs over New York?

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UFOs Over New York?

Well, like the lyrics of that John Lennon song, there was quite a stir today as UFOs appeared over New York.

The explanations are fast as supposed balloons, but nothing conclusive has rolled in yet so we’ll have to wait to
see what happens next.

Here are two strories with videos and pictures regard this UFO incident over New York on October 13, 2010.

Video of UFO over New York, October 13, 2010

Man labeled as jensenmatchett posted a video on YouTube that caused quite a stir. Caution this video has profanity. See it by clicking here

Incoming search terms:

  • hicks lake bc

Having lots of fun with the new UFO MAFIA radio program!

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Well, I’m having lots of fun configuring the new radio program. I want it full featured so that we all can chat and give our opinions and promote your books, websites etc. about the UFO subject. So stay tuned for more and don’t forget you can follow the UFO MAFIA on Titter at:

No Virginia, There Are No Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth

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I know that I will piss off lots of people but this is a prelude to a longer essay pointing out that of this date not one shred of proof has yet come to the table that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth, have visited Earth, or are on their way.

Sure there’s lots of “evidence” but without solid physical proof it’s still just ONE theory as to the origin of SOME UFOs.

What that means is that there are many theories as to the origins of some UFO reports. Theories like this include top secret government craft that we know has been the case several times. That some UFOs have been and are advanced private air and spacecraft that are unregistered. That some UFOs may be life forms we’ve yet to classify.

There are many theories and the most exciting being that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin. That theory alone has spawned more theories and speculation to the point of overwhelm. There are societies, religions, groups that claim to have the inside knowledge and far too many times has led to disaster and fraud. You’ve got to be on your toes for this.

I know there are some who’ll point to the Billy Meier case. A Swiss farmer who years ago presented several startling films, pictures, and books regarding his experiences. Sure it’s all entertaining and amazing but where is the physical proof? If these aliens meant so well it’s certain they’re aware that no one in government and science believes them, so why the stonewalling? It’s simple, they’re either incredibly stupid or they don’t exist. It doesn’t get any more complicated than that.

Oh, the Betty and Barney Hill case? One of the classics of this phenomenon. A couple from America claimed to have been observant of and abducted by extraterrestrials. An exciting case no doubt, but where is the physical proof?

Roswell. The mother of all UFO incidents. Lots of documents, speculation, books, tv, movies, but where is the physical proof?

Not one government, friend nor foe has come forward with any physical proof whatsoever in over 60 years of this phenomenon.

Why? Ask yourself “Why?”.

Now, does this mean that extraterrestrials and/or their mechanisms hasn’t or aren’t visiting Earth? No. What it means is that there is no physical proof to support it as conclusive.

There’s much more and even the trace cases, samples of flora, fauna, soil of areas where a UFO report has occurred are nothing more than evidence that something occurred or affected said at the location of a UFO report.

Let’s get oriented here as we may be missing out on a more prosaic but unsettling theory with far more physical evidence but shunned by even the most fervent UFO fan. That theory I’ll deal with in a longer essay as it would be so disturbing, if true, than any visit by extraterrestrials.

So again, at present, not one iota of proof has emerged to conclude that ETs are in any way, shape, or form a part of our development on Earth. That could change tomorrow or a year from now or a century from now, but as of right now there just isn’t anything. Sorry to hurt the feelings of those awaiting a spectacular landing and the emergence of the “Space Brothers” who’ll bring in a new age of benevolence but that’s so far from the farm there’s no way you can milk the cows.

So stand by for a further dissertation.

In the meantime, when someone says “extraterrestrials did this or that”, ask them to show you the PROOF or keep it in the realm of the anecdotal for now.


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I thought I’d heard it all up until now.

That UFO abductees had all sorts of disorders and then
that abductees were reliving past life stuff and that there
was post prenatal configurations of the unconscious mind.

Now here’s a new one:


Yes, you read that right, mosquitoes. That UFO abductees
are actually experiencing latent memories of mosquito
bites. That when mosquitoes bite they create a psychological
cascade of unconscious fears that pile up and up and manifest
as delusions so real that we can’t tell the difference.

The similarities of bug eyed aliens with long probes extracting
fluids is so traumatizing that the mind fills in the blanks,
exaggerates and since some mosquito bites can cause
delirium like as in malaria, abductees are misinterpreting the
mosquito intrusions.

Now we know mosquitoes have been the number one cause
of death of humans since who knows when as they carry any
number of diseases and do transmit genetic material from
other animals but this explanation just went so over the top
as a grasping of straws that I had to post it.

Has anyone ever heard of this before?



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Folks, believe it or not on May 28-30 at the Pasadena Convention Center there will be a big fan convention featuring comic books, sci fi, rock and roll music, and UFOs!

It’s called the Rockin’ Comic Con and somehow I got Coast to Coast AM host George Noory and his producer Tom Danheiser to attend and give a “meet and greet” session! Yes, George and Tom will be there to meet you all and hang out and ask questions and maybe sign autographs of his books.

This will be a must be at event as legendary Marvel Comics fearless leader Stan Lee will be there too! Can you guys imagine Stan Lee and George Noory at the same event?

Rock bands The Motels, The Waddy Wachtel Band, When In Rome, The Cradle Robbers, Flock Of Seagulls, The Hollywood All Starz, Dramarama, Dave Schulz, and Mitch Perry are some of the headliner rockers who’ll be there too!

These conventions are growing by leaps and bounds with lots of celebrities, cosplay events, and now we’re seeing UFOs as part of the information and entertainment venue!

If you need to get tickets just contact the official website by CLICKING HERE.

Incoming search terms:

  • new sea creatures discovered
  • mysterious sea creatures


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Well for all you long time UFO aficionados you’ll remember Jeff Rense’s “Sightings” website. Since 1994 it was the top spot for UFO reporting and radio. Jeff has revived the site so that you can get the latest UFO news, pictures, movies, video, radio, and interviews. It’s the one stop shop for everything UFOs and your’s truly has been appointed the forum moderator there. It’s an honor and privilege to be along with Jeff and long time respected UFO researcher Brian Vike.

The day before the site went up, Jeff broke one of the most important stories in UFO history. A retired Air Force Colonel got on the air live and disclosed that it was his job as part of the Pentagon’s investigation team regarding UFOs to examine UFO crash sites! No one ever has come forward with as much information and it’s shaking the halls of UFOlogy. His name is Col. Robert Willingham (ret) and you can listen to his radio interview for free on the website.

City councillor for Winchester in Hampshire, England, Councillor Adrian Hicks, Takes Stand On UFOs

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Now this is one the wildest UFO stories ever. It centers around a city councillor of Winchester in Hampshire, England named Adrian Hicks who professes to have seen an alien woman walking along a busy street in broad daylight. He even states in this video clip that others saw her and even took pictures as one might have suspected. It’s one of those stories you just toss out the window with the bath water because it sounds so absurd. For the sake of investigating a UFO, extraterrestrial report, we’ll follow this story here to see how it unfolds and hopefully the data gleaned will bring to light any validity or mischievous doings afoot.

This story was brought to my attention by noted British cerealogist Colin Andrews who is renowned for his study of the enigmatic crop circle phenomenon. I’m one to jab good Colin when he sends me these stories as I’m familiar with the cousins over there who are good for a lark now and then. Colin seems to believe the councillor so we’ll see what shakes from this tree.

Discuss this story here in the UFO Mafia Message Board

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