Greg Boone on the Jeff Rense Radio Program Sept. 3, 2013

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Hey gang, I’ll be on the Jeff Rense Program on Tuesday night from 8-9 pm PACIFIC TIME….PACIFIC TIME….PACIFIC TIME!

The reason why I’ll be on the radio program is because four weeks ago I literally died in the hospital and they revived me.

Yep you got that right, I’m one of those very rare people who have died and been resurrected.

What happened? You have to tune in on Tuesday night to find out. In addition, I’ll be giving Jeff two exclusive UFO news tips that should rock your socks.

What happened on the other side? You’ll find out Tuesday night!

You can tune in for FREE by going to this link:

Click here to listen to the program

You’ll be able to use a choice of radio software to listen to the program.

UFOs over New York?

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UFOs Over New York?

Well, like the lyrics of that John Lennon song, there was quite a stir today as UFOs appeared over New York.

The explanations are fast as supposed balloons, but nothing conclusive has rolled in yet so we’ll have to wait to
see what happens next.

Here are two strories with videos and pictures regard this UFO incident over New York on October 13, 2010.

Video of UFO over New York, October 13, 2010

Man labeled as jensenmatchett posted a video on YouTube that caused quite a stir. Caution this video has profanity. See it by clicking here

Incoming search terms:

  • hicks lake bc

Having lots of fun with the new UFO MAFIA radio program!

September 21, 2010 on 2:16 am | In , NEWS, Paranormal, PODCAST, RADIO, Social Networking, UFOs, WEBCAST | 2 Comments

Well, I’m having lots of fun configuring the new radio program. I want it full featured so that we all can chat and give our opinions and promote your books, websites etc. about the UFO subject. So stay tuned for more and don’t forget you can follow the UFO MAFIA on Titter at:


September 17, 2010 on 4:14 pm | In NEWS, PODCAST, RADIO, television, UFOs, WEBCAST | No Comments

With all the arguing and so on that goes on in UFOlogy, I figured I’d save my voice for a trial radio or podcast version talking about UFOs. I might have some guests on etc.

Expect lots of comedy because the only way to keep your sanity is to have a sense of humor.

No I won’t be debunking guests but just emphasizing the absurd and the obvious. Stay tuned for further updates.

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