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The late movie director Ed Wood Jr. left us a legacy of the most unusual movies ever filmed. He is known as the worst director of all time and his classic movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space” stands alone in cinematic history.

It tells the tale of space aliens using human bodies, dead bodies to carry out their invasion plans. Oddball but it coughed up laughs and scares in the old days and more laughs today.

However, what if Ed Wood Jr. was telling his tale based on the truth?

I for one have some information that not only did Ed Wood Jr. have access to top level UFO information I also know whom he got it from. This is a blockbuster of a disclosure but it fit like a glove.

It all wraps itself around the Hudson Valley, the hotspot of UFOs where Ed Wood Jr. grew up. Tales of aliens and other strange beings go back before the settlers here and now the truth can be told if the public can take it. So stand by.

President Obama’s White House Issues Report On UFOs…No ETs To Phone Home

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As part of his policy on transparency during his administration, the White House under President Obama has actually responded rather swiftly to inquiries regarding UFO and extraterrestrial questions posed by thousands who petitioned for answers.

It was Phil Larson of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy who explained on the White House website that,

“The U.S. government has no evidence that an life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race,” he continued with, “In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

Well, in effect he’s telling what he’s told to tell. How the White House did such a thorough investigation so fast is astounding to anyone who has done the boots on the ground research in UFOlogy. There’s well over 60 years of extensive data that appears contrary to the White House findings. It’s obvious the President and his administration don’t want to get anywhere near anything UFO related. It’s still a hotbed issue that for some reason has more security and evasiveness for something that isn’t supposed to exist.

Any UFOlogist worth their email address can tell you the U.S. has lied through its teeth for decades regarding UFOs. The big question is why? The latest statement from the White House says there has been no coverup regarding UFOs but the solid irrefutable proof has been published for decades. Even some of America’s top officials have been listed on record as confirming the coverups. To have the White House tell the public the opposite while under this new administration of Barack Obama’s that promised transparency to issue these statements is just downright disappointing on a level that is laughable.

It shows that either the White House researchers are lazy, sloppy, incompetent, or just outright lying or misinformed. Even on that last point of being misinformed it sends out a signal of duplicity by other powers to whom the public’s right to know isn’t a priority anymore.

Back in the day when UFOs or Flying Saucers as they were first called during the late 1940s first appeared, the U.S. was very upfront about the matter and proposed the first theories that the saucers were of interplanetary origin. Their first scientific reports stated that the saucers were not only of interplanetary origin but weren’t a threat to national security.

That was until the Roswell Incident of July, 1947.

Suddenly the gameplay changed. Now Flying Saucers and UFOs were an issue to sweep under the rug. Several secret and above board agencies were dispatched to investigate the phenomenon and soon the CIA was formed later that year. The first director of the CIA was Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter. Mind you he was the FIRST director of the agency. He knew more about UFOs along with a few other officials than anyone else. Yet almost 11 years later, after a decade of sightings and incidents that even had UFOs fly over the White House twice or three times during 1951, the same Admiral Hillenkoetter wrote a letter to Congress that was published in the NY Times where he berates the U.S. for it’s new secrecy policy about UFOs. It was Hillenkoetter along with former Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt of the early UFO government studies such as Project Grudge and Project Blue Book and retired Air Force Maj. Donald Keyhoe the groundbreaker in UFO research and disclosure who opened the public’s eyes to what officially had been going on.

They all didn’t meet eye to eye but their intent was honorable and their research above respectable.

Hillenkoetter’s letter as well as tens of thousands of released documents from the U.S. and other countries shows without a doubt that UFOs are more than just figments of the imagination. Surely some accounts are but for the White House researchers to dish out a negatory in regards to the petitions, especially in the areas of a coverup are just downright unprofessional at the least.

One wonders, if the Obama Administration with all its rhetoric about being for the people are willing to play the UFO secrecy and avoidance game then that says more about their fears and the fact that the American public must always use their own resources to find answers since their government will not.

If you want to read the original letter to Congress by Admiral Hillenkoetter as well as analysis and verification of what he proclaimed you can click here.

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Yawn! Another bogus supposed leaked Roswell zeta reticuli alien video.

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Here you have another video that has been making the rounds on the internet purportedly showing a space alien from Zeta Reticuli star system. This black and white video shows the object being measured for height. Details of the subjects head and body are shown.

I for one am calling it bogus due to several factors. Some so glaring that I don’t have the time to spend on them. Just ask yourselves the relevant questions while looking at it as in why would a video make the sound of a film projector?

You can do some amazing things with computers nowadays regarding special effects imagery and as long as these videos keep being churned out every week it seems, you’ll have that cottage industry of bogus UFO and alien videos and pics streaming.

Nowadays we can’t go by pics and videos. We need physical evidence of unquestionable validity. We’ve theorized UFOlogy to within an inch of it’s life and speculated beyond what’s necessary. It’s more than past the time to do real lab work. You will never, ever get a disclosure from any government on Earth regarding this subject so don’t hold your breath. The only thing we have is good old fashioned scientific research done in a laboratory.

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Salt Lake Tribune Uncovers FBI UFO Files

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Now here’s some homework at work.

The Salt Lake Tribune’s website focusing on Utah news has a story by reporter Lee Davidson that shows some solid, real journalism homework done.

Davidson’s article entitled “New FBI ‘vault’ discusses Utah UFOs, other secrets” focuses on the discovery using the online FBI documents archive, the archive open to the public that is, of documents pertaining to UFO incidents in Utah and more.

The UFO info should be of interest to the public and UFO researchers as they deal with official documents that one can peruse and use for reference material. some of the documents contain information long known to the UFO community but there is some new data also of interest.

It shows that the FBI was at a quandary in the early days of the UFO/Flying Saucer mystery and that then director J. Edgar Hoover was thirsty for anything regarding UFOs/Flying Saucers. UFO historians will point to previously uncovered documents that suggest several things in regard to the FBI’s involvement with UFOs/Flying Saucers and sometimes the conflict that departments had with one another such as the Army not giving information to the FBI and vice versa.

There is even an interesting paragraph regarding the famous UFO incident at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Some may find what the FBI was told by a source to be shocking if they haven’t heard or read the data before. In this case it’s data that was collected by the FBI and put into an official document.

So you can read more about reporter Lee Davidson’s well done article by CLICKING HERE.

No Virginia, There Are No Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth

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I know that I will piss off lots of people but this is a prelude to a longer essay pointing out that of this date not one shred of proof has yet come to the table that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth, have visited Earth, or are on their way.

Sure there’s lots of “evidence” but without solid physical proof it’s still just ONE theory as to the origin of SOME UFOs.

What that means is that there are many theories as to the origins of some UFO reports. Theories like this include top secret government craft that we know has been the case several times. That some UFOs have been and are advanced private air and spacecraft that are unregistered. That some UFOs may be life forms we’ve yet to classify.

There are many theories and the most exciting being that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin. That theory alone has spawned more theories and speculation to the point of overwhelm. There are societies, religions, groups that claim to have the inside knowledge and far too many times has led to disaster and fraud. You’ve got to be on your toes for this.

I know there are some who’ll point to the Billy Meier case. A Swiss farmer who years ago presented several startling films, pictures, and books regarding his experiences. Sure it’s all entertaining and amazing but where is the physical proof? If these aliens meant so well it’s certain they’re aware that no one in government and science believes them, so why the stonewalling? It’s simple, they’re either incredibly stupid or they don’t exist. It doesn’t get any more complicated than that.

Oh, the Betty and Barney Hill case? One of the classics of this phenomenon. A couple from America claimed to have been observant of and abducted by extraterrestrials. An exciting case no doubt, but where is the physical proof?

Roswell. The mother of all UFO incidents. Lots of documents, speculation, books, tv, movies, but where is the physical proof?

Not one government, friend nor foe has come forward with any physical proof whatsoever in over 60 years of this phenomenon.

Why? Ask yourself “Why?”.

Now, does this mean that extraterrestrials and/or their mechanisms hasn’t or aren’t visiting Earth? No. What it means is that there is no physical proof to support it as conclusive.

There’s much more and even the trace cases, samples of flora, fauna, soil of areas where a UFO report has occurred are nothing more than evidence that something occurred or affected said at the location of a UFO report.

Let’s get oriented here as we may be missing out on a more prosaic but unsettling theory with far more physical evidence but shunned by even the most fervent UFO fan. That theory I’ll deal with in a longer essay as it would be so disturbing, if true, than any visit by extraterrestrials.

So again, at present, not one iota of proof has emerged to conclude that ETs are in any way, shape, or form a part of our development on Earth. That could change tomorrow or a year from now or a century from now, but as of right now there just isn’t anything. Sorry to hurt the feelings of those awaiting a spectacular landing and the emergence of the “Space Brothers” who’ll bring in a new age of benevolence but that’s so far from the farm there’s no way you can milk the cows.

So stand by for a further dissertation.

In the meantime, when someone says “extraterrestrials did this or that”, ask them to show you the PROOF or keep it in the realm of the anecdotal for now.

Monday, March 14, 2010 tune in to rense.com for major UFO debate

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Monday March 14, 2010 Jeff Rense will have controversial guest Robert Willingham who claims to be a retired colonel and eyewitness to ufo crash sites while working with the Pentagon from the 1940s-1960s. His account is online for free at Sightings the new 24/7 UFO website. Mr. Willingham whose adventures are recounted in a new book is the center of much debate regarding his credentials. Experts in UFOlogy are questioning his paperwork and on Monday Mr. Willingham will be put to another test. I myself have experts in document authentication and military administrative history and procedures who will be at my call when Willingham’s new documentation arrives. If just one or more documents proves to be authentic then that bolsters his claims and the next phase of confirmation will take place.

Some UFOlogists have complained we’re beating up on the 87 year old gentleman but this is the new UFOlogy. I for one must stick to standard procedures and confirm as best I can any data. No witch hunt here, just good old fashioned research backed by facts not innuendo, fantasy, or propaganda. If you say something you had better be able to back it up within reason.

UFO reporting is difficult for many reasons the top one being ridicule and retribution. Anyone standing up is to be congratulated but those pulling charades and shenanigans should be prepared to meet their just desserts by we who do not tolerate such nonsense.

Sure it’s fun to pull a prank and there’s no law against it but when you involve the credibility of others, compromise their civil birthrights and worse, then you will have to pay the piper from now on.

So sit back and let the suspense hitcha’. Monday is gonna be a wild ride from 7-10pm Pacific time. Listen live for free at CLICK HERE TO TUNE IN AT RENSE.COM


March 10, 2010 on 6:00 am | In Flying Saucers, History, message board, NEWS, Paranormal, Roswell, UFO CRASHES, UFO PICTURES, UFOs, Unidentified Flying Object | 1 Comment

Well for all you long time UFO aficionados you’ll remember Jeff Rense’s “Sightings” website. Since 1994 it was the top spot for UFO reporting and radio. Jeff has revived the site so that you can get the latest UFO news, pictures, movies, video, radio, and interviews. It’s the one stop shop for everything UFOs and your’s truly has been appointed the forum moderator there. It’s an honor and privilege to be along with Jeff and long time respected UFO researcher Brian Vike.

The day before the site went up, Jeff broke one of the most important stories in UFO history. A retired Air Force Colonel got on the air live and disclosed that it was his job as part of the Pentagon’s investigation team regarding UFOs to examine UFO crash sites! No one ever has come forward with as much information and it’s shaking the halls of UFOlogy. His name is Col. Robert Willingham (ret) and you can listen to his radio interview for free on the website.

Was A Monster Killed In Panama? How Does Roswell Fit In?

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Strange Creature Killed By Panicked Locals In Panama

picture of a monster reportedly killed in Panama

Well, here’s a story that isn’t a UFO piece but it does have noteworthy data. In the past couple of years, reports of captured creatures that one would call monsters or aliens have hit the news. The common factor of concern is that in all of these stories these unclassified creatures were all dead. In two stories, the one above and the even more globally popular story about the “alien baby” found in Mexico both share a chilling account that both creatures would have been alive had not scared villagers or citizens had not killed them from fear.

These creatures, if real, represent rarities that should have been respectfully cared for and examined by zoologists.

How this relates to UOFs is that far too many times there have been rumors that crashed UFOs and their occupants were met by violence. Even in the Roswell Incident it is rumored that the occupants of one of the craft was shot down.

Considering the history of our species, our violent tendencies are nowhere equaled in the animal kingdom which might just elevate animals to the high post and we humans down a notch.

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Perth, Australia’s Alan Ferguson’s UFO Video

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Perth, Australia’s Alan Ferguson’s UFO Video

In the “land down under” also known as Perth, Australia, a man by the name Alan Ferguson has created quite a buzz regarding his reported encounters with UFOs. Mr. Ferguson not only has made claims of witnessing such events but has shot video of it to prove his point.

You can see Alan Ferguson’s UFO videos at his website here.

In this day and age as I’ve mentioned before it’s only a matter of time that more UFO footage will be recorded as now there are billions of people with cell phone cameras and hand held cameras. In this case, the UFO wave hitting Australia has been in high gear as much as the wave that has been hitting Great Britain and Canada. The U.S. isn’t anywhere behind these other countries it’s just that our press and government are controlled to not address the matter.

This bodes ill for folks in the U.S. as whatever is going on and isn’t being addressed by our leadership is in direct violation of our birthrights afforded us by the Constitution of the United States.

It’s a no-win situation for the U.S. because if another major power discloses UFO information the U.S. will appear as collaborators with the counter intention and that means any wrong doing will further destroy the ever eroding confidence the American public has already in our government and leadership.

Strange and surprising things are going to be in store soon.

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  • alan ferguson ufo

The Rising UFO Situation In The UK

August 8, 2009 on 7:27 am | In Crop Circles, extraterrestrial, Flying Saucers, History, message board, NASA, Outer Space, Paranormal, Roswell, Science, Social Networking, space alien, UFO CRASHES, UFO PICTURES, UFO VIDEOS, UFOs, Unidentified Flying Object | 1 Comment

For the past year the UK has had an astounding number of very public UFO sightings and incidents that range from craft hovering over homes before multiple witnesses, aircraft having to dodge UFOs that almost collided with them, the release of government UFO documents, computer hacker Gary McKinnon’s battle against extradition to the U.S. for hacking into Pentagon computers whilst searching for UFO information, and of recent, a UFO appearing live on television during anchorman Colin Briggs morning BBC broadcast.

We in UFOlogy normally stay on top of things from Great Britain via former Ministry of Defence officer Nick Pope who is the man when it comes to UFO research across the pond. However nowadays the news is so frequent even good ol’ Nick who has given me a quote or two here on the UFO Mafia Blog is up to his glasses in reports.

I’ve mentioned this time and again that any UFO disclosure from the super power arena will come from England way before it comes from the U.S.. We’ve had disclosures from England, France, Russia, China, and several other countries. However the U.S. continues to play a cat and mouse game even when they’re caught lying through their teeth.

The theories as to why the U.S. is so reluctant to confront the matter are numerous but we can rest assured that it’s not because they’re unaware of the situation, the mountains of documentation and highly credible witnesses refutes any official denials. Therefore we are left with one disturbing conclusion and that is that the U.S. has somehow screwed up some form of contact with the intelligences behind these UFO incidents on a scale that would undermine the U.S.’s control. What that screw up or screw ups are remain in debate but more credible sources have emerged that suggest that decades ago there was some form of exchange of information that went awry. If one considers the numerous scandals and blunders committed over the past 60 years one can only imagine to what extent the U.S. has fouled things up.

The U.S. has, and continues to lie, evade, and lack in the integrity it is granted by it’s own laws regarding the informing of the public to it’s operations and if they’ll lie about the drug trade, organized crime, Iran Contra, and more, then it’s better than even money they’re lying about UFOs.

It’s a shame we’ll have to rely on a foreign power to raise our knowledge of the UFO issue but that’s what things are pointing to.

Some of us in UFOlogy are suggesting a collective protest of barraging our governors, legislators, and the White House with emails about the UFO situation until someone bellies up to the bar and acts responsibly regarding the matter. Perhaps I’ll post a list of all acting governors and legislators and their office email data so that you all can let them know how you feel.


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