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Every once in a while a good piece of UFO footage appears and in this case it’s quite spectacular.

In Lima Peru, a news broadcast was interrupted, when in clear blue skies over the city a UFO appeared
and was videod by several people including the news station.

What makes this video stand out among the myriad UFO videos that come in daily, is that it hits all
the right marks of what intrigues UFOlogists. The video is clear, not crystal clear, but it proves
there is an object in the sky, taken from different angles. This allows for researchers to put the
raw data together instead of anecdotal jargon.

For the time being the footage is interesting, but we’ll have to see what happens next. I won’t
speculate on what the object is as too much speculation this early in the research can muddy up
the raw data.

So let’s stay tuned for what happens next.


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Alright UFO enthusiasts, your dreams have almost come true with the news story regarding the controversial Wiki Leaks site and it’s owner Mr. Assange.

We UFOlogists had asked the question numerous times amongst ourselves that if Mr. Assange had really wanted to shake things up he’d have gotten hold of some UFO documents that might shed some light on what government knows.

Since government has constantly been caught lying about UFOs for over half a century, we are left at no other choice but to not believe anything government puts out. Other governments such as France, Great Britain, Russia, and even Canada have let loose a tsunami of formerly classified UFO documents to the world.

Why is it the United States of America, that boasts so much about informing the public, been so bullheaded regarding the release of documents regarding UFOs? Whenever it does the documents are so blacked out, edited to make them useless and we’re supposed to be the people who invented the Freedom of Information Act. There’s no other subject other than auditing the Federal Reserve that sends a maelstrom of non compliance by the authorities even though the laws on the books state we should do otherwise.

So here we have Wiki Leaks now in the UFO arena. The story points to alleged quotes by Wiki Leaks owner Assange as saying something about documents Wiki Leaks has that mention UFOs but for some reason he’s not figured all this out. No mention what’s in the documents, just some teaser that there are some “mention” of UFOs in “some” documents.

Methinks he’s bargaining. So far the Wiki Leaks documents regarding UFOs point to concerns by government regarding to a Mr. Gary McKinnon, a British citizen who about a decade ago achieved what the entire military espionage networks of the world could not achieve: he hacked into Pentagon computers using a 56k modem and a perl script and Notepad.

Gee, that sure was a budget busting operation wasn’t it?

Not only that but it’s been revealed McKinnon suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome.

McKinnon supposedly caused the biggest breach and damage to top secret computers in U.S. history. The U.S. wants him extradited yet the now 40 something hacker, who was only looking for UFO related information, has beaten attempts at extradition fearing he would be given a death sentence of decades behind bars. Considering the hushy attitude about UFOs the U.S. has, McKinnon should be on his hands and knees thanking the Lord he’s still in Great Britain.

Anyhow, these upcoming Wiki Leaks, UFO documents I’m predicting won’t be anything groundbreaking. It’s just another teaser that is used as a ploy to get attention or barter. There’s something about UFOs the United States is TERRIFIED about. No other country on Earth is so secretive about the issue, nor more vindictive than the U.S.. Since we now know that the U.S., the CIA, the Mafia and the Banksters run the mainstream news industry, and one need only look at the recent disclosure of the owner of the tabloid rags The National Enquirer and National Star to see this as truth, one runs a high risk of ridicule and retaliation bringing up the UFO issue to government.

These Wiki Leaks, UFO documents will not be groundbreaking as I’ve stated before. Assange may well be smart enough to keep his best UFO secrets in his pocket if he ever gets busted because we the people shouldn’t be holding our breath for any startling news anytime soon.

You can read the MSNBC story by clicking HERE

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Here we go again with another mysterious press conference from NASA regarding astrobiology and the internet is abuzz with theories that NASA will announce something in regard to life on Mars, the moon Titan, or some other space body.

Again, we’ve seen this a dozen times over where NASA announces some big conference, we all tune in and they start gabbing about how they found a molecule on a bug’s kneecap or some wavelength pattern that only some egghead would give two farts about.

Whatever the announcement is I’d put good money on it being some ‘observation’ of some ‘phenomena’ that requires further examination aka “let’s figure out a mystery that will get us more funding”.

Now that NASA’s budget has been cut and people are getting laid off left and right NASA is now playing the ET card as they know it garners public attention and then funding.

The old NASA game is over, they know the public is smarter and aware of the games government plays including the games contractors play in order to get more money.

Don’t hold your breath gang, this isn’t going to be a NASA announces that extraterrestrial life has been found, full of bells and whistles video and pictures. It’s going to be one of two things, some scientific egghead information no one could care about or it will be some discovery that is an attempt to get more funding for NASA.

Thursday, 2pm Eastern is when they’re going to make an announcement. If you READ THE OFFICIAL NASA PRESS RELEASE HERE you’ll notice it says the ‘search’ for ‘evidence’ of extraterrestrial life. Plus the press release is like four down on the page’s list.

UPDATE 12/4/10

See? I told you guys so!

This latest NASA story that was the source of enormous hype and bs all over the web and news turned out to be something nowhere near what it was hyped up to be.

My first rule of UFO investigation is and always will be: Never get excited about anything UFO/extraterrestrial.

Why? Because there’s never anything there!

I must point out however that this discovery of NASA that some life on Earth utilizes arsenic instead of phosphorous is of major importance because it shows life is far more interesting a process than scientists were willing to accept. It validates both theories and philosophies of both scientists and speculators and especially authors of science fiction.

What this says is that life can form, and does form using processes other than the standard model and we should not be surprised if we find life in environments our abilities and will fail to embrace. Add to all that another discovery in the news this week that there may well be three times the number of stars in the Universe than previously thought and you’ve to another example of us basically saying again and again, we have no freakin’ idea what’s out there and the arrogant scientists and commentators should just shut the eff up while we continue to study.

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Red Streak UFO Seen Over New York City

Another anomaly in the sky was seen and captured on video over New York City.
The UFO was seen during sunset and captured by news crews and citizens using their cell phone cameras.

After the unusual sightings over New York last month, Centreville, Virginia, and the strange contrail over the coast of California, the UFO news is buzzing. Are new military tests going on? Only the professional UFOlogists and sharp citizens will be able to solve these mysteries. Here’s a video of the latest UFO over New York City.



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Once in a while a UFO story appears that has some teeth to it.

The recent UFO events over New York City and El Paso, Texas are case-in-point of such.

Here we don’t have one witness but tens of thousands and videos from cell phone cameras
and more and the details they provide invalidate the usual media hyped answers such as
balloons and Chinese Lanterns. In the case of the El Paso videos, we get the above news
clip that states an official projecting the possibility of military aircraft maneuvers. However
the similarity to the New York sightings showed no military aircraft maneuvers.

Not to say something military wasn’t going on, but to put out the incompetent conclusion
that the sightings were balloons is just that, incompetent and lazy to say the least.

UFO stories have been on the rise of recent and the stories coming out of mainland China
are remarkable. The cultural rift is taxing on the UFO investigator but that is lessening by
the day. We’re now gleaning and sharing data at lightning speed and as there are more
English speaking people in China than the U.S. and UK combined, the data is coming through
at such volume that it cannot be ignored nor dismissed.

I’ve always said, the first thing to do about a UFO event or story is to not get excited. It
can cloud your thoughts and actions. Take a deep breath, gather yourself and study the
raw data and make no conclusions until you’re able to compare that data. This prevents
leaps to conclusions of the imagination and instead allows us to focus our collective
processing abilities to uncovering the truth be it prosaic or paranormal.


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With all the arguing and so on that goes on in UFOlogy, I figured I’d save my voice for a trial radio or podcast version talking about UFOs. I might have some guests on etc.

Expect lots of comedy because the only way to keep your sanity is to have a sense of humor.

No I won’t be debunking guests but just emphasizing the absurd and the obvious. Stay tuned for further updates.

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