Has An UFO Crash Landed In Lake Winnipeg, Canada? Breaking Story

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An odd story broke today about a reported UFO crash in Lake Winnipeg, Canada.
My first rule of investigation regarding UFOs is to never get excited about any report. Just do the due diligence and see what hard facts can be dug up.

With today’s digital software that can make anything seem real, we have to be on our toes whenever videos of UFOs or pictures of UFOs are presented. In this case we’ll wait for the professional analysis of the evidence and see what we can glean.

So far, 2015 has been an interesting one regarding UFOlogy. It’s off to a good start with former U.S. government officials coming forward and with multiple witness sightings caught on video as like what happened in Peru recently.

We’ll have to keep a sharp eye out and do real research to move this research along.

UFO Books You Need To Buy

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Hey gang,

Nowdays there are so many UFO books and UFO documentaries as well as UFO news stories that you may not know where to turn to in order to get that pertinent information that you need. In this case it’s time for me to put up a bibliography of sorts so that you’ll know what UFO books to buy.

We’re now 60 years plus into this phenomenon and there have been numerous books and some are exceptional and some just nonsense. There is so much UFO information in the world now that it would take you decades to study it all. Fortunately there are some UFO books you can buy that will get you the basic reference material so that you’ll know the history of Unidentified Flying Objects and be able to hold your own in any debate as well as have a foundation on which to stand as you do your own research.

The history of UFOs is important because it gives you a timeline of events when the subject hit the mainstream. It shows you how people, and government reacted to the events and how they tried to tackle the problem. The main problem wasn’t that people were seeing UFOs, the problem was who or what was behind them.

To this day the government says one thing, often in sharp contrast to what government originally assessed. Knowing the sequence of events regarding their mysterious change in opinions and conclusions shows a solid modus operandi and leads to a clear assessment as to what government’s agenda is in regard to the subject. Studying about how civilian observers and researchers approached the problem and gathered their own conclusions paints a pretty solid picture of their endeavors.

Often you’ll hear people, especially the skeptics, debunkers, and arrogant UFOLogists talk about the “scientific model” in researching UFOs. One claims the other doesn’t apply it but don’t realize it’s not that old a model. Only been around over a hundred years. The bottom line is in being objective and most importantly having at the ready the basic reference material you need to make better assessments of what you’ve encountered, what evidence has been gathered, and how to interpret it without going off into scientific-wild-ass-guesses (s.w.a.g.), nor delusional-unscientific-mythological-based-ad hominem-sorta-scientific, assumptions. (d.u.m.b.a.s.s.)

There are some UFOlogists I don’t get along with personality-wise. Basically they’re very arrogant and condescending, some are blatant racists and sexists, and some are just downright unpleasant people to be around. However, their research skills may have gleaned information that others were unable to gather or too afraid to. I can recommend their works, not inviting them to dinner or playing with your kids and small household pets.

On the other hand there are some UFOlogists that are the nicest people I’ve ever met but couldn’t investigate the reason they got up in the morning. Their research suffers and although I may like them I couldn’t in all fairness recommend their books.

So with that being said, give me a while to whip up some books that you can use that covers the phenomenon and the related fields of study. I’ll post it here directly.

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Yawn! Another bogus supposed leaked Roswell zeta reticuli alien video.

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Here you have another video that has been making the rounds on the internet purportedly showing a space alien from Zeta Reticuli star system. This black and white video shows the object being measured for height. Details of the subjects head and body are shown.

I for one am calling it bogus due to several factors. Some so glaring that I don’t have the time to spend on them. Just ask yourselves the relevant questions while looking at it as in why would a video make the sound of a film projector?

You can do some amazing things with computers nowadays regarding special effects imagery and as long as these videos keep being churned out every week it seems, you’ll have that cottage industry of bogus UFO and alien videos and pics streaming.

Nowadays we can’t go by pics and videos. We need physical evidence of unquestionable validity. We’ve theorized UFOlogy to within an inch of it’s life and speculated beyond what’s necessary. It’s more than past the time to do real lab work. You will never, ever get a disclosure from any government on Earth regarding this subject so don’t hold your breath. The only thing we have is good old fashioned scientific research done in a laboratory.

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Now here’s a story us UFOlogists can sink our teeth into!

The government in New Zealand released thousands of UFO documents, formerly classified, going back to as far as 1952!

This is a very important story in that it allows investigators the opportunity to delve into these reports and see what pertinent data can be gleaned. These stories go back almost to the beginning of the UFO/Flying Saucer phenomenon and we’ll be able to see what happened in that part of the world since the reports were gathered.

The story which you can read by CLICKING HERE points out that officials stating they didn’t look into the reports because they didn’t have the resources to do so. That says alot right there because now we’ll have fresh outlooks into the data and can see not only what happened in New Zealand but also see the comparisons to other UFO reports worldwide. We’ll be able to tell by comparing the data if they jibe with other reports and phenomena and get a better profile of things.

Some reports won’t be available for another 40 years to protect privacy the story says, but at least we get enough to dig into.

There is a lesson to be learned here. There is so much more that needs to be studied regarding UFOs and relating phenomena and it’s up to the public to do the detective work. One might have assumed governments had done their due diligence after taxing the citizens to death but here’s a case where government did not and now the responsibility falls into the laps of the public.

Are there enough qualified investigators to do the research? I doubt it but some stalwart souls will dig into these reports and might find a golden nugget of information that can add to the quivers of UFO research.

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Red Streak UFO Seen Over New York City

Another anomaly in the sky was seen and captured on video over New York City.
The UFO was seen during sunset and captured by news crews and citizens using their cell phone cameras.

After the unusual sightings over New York last month, Centreville, Virginia, and the strange contrail over the coast of California, the UFO news is buzzing. Are new military tests going on? Only the professional UFOlogists and sharp citizens will be able to solve these mysteries. Here’s a video of the latest UFO over New York City.


Update on the UFO situation

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Well, lots has been going on in the UFO field. Mostly more reports and surprisingly large amounts of sightings from the British Commonwealth nations. Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia have reports pouring in on a daily basis. Considering the British Ministry of Defense has stated that UFOs are no threat, mirroring what the United States has said for decades, it’s a bother that people have no where to turn officially to voice their concerns about UFOs.

The other day NASA had a press conference regarding their plans for searching for extraterrestrial life. They’ve not updated their website as of this posting regarding the conference so tabloid papers like The Sun from the UK posted articles claiming that the U.S. has found evidence of life on Mars. That story states life in microbial form is evident but no official announcement from NASA has been issued. I doubt very highly, almost certainly that the U.S. will never admit to extraterrestrial life in any form any time soon nor will it’s allies nor enemies.

I’ve mentioned this anomaly before. Legend has it that the U.S. is behind a global conspiracy to conceal the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth but that doesn’t excuse why our enemies wouldn’t make the declaration that they do exist. We know for a fact that the issue of UFOs has and still is of super top secret concern for the U.S. and our so called enemy states like Iran, China, Venezuela which all have daily UFO reports coming in have yet to post any disclosures. That’s curious in that they know it would upset the apple cart of U.S. policy and force the U.S. government’s hand in addressing the issue.

Curiouser and curiouser.

So at present the private sector and independent news services have to take the bulk of public concerns and collect UFO reports and data. This helps in that significant reports end up in that realm and not hidden behind government screens. That’s the wild card right there. At any given moment a new and astounding report can come through and go viral on the web and gum up the works.

As attractive as these accounts may be we still need to do the science, the raw investigation and not fall prey to sensationalism. My first rule of UFO investigation is “Never get excited about a UFO report.”. That keeps one’s analysis on an even keel and not subject to foolhardy steps.

So at best, keep an eye out for news reports and participate with the investigators.

There is one danger, a growing danger, the privatization of UFOlogy wherein the best reports get bought up and sequestered thus depriving the public of valuable data.

In these times of global upheaval we need all the data we can get.

Monday, March 14, 2010 tune in to rense.com for major UFO debate

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Monday March 14, 2010 Jeff Rense will have controversial guest Robert Willingham who claims to be a retired colonel and eyewitness to ufo crash sites while working with the Pentagon from the 1940s-1960s. His account is online for free at Sightings the new 24/7 UFO website. Mr. Willingham whose adventures are recounted in a new book is the center of much debate regarding his credentials. Experts in UFOlogy are questioning his paperwork and on Monday Mr. Willingham will be put to another test. I myself have experts in document authentication and military administrative history and procedures who will be at my call when Willingham’s new documentation arrives. If just one or more documents proves to be authentic then that bolsters his claims and the next phase of confirmation will take place.

Some UFOlogists have complained we’re beating up on the 87 year old gentleman but this is the new UFOlogy. I for one must stick to standard procedures and confirm as best I can any data. No witch hunt here, just good old fashioned research backed by facts not innuendo, fantasy, or propaganda. If you say something you had better be able to back it up within reason.

UFO reporting is difficult for many reasons the top one being ridicule and retribution. Anyone standing up is to be congratulated but those pulling charades and shenanigans should be prepared to meet their just desserts by we who do not tolerate such nonsense.

Sure it’s fun to pull a prank and there’s no law against it but when you involve the credibility of others, compromise their civil birthrights and worse, then you will have to pay the piper from now on.

So sit back and let the suspense hitcha’. Monday is gonna be a wild ride from 7-10pm Pacific time. Listen live for free at CLICK HERE TO TUNE IN AT RENSE.COM


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Well for all you long time UFO aficionados you’ll remember Jeff Rense’s “Sightings” website. Since 1994 it was the top spot for UFO reporting and radio. Jeff has revived the site so that you can get the latest UFO news, pictures, movies, video, radio, and interviews. It’s the one stop shop for everything UFOs and your’s truly has been appointed the forum moderator there. It’s an honor and privilege to be along with Jeff and long time respected UFO researcher Brian Vike.

The day before the site went up, Jeff broke one of the most important stories in UFO history. A retired Air Force Colonel got on the air live and disclosed that it was his job as part of the Pentagon’s investigation team regarding UFOs to examine UFO crash sites! No one ever has come forward with as much information and it’s shaking the halls of UFOlogy. His name is Col. Robert Willingham (ret) and you can listen to his radio interview for free on the website.


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UFO Sightings In Britain Triple This Year

Here’s an alarming item from the UK’s Telegraph newspaper. It’s a report on the statistics of UFO sightings over this year and the results are that the sightings number has tripled so far. It’s only September but the amount of UFO sightings in this year’s unprecedented UFO flap has broken records.

Dr. David Clarke, noted UFO expert and journalism professional is quoted several times in the story giving details about the importance of this issue.

Go ahead and click this link to read more about this astounding revelation.



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Well, UFO Mafia member Sylvie pointed this story out that didn’t make the wires this week. According to the story multiple witnesses saw an object that changed direction and subsequently crashed into the Ottawa River in Canada around July 29, 2009.

Local authorities poured over the site and went into action. One going on the witness accounts might dismiss a meteor or falling space junk because the object changed direction several times indicating some form of controlled flight that had gone awry.

We’re waiting on pictures and videos of the event as reports are that there are.

We’ll find out as the story progresses. You can read the entire story here.

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