Has An UFO Crash Landed In Lake Winnipeg, Canada? Breaking Story

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An odd story broke today about a reported UFO crash in Lake Winnipeg, Canada.
My first rule of investigation regarding UFOs is to never get excited about any report. Just do the due diligence and see what hard facts can be dug up.

With today’s digital software that can make anything seem real, we have to be on our toes whenever videos of UFOs or pictures of UFOs are presented. In this case we’ll wait for the professional analysis of the evidence and see what we can glean.

So far, 2015 has been an interesting one regarding UFOlogy. It’s off to a good start with former U.S. government officials coming forward and with multiple witness sightings caught on video as like what happened in Peru recently.

We’ll have to keep a sharp eye out and do real research to move this research along.


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Every once in a while a good piece of UFO footage appears and in this case it’s quite spectacular.

In Lima Peru, a news broadcast was interrupted, when in clear blue skies over the city a UFO appeared
and was videod by several people including the news station.

What makes this video stand out among the myriad UFO videos that come in daily, is that it hits all
the right marks of what intrigues UFOlogists. The video is clear, not crystal clear, but it proves
there is an object in the sky, taken from different angles. This allows for researchers to put the
raw data together instead of anecdotal jargon.

For the time being the footage is interesting, but we’ll have to see what happens next. I won’t
speculate on what the object is as too much speculation this early in the research can muddy up
the raw data.

So let’s stay tuned for what happens next.

UFO Over Houston, Texas Causes A Stir

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This video shows some photos of a reported UFO over Houston Texas in early August.

This isn’t the only time UFO s have been reported over Houston or even Dallas, Texas. There have been some quite surprising multiple witness UFO sightings in Texas the past several years. It doesn’t mean alien invasion though.

We have to be careful when reporting UFOs to not jump to conclusions. In this series of photos all we see are lights. Nothing definitive. UFOlogy has a ton of photos and videos collected over the past 70 years and none are conclusive to the point of nailing any mysterious or occluded origins.

With all the cellphone and security cameras now all over the planet, if there are any craft to be captured on video it hasn’t happened yet.

All we can do is keep on being vigilant and shoot footage when possible.

Stand By, More UFO Info To Come

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Hey gang,

Hold on while I put out some personal fires and get back to some worthy UFO news.

The UFO issue is still popping up and better images are being gathered. That’s been a bone of contention because there aren’t enough clear enough videos and pics of UFOs to make heads or tails out of.

Add to that the big headed arrogance and self importance of some UFO researchers continues to muddy the waters of UFO research. More people are looking for U.S. disclosure of UFOs but that’s not going to happen because your’s truly has an inside scoop or two as to why this won’t happen. In the meantime you all out there keep doing your research but under no circumstance get near a UFO if you see one. I can’t emphasize this more for your physical and mental well being. I’ll go into this further.

Don’t be like some irresponsible people thinking that if they contact a UFO, or a Close Encounter of the Third Kind, that some alien beings are going to welcome you and share the secrets of the universe. Not gonna happen. Same goes for people claiming to have contact with “aliens” who give them messages to share with mankind. Believe me, if there were alien beings smart enough to make it to Earth, pick you up and convey a message they would be aware of radio and television and could do the job themselves.

The UFO field is rife with con artists, self important researchers, and real dangers. It’s not worth your sanity or health to risk just to try to prove something the media nor government will support you on.

The people will give the final decision on this issue and the governments that have been hiding and stonewalling will fall apart as they should from being deceptive and abusive.

So hold on, more news to come.

Tokyo UFO Video Is Interesting 2012

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Now here’s an interesting video from Tokyo, Japan.

What makes this video of interest is that it was taken during daylight hours by someone. The story accompanying the video says that the person who took the video hasn’t come forward yet but that could change.

With any UFO video taken nowadays there are several factors that we need to take into account. First is if the video is authentic and not some special effect easily achieved with a number of state-of-the-art computer software. Secondly, are there any other videos and pictures taken by people from different vantage points? Will those UFO videos or pictures help us to glean more information?

My first advice to any UFO story is “Do not get excited”. This avoids jumping to conclusions and badly written copy. For example in this story the UFO is referred to as a “spaceship”. There’s no evidence it is a spaceship as it’s clearly seen in the air. At best it’s an unidentified flying object aka UFO. That’s all UFO means however mainstream media lacks so much hatting regarding UFOs that they get sloppy and generalize thus compromising the scientific method which should be applied to UFO reports.

We’ll have to wait for further analysis of this UFO video to see what shakes from this tree.

If this video passes muster then it’s just one of umpteen hundreds of thousands of UFO videos that can then be categorized for further investigation. If not, the investigative process to determine it’s veracity will help others who investigate UFOs.


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The study of UFOs is a vast one comprising not only the modern age of related items but also those of the distant past. One can study UFOs for years and get boggled down with a wide variety of opinions and theories but the important question remains that of where is all the UFO evidence?

Actually there is a mass amount of UFO evidence ranging from UFO photos, UFO videos, eyewitness accounts, trace cases which are physical effects on the surrounding environment where a UFO sighting has occurred, scientific and government documents and untold news stories.

First, the best form of evidence is that of something physical, however it is the most elusive. As of this date no concrete evidence supporting the extraterrestrial hypothesis exists. Many people have claimed they have in their possession an alien fingernail, skin samples, vomit, you name it but none have been proven conclusive. Debris from reported crash sites still come up inconclusive even after having been through a battery of tests. This form of evidence is the most prized yet just because none have been proven doesn’t mean none exists. It is very expensive to have tests done on such materials and the average person and cash strapped UFOlogist just can’t flow enough money for the detailed analysis such a claim would call for.

As for UFO videos and pictures they’re in abundance, however, with the advent of modern day computer wizardry it is very difficult for the average person to tell reality from deception. Nowadays up and coming special effects artists know that they can gain international fame by faking a UFO video. It has become quite common for there to be several posted on such sites as YouTube. Once said videos go viral it causes confusion within the professional UFO community. This is why the hardcore UFO researchers lean on photographic evidence prior to the days of Photoshop and other software. The classic photos and films are easier to analyze and have history to back them up.

As for other forms of UFO evidence there are official government documents that have emerged over the decades. Some directly from the US government and other governments and some through exhausting Freedom of Information Act legal recourse. Documents emerge with some tantalizing data but the overwhelming majority are “blacked out” or edited when in regard to the United States. Over the years such dramatic documents as the “MJ Twelve” which stands for “Majestic Twelve” have emerged and are still the subject of great debate. These documents emerged in the mid 1980s and comprise extensive and detailed data pertaining to a control group of twelve men from the military and civilian scientific communities that were charged with handling the UFO phenomenon. Since the original documents have yet to be found there can be no forensic investigation but the dates and actions and associations of the men listed have been examined and data gleaned that supports the theory that the group did exist.

Trace cases are the best UFO evidence we have to date because we can examine the ground, the soil, flora, and fauna to see if they’ve been effected somehow by the presence of a reported UFO. Witnesses who’ve reported a UFO on their front lawn can have a researcher examine it to see if any sign of the presence of a UFO is present. Changes in plant or animals, soil, are tested and evaluated to determine the changes and what could have caused such changes. Some people can be affected too with reports of burns, skin rashes, blindness, hearing loss and more. Often looked for are radiation burns or chemical affects. This evidence is highly valuable and should not be overlooked.

Eyewitness testimony gets an unfair look when discussing UFO evidence. There is nothing short of 100s of thousands if not millions of reports from highly accredited people ranging from heads of state to top scientists, military personnel and more. A person’s vantage point, education, and evaluation of an event and then through recall comes into question here. Certainly some people haven’t the best of memories and in a state of heightened alert might not process information sharply, however, human beings have been in situations of such alert since the dawn of time especially in combat situations and fared quite well. So the value of UFO evidence from a witness is on a case by case basis and best evaluated by a professional.

Overall, no one can say there isn’t enough UFO evidence. All they can say is that none of it is conclusive as of yet. There is every bit of evidence in abundance save for physically examined data that concludes something extraterrestrial is afoot.

UFO Reported Over Moscow, Video And Photos During Putin Election Rally

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Well this was a surprise as this story has witnesses and lots of photos and videos.

Russia as you may have heard or read is going through a wild election period. To add to all the confusion, fighting, and protesting, a UFO appears above the throngs at Bolotnaya Square.

You can see the original video here.

After some professional analysis we’ll see what is made of these images. Because so many people were present and so many devices were used to capture images it should be easy to dismiss special effects and zero in on what type of craft this is. At first glance it looks to be some sort of hovering observational platform with rotor blades. Might well be the case but it’s still a UFO. Again I emphasize UFO reports need not immediately be assumed as having an extraterrestrial origin. We need to get out of that knee-jerk reaction to reports. So let’s wait to see what the experts dig up.


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Well another UFO video has surfaced, this time allegedly from Siberia and reportedly shows a landed craft of some sort with a couple of occupants or aliens walking around. The video seen below is actually two videos taken on two separate occasions. You’ll need to look carefully to get any details but at least you’ve been forewarned.

As I’ve said before on this website, my first rule about any UFO story is “Never get excited about it.”. Why? Because it can cloud your judgement and you may fall prey to the scam artists out here. So take a look at this reported Siberian UFO video footage showing aliens and see how things turn out after professional analysis of the video comes out.

UFO Books You Need To Buy

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Hey gang,

Nowdays there are so many UFO books and UFO documentaries as well as UFO news stories that you may not know where to turn to in order to get that pertinent information that you need. In this case it’s time for me to put up a bibliography of sorts so that you’ll know what UFO books to buy.

We’re now 60 years plus into this phenomenon and there have been numerous books and some are exceptional and some just nonsense. There is so much UFO information in the world now that it would take you decades to study it all. Fortunately there are some UFO books you can buy that will get you the basic reference material so that you’ll know the history of Unidentified Flying Objects and be able to hold your own in any debate as well as have a foundation on which to stand as you do your own research.

The history of UFOs is important because it gives you a timeline of events when the subject hit the mainstream. It shows you how people, and government reacted to the events and how they tried to tackle the problem. The main problem wasn’t that people were seeing UFOs, the problem was who or what was behind them.

To this day the government says one thing, often in sharp contrast to what government originally assessed. Knowing the sequence of events regarding their mysterious change in opinions and conclusions shows a solid modus operandi and leads to a clear assessment as to what government’s agenda is in regard to the subject. Studying about how civilian observers and researchers approached the problem and gathered their own conclusions paints a pretty solid picture of their endeavors.

Often you’ll hear people, especially the skeptics, debunkers, and arrogant UFOLogists talk about the “scientific model” in researching UFOs. One claims the other doesn’t apply it but don’t realize it’s not that old a model. Only been around over a hundred years. The bottom line is in being objective and most importantly having at the ready the basic reference material you need to make better assessments of what you’ve encountered, what evidence has been gathered, and how to interpret it without going off into scientific-wild-ass-guesses (s.w.a.g.), nor delusional-unscientific-mythological-based-ad hominem-sorta-scientific, assumptions. (d.u.m.b.a.s.s.)

There are some UFOlogists I don’t get along with personality-wise. Basically they’re very arrogant and condescending, some are blatant racists and sexists, and some are just downright unpleasant people to be around. However, their research skills may have gleaned information that others were unable to gather or too afraid to. I can recommend their works, not inviting them to dinner or playing with your kids and small household pets.

On the other hand there are some UFOlogists that are the nicest people I’ve ever met but couldn’t investigate the reason they got up in the morning. Their research suffers and although I may like them I couldn’t in all fairness recommend their books.

So with that being said, give me a while to whip up some books that you can use that covers the phenomenon and the related fields of study. I’ll post it here directly.

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Yawn! Another bogus supposed leaked Roswell zeta reticuli alien video.

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Here you have another video that has been making the rounds on the internet purportedly showing a space alien from Zeta Reticuli star system. This black and white video shows the object being measured for height. Details of the subjects head and body are shown.

I for one am calling it bogus due to several factors. Some so glaring that I don’t have the time to spend on them. Just ask yourselves the relevant questions while looking at it as in why would a video make the sound of a film projector?

You can do some amazing things with computers nowadays regarding special effects imagery and as long as these videos keep being churned out every week it seems, you’ll have that cottage industry of bogus UFO and alien videos and pics streaming.

Nowadays we can’t go by pics and videos. We need physical evidence of unquestionable validity. We’ve theorized UFOlogy to within an inch of it’s life and speculated beyond what’s necessary. It’s more than past the time to do real lab work. You will never, ever get a disclosure from any government on Earth regarding this subject so don’t hold your breath. The only thing we have is good old fashioned scientific research done in a laboratory.

Incoming search terms:

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