UK Releases More MoD UFO Classified Documents

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Well, the UK government released more declassified Ministry of Defense files regarding UFOs. In the package of latest documents are the usual sightings, speculations etc.. No major revelations of alien contact or messages for mankind. What critics are pointing out are missing are any files on the infamous Rendelsham Forest UFO case.

Nike Pope a former office for the MoD and who has kindly posted here on The UFO Mafia blog, is touring the news circuits around the globe discussing these new released documents. No one is more an authority on this subject than Nick Pope and he always delivers an eloquent and balanced anaylsis so that experts and common folk can understand.

As these new documents are examined it would be advisable to study Mr. Pope’s analysis and his general UFO coverage as well as books, lectures, and public appearances by visiting his website at

You can read the story covered by the BBC by clicking here.

Video of UFO over Barrow, UK

October 13, 2010 on 4:34 pm | In Close Encounter Of The First Kind, NEWS, UFO PICTURES, UFO VIDEOS, UK, United Kingdom | No Comments


At least with this story there’s a video of a UFO captured by a man walking his dog. You can read the story and see the picture and video of this Close Encounter by clicking HERE.

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