Is UFOlogy A Racket?

January 27, 2009 on 8:31 am | In extraterrestrial, Flying Saucers, Paranormal, space alien, UFO PICTURES, UFO VIDEOS, UFOs | No Comments

Right now a bunch of UFOlogists are shakin’ in their little blue shorties because I’m making this post. Pardon the legendary Stan Lee for the above.

After the decades I’ve spent in UFOlogy and more intensely around other UFOlogists the past 12 years it stands to say it can be a racket. Yes there are some UFOlogists are far more dangerous than anything from another world. The strangest truth inside the UFO phenom is one that is so bizarre and revealing that it would upset the way we deal with reality. Our physicists and scientists don’t know everything there is about everything but don’t remind them of that or they’ll go ape. They have to be right or of course you’re ‘absurd’ or ‘ridiculous’. For decades we’ve been told our universe is such and such old and such and such big and lo and behold we find out it’s bigger and older. Don’t remind them that they were off by a few trillion years.

You’ve got a group in UFOlogy to whom if you introduce any other theory to ONE of the sources of UFOs and that theory doesn’t support the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, they will go ballistic. These people I steer clear of. A hard head makes a soft behind the old folks say.

So I broke from the ET gang and those in the know, know I’m on that hot trail and their game is up. You’re about to find out that you’re far more interesting a being than just a primate with an overactive imagination. The enemy doesn’t want you to know that though because then they can’t control you.

Take a look at this movie clip from the sci fi classic film “Forbidden Planet”. If you haven’t seen the movie go get it on DVD. It was made in the 1950s but the story is relevant even today.

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